Royal Troubles (Hannah Steiner)

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Royal Troubles (Hannah Steiner)
Date of Cutscene: 08 August 2023
Location: Radiant Heart Dorm Room
Synopsis: In the wake of the attempt on her life, Hannah worries over the trouble she's brought upon those she cares for.
Cast of Characters: Hannah Steiner
Tinyplot: Hunting the Blue Griffin

Remorse and worry are etched in Hannah's face as she tries to let her mind rest. Her body still aches from the youma's touch and scream, red marks around her throat still visible even as steam and warm water of the dorm shower cascades down her blonde hair. She doesn't remember /when/ exactly she decided to try to wash away her worries, or if she even passed Ami on the way in. Her head throbs as a nice shower fails to clear her fears. Legs nearly fold under her. One hand leans on the shower wall.

She should plan. Grow stronger. This won't be the last time, her Uncle isn't the type to just give up. But the same thoughts run through her head.

'It's all my fault'

'Being here is a danger to them'

'I am going to get the people I love killed'

All because of her family's problems. She should have never left home, never chased down a man that would be nothing if not for her presence and that of Blauer Greif.

"I....I'm sorry. You cursed fool...I. I have to end this. I..." She mutters to herself obsessively, even as sobs wrack her chest once again. Curling up, she lets go, and begins to sob as she berates herself. She should pack. Leave.

But the thought of leaving all the people she's met? That hurts just as much as the thought of staying.

Hannah, always so decisive, doesn't know what to do. Heart aching, she hugs her knees to her chest until the tears won't come anymore.