366/The Blue Griffin's War Room

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The Blue Griffin's War Room
Date of Scene: 04 September 2023
Location: Hotel Augusta - Ballroom
Synopsis: Hannah Steiner reveals herself and her plight to her compatriots, even as she asks for their help against their Uncle. Failing to push anyone away, she finds true friends and allies.
Cast of Characters: Hannah Steiner, Amanda Faust, Nanoha Takamachi, Usagi Tsukino, Erika Shimizu, Setsuna Meiou, Coco Kiumi, Zephyr Windstar, Greta Legend

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Various means of contact go out to gather Hannah's nascent allies! Given quite a few are Device Users, Blauer Greif sends a warm but rather commanding invitation that leaves no doubt that /not/ attending would be looked upon extremely poorly. Others? Have already made pacts, happen to know both of her forms, or in the case of one Sailor Moon? Has an embroidered card presented to her by Trager-chan during a Mahou Fight Club before the usually cheery mahou simply ups and leaves without an explaination and somewhat of a dour mood about her.

Which, also seems to reflect distinctly preoccupied demeanor of a young woman dressed in a rather fancy upscale dress (from a second hand store, don't tell anyone) in golds, a blue scarf with a mailed fist emblazoned upon the throat, and a cane as well as /very/ large dog sitting at the head of a rectangular, long table befitting the Hotel Augusta's ballroom. Hannah Steiner has rented out a portion of the ballroom with some of her summer savings and quite a bit of leaning on the contacts she's made schmoozing business society with her charming words. The whole place smells of opulance, between the various foodstuffs, the crystal goblets filled with sparkling cider, and just the veneer of /money/ she's assembled her allies into.

It's comforting, even if she has to stretch her resources.

There's also the confusing point for some members perhaps, that some may not know her civilian identity, and yet here she is. It's not a time for masks, at least, for her part. All those arriving? Are bid to come 'as they please'.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy arrives in a blue T-shirt and black slacks, carrying her messenger bag. She smiles as she sees Hannah and runs right up to hug her! "Hannah!"

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi arrives via flier fin to the back area facing the beach and is in her barrier jacket. She flew here, so of course she's in it. She doesn't operate under a false identity anyways and is clearly Nanoha Takamachi. She dusts herself off and... woahs a little at the splendor.

She's helped her family cater events before here. But she can never get over the splendor of the Augusta's Ballroom. She looks around and smiles a little as she takes a seat at the large table and---looks adorably too small for it all.

She's like nine, after all.

"Well. I'm here!" she smiles.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Sailor Moon had received the invitational card with confusion and no small amount of concern, and taken both a picture of the card and kept the original carefully on her person - after the whole business with Inai-sensei's business cards, she was never doubting a piece of paper again! Now, she's arrived in a disguise on a disguise; in henshin but with the magic of her disguise pen to transform her Sailor fuku into one of the nicer dresses in her closet.

She wears a knee-length, sleeveless pink dress with a sloping back, waistline excentuated by a ribbon of deeper pink drawn into a bow at the base of her spine. The skirts flared, the lacy white-underlayers giving body to the pink main skirt; her only accessories were those of her transformation - her new tiara, golden and accentuated with it's red center jewel and pearls, and her earrings, with their dangling crescent moons and stars. These were enough to identify her even outside of her usual costume, and of course, to anyone who knew her identity, she just looked like Usagi Tsukino, dressing up her outfit with Sailor Moon-themed jewelry. SHe walks in nervously, looking around at all the fancy, opulent decor and calculating how many weeks of allowance breaking a single thing would cost, and gulps.

There are chairs, at least - she sits in one very, very carefully, and manages a smile for the much smaller magical girl seated across from her. "You're here! Here's to seeing what we can help Tragar-chan with."

Not that she sees her in the room yet...

Erika Shimizu has posed:
    When you're a pirate... You are USUALLY not welcome to the affairs of nobles.
    That is, unless... You happen to have a [Letter of Marque].
    It just so happens that Jolly Roger HAPPENS to have a Letter of Marque from the House of Steiner, penned by Blauer Grief and Hannah Steiner herself.
    That's why a pirate comes strolling into the hotel ballroom, swaggering like she OWNS the place, a carp-eating grin plastered on her face as she plops herself into a chair, and slaps her [Letter of Marque] right on the table in front of her as though its very writing signals 'I can be here even though I'm a pirate, suckers'.
"WELL." She says. "Ye sure went to a lot of trouble for us all to meet here. But I suppose it ain't as cliche as the top of the Clover Tower, har har~."

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Sailor Pluto herself pondered how to respond to the invite passed on to her...sure there was the instruction to 'come as you are'...but she suspected that she should probably show up in her identity as a semiformal ally of House Steiner rather than the school nurse randomly showing up.

Thus it is that she dresses rather down for the trip to the hotel, then once she's heading to the ballroom in question, she simply finds a room to duck into long enough to change forms in what one wag once described as a 'burst of cosmic nonsense'.

Thus, Sailor Pluto walks into the room shortly after Sailor Moon does...and she quietly slips into a chair next to her fellow Senshi, then dismisses the Garnet Rod to...wherever and folds her hands in front of her, Gendo Ikari-style.

Apparenltly Pluto has her serious side on tonight.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco was glad Hannah was at least able to relax enough to go back to a sleep without nightmares when she left her to her apartment after the attempted assassination. Meanwhile the mermaid princess had a lot to ponder upon once she leaves Hannah's room, between the fragmented reveals she got from her friend and the fact Blauer Greif was able to ascertain her identity just by examining her for brief periods of time. Ok, the last one was rather helpful since she doesn't have to keep secrets about Hannah anymore, but still the capabilities of her device left her wondering who else had machines that could do the same.

The fact Hannah showed up later in a dour mood to invite her at a social event in a ballroom only contributes to the worries about what her friend is going through. So she ends up talking about a bit of it to Zephyr. She did solve a bit of a mess the day they found out each other to be magical girls, so she ends up revealing bits and pieces of it.

When the soda girl reveals herself to be really passionate about the thought of handing someone's hide to them for their heinous acts, Coco quickly gives Hannah a call to explain the situation, and so obtains the permission to explain her everything and bring Zephyr along.

Fast forward to the day of the gathering, Coco has bought for the occasion her first fancy clothes on land: a dress with pleated ribbons that falls in gentle folds down to the floor, the sleeves a delicate yellow laces, white shiny pearls sprinkling across them like tiny stars in the sky. A small orange brooch is fastened to the neck of the dress, a single diamond in its center reflecting the light. Her hair is gathered in a chignon, decorated by two ribbons the colour of dark gold. At her feet are flats of soft yellow leather, though that can't really be told through the dress. She meets up with Zephyr before heading to the hotel Augusta, since she and Hannah still haven't met in person.

Zephyr Windstar has posed:
    Zephyr can't really say she understands things fully. Getting things third-hand from Coco wasn't really all that clear with the loss in translation effect, but she got the jist and arrives in her full battle regalia... well her Barrier Jacket at least. She dismisses her Device to enter the ballroom. Iron shod boots clack firmly against the floor, the metallic bits of her armour jingle with each steps and mismatched eyes scan the room. To anyone that's encountered the 'Soda Girl' before, it's very obvious who this is, she wears no mask, nor other method of hiding her identity. The medal that is Tenraikaze sits in her right vambrace, the gemstone glittering in the lights as she moves to take a seat.

    Next to Hannah, she's likely the tallest one here, towering over most locals and even some from other parts of the world.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
The tall space german teen is expecting many things, and indeed, making far too many assumptions based on her time back home. There would be people announcing themselves at the very least even more clandestine meetings such as this! And so Amy is suddenly wrapping arms around her /just/ as Hannah's gripping her crystal goblet to start the /formalities/.

Which she nearly spills, her plush chair rocks, and she both slams down a heeled boot to not send drink over that /very/ expensive dress of hers, and then drains the whole darn thing in a remarkable act of Steiner-brand recovery.

She's good at taking hits. While it can't quite banish the dark mood she's in, it certainly brings back some warmth to her, and with that empty glass in hand? She wraps Amy into the crook of her arm, pulls her in just as tight, and then proceeds to smooch her girlfriend lovingly without a hint of shame. A moment of love that has the burden of her heart easing for just a moment.

And then with the butt of her glass, she gently pushes Amy by way of nose towards a seat as they part.

Amusement flickers on her face. "Mein dear engel, love, we are going to teach you about /court etiquette/ next homework night! ...Thank you, sweet." Comes Hannah with a tired laugh and pure /adoration/ for this girl.

The giant dog beside the head table with Hannah in it barks once every time someone comes in, pulls on the lead a few times variably, and Hannah nods to the massive guide dog. A smile is beamed out to each arrival in turn, but oddly for those who know her - or perhaps not to Pluto, used to such courtly things - she isn't her immediate effervessent self. She lets them all gather, and simply lets them all settle in properly.

Some come in as outright magical girls, some in forms that straddle the line, or in civilian garb. Hannah is silent until finally Zephyr makes her way in. The new addition has the dog shuffling warily, but the fact she's coming in with /Coco/ has the Belkan settling.

She pours herself a second glass of sparkling cider, given the express privacy she's paid for, and then raises it briefly, before down exactly half of it. There's a glass before everyone.

"May this meeting begin, shrouded in the grace und sanctity of Sank Olivie, that we may all move in one purpose." Comes Hannah, before briefly dipping her chin.

That done, she takes off her hat, and then her glasses. Sightless, deep blue eyes are on display as she picks up Blauer Greif, and stands.


She forces a smile, and the first she addresses is her favorite pirate. "Given that everyone here has, in turn, either saved mein own hide or given me succor und aid while floundering in a new world? Mein dearest privateer, you are all worth the expense!" A little more of her warmth floods into her, unable to not praise every single person seated here at once.

"Particularly when I have many of you at a disadvantage, und one I intend to dispel. At cost, mind, I do not expect any of you to reveal your whole selves unless you wish it!" That last part comes with a rising voice, and a particularly commanding one. This is the voice of the Heir of Great House Steiner, and it brooks no argument. 'Come as you will' indeed.

Heels meet, she bows at her middle, and her cane is at her side as she formally greets everyone.

"Some of you know me by the name 'Hannah Steiner'. Others? 'Trager des Blauer Greif' is another cognomen I have taken when upon the field of battle." Comes Hannah directly and dramatically as she straightens.

A deep breath. "Yet I stand here to offer you all mein true name. I am Countess Palatine-Apparent Hannah Emilia-Lina Araki-Steiner the XIV! Rightful ruler of the Allied Belkan World of Tharkad! Und I present meinself upon you all as thanks for what you have done for mein person! As well as to ask all of you your support, should I prove worthy of it." Concludes Hannah, her voice carrying despite that long table easily!

Zephyr Windstar has posed:
    And that revelation speech has Zephyr looking decidedly uncomfortable. She's done none of what's been said, she barely even /knows/ Hannah outside of that single fleeting encounter weeks ago... though that large animal does stick in the mind, as it were.

    The offworlder ignores the glass, keeping her hands folded in her lap as she listens, watching Hannah curiously for a few moments... She then speaks up, "Well, I don't have any fancy codenames or titles. I'm just Zephyr. Zephyr Windstar, of March. Daughter of Stanza and Mistral Windstar." she remains seated, being so tall even sat down has some advantages. "I'm just a battlemage, but if I can help out... well..." she spreads her arms as if to say 'here I am.'

Erika Shimizu has posed:
    Jolly Roger raises her hand.
    "I already knew that." The pirate-themed mahou points out, before planting her hand back on the leather bound letters that dictate her newly established fealty to House Steiner. "And ye've got my support already, we discussed that too."
    Pirates are simple, humble, folk. But when presented with the opportunity for pluder? They're good to have at one's back. ... Mostly.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Sailor Pluto's presence is a reassurance in more ways than one, as more people filter in, all of them equally unfamiliar, and still, Sailor Moon doesn't see Tragar-chan anywhere. Aren't things going to start soon? Is she just being fashionably late?

But then, the last of their number must arrive, because the blond girl at the head of the table stands, and begins to speak, and Sailor Moon - finally understands. This girl is Tragar-chan, and Tragar-chan is this girl, and she's... an alien? But there weren't, actually, aliens, were there? But, Tragar-chan - Hannah - was saying that she was an alien. And, hey, wait, is she saying that she's a princess, no, right? She's a - queen? Ruler of a whole world?

And she's going to the same school as Usagi?

That was... that was... wow. What was she supposed to say to all of that? Except -

Well, some people are piping up with support, so at the very least, she can do that, right? Right!

"I don't know what's going on," Sailor Moon admits bluntly, unembarrassed, "But Tragar-chan - Hannah-chan - of course you have my support! And, ah, to the rest of you - Sailor Moon. Soldier of Love and Justice, and Hannah-chan's fite club partner!"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Sailor Pluto doesn't move much from where she's sitting. For the most part, all she does is raise an eyebrow at Hannah's revelation of herself to everyone and gives a slight nod of acknowledgement towards the young noble.

Sailor Moon's declaration causes her to glance over at the other Senshi momentarily, then she goes back to seeing what Hannah has to say before she weighs in.

Though the PDA at the beginning with Amy does get the serious-looking Senshi to smile openly.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy doesn't realize how she's inconvenienced her girlfriend, and then an arm is wrapped around her and there's a feeling in her chest and she looks up at Hannah and--

    She's in a bit of a daze as she's gently pushed towards a chair, but just, stands there for a few seconds. "Huh? I... what?" She didn't entirely hear about court etiquette, but her girlfriend's tone makes her blush and also she's now completely forgotten whatever she was concerned about. She finally settles into her seat as Hannah starts the meeting, and sips the cider... oh hey, this is alchohol she can actually stand! She smiles a little at that, content to sip the glass throughout the meeting. Although um, "Wait, should anyone else here be drinking? ...Or is this like, old enough to risk death against monsters, old enough to drink, thing?"

    She smiles at Hannah. "Of *course* you're worthy of our support!"

    When Coco gets to her introduction, as long as she makes some... obvious clearing her throat and meaningfully looking at Amy, she'll blurt out, "Oh right: Coco's a mermaid!"

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi only knows Trager out of two incidents. One where they fought Riventon, and the other, where she fought that maid with the guitar. She blinks as she's never met Trager out of henshin so she merely connects the two in her head. She ohs a little.

"Oh! Okay!" she says, as she reaches across the table for her goblet. Which no doubt contains the same cider as the others as she takes a sip.

"Oh. I am. Nanoha Takamachi!" she says, her actual name, as if she doesn't care about the secret identity at all. Though Amy and Zephyr are passingly familiar. Amy, from the day she also Zephyr as... "...Soda Girl?" she asks curiously.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco sits down at the table for in time for Hannah's speech, Zephyr having done the same ahead of her. She sits next to Nanoha and waves uncertainly at the quite young girl. Coco does remember seeing her at some battles at least once or twice, and the pint-sized girl packed quite the strong attacks too, so it's probably ok for her to be here. Having remembered that, she adds a smile, her uncertainty now gone.

She isn't quite surprised at Hannah's revelation considering the bits she has learned recently. And she has seen Lyra's true form, so the concept of an alien civilisation isn't breaking ground either.

Rather, she is more interested in where is Tharkad supposed to be. How much time would it take for someone with Hannah's level of technology to travel between Earth and her home planet? Granted, reaching this Tharkad is probably a far concern for now, she thinks, since the assassins are here, not over there.

"Hannah, you are my friend, there is no way I would leave you alone when you need it." She looks a bit nervously at Amy, who thankfully has her covered and reveals her secret for her. "I am Coco, or Yellow Pearl Voice, the mermaid princess of the South Pacific Ocean, and you I intend to use both my powers and my status to help you in this mission."

Greta Legend has posed:
"... What the bloody hell is a Belkan?"

It's the one somewhat exhasperated tone to come out of the collection of people here to support Hannah, and it comes from the back, from the one who slipped into the room right at the last second as Hannah was introducing herself. Greta Legend, who not very long ago (yesterday) ran head first into in-over-her-headness against one evil lady (Precia Testarossa), and she was standing. Somehow.

Greta looks annoyed, confused, and is sipping from a cider trying to make herself less grumpy about it. "Are we just not going to ask that question? Or am catching up on THAT too?"

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Zephyr's words, despite only being tangentially known to her? Has Hannah smiling a touch viciously.

"Frau Windstar? While your House is unknown to me, I very well know of your planet's..."

She laughs. The fusion of Belkan and Mid-Childan technology is of course, all but heresy in her eyes. But it's not like Riventon's crude fusion.

"Well let us not allow doctrinal disputes sully a new freundship! A battlemage is exactly the sort I require. However I temper you caution in the Sankt's name before accepting without knowing what you are getting into." Comes the young woman.

Jolly Roger gets a grin! "Come now, Jolly Roger, can you /truly/ fault me for a touch of dramatics? Best to know one's allies, hmm, mein plunder-loving freund?" There's light teasing in her voice, as well as pure regard for the undead captain! If this wasn't a formal meeting, she'd be doing much more, but restrains herself with much effort.

"Sailor Moon." Her words are affectionate, gentle, the Steiner considering Moon something of a partner in training and friend! And maybe the little sister she's always wanted, but she doesn't voice that particular longing.

"I am never disappointed by your fervor, no matter what you appear to be. Your heart is always...Well. A topic for another time! I fear this shall go straight out your other ear, but informing all of you of what is going on before comitting is the whole point. Or introducing all of you to each other, should you remain." There's no chastisement, and indeed, she seems bouyed by Moon's immediate support.

Only to darken. It is far, /far/ too easy to imagine the bodies of her dear compatriots on the ground before her Uncle's will. Her fist clenches, then grips her dress at the chest. Lyra nuzzles against her leg as she sits down. Amy receives a reach, and then a familiar brush against the other's cheek in response affectionately!

"...I ask you all support in bringing a murderer to justice. The type of man that has not only fled across the stars to avoid retribution, but has drawn blood against his own family!" Her voice rises. There's something about her voice that is rare in a magical girl's timbre, but it grows the more she speaks.

"A vicious, duplicitious, honorless /hund/ of a man that would /dare/ lay a hand against his own kith und kin! That would despite all we have given him, would dare turn good people to traitors, and then through bribery und deception und honorless assault, snuff out the two greatest light in the entirety of this whole..." The formalities die entirely, Hannah working herself into pure, snarling hatred of whoever she's talking about. Thankfully, the cane at her side glows a faint LED-style blue. Teeth clamp shut, and her chin lowers.

The hand at her chest clutches harder, and then she lets out a sound that's both gasp and choked sob.

I...pray forgive mein outburst, mein loyal freunds." The cane drops back down, and she looks fairly chastised.

"The man I seek is Count Otto Bismark von Karstein-Steiner. He killed mein parents und many, many good people in an attempt to gain the throne of mein world. Und so? I have chased him here. As many of you now know. He struck first, und without assistance? I would have been dead." Comes Hannah tiredly, refilling her glass, and downing another.

"Und so I ask the assistance of all of you, as both lifewards und allies und /soldiers/ in bringing him to task. I suspect he has allies. He will not hesitate to kill anyone assisting or...well. Anyone about. I have brought mein world's troubles to you all. Und must further burden you with stopping it, should you accept."

Hands suddenly motion at the gathered group! Clearly, she wants acceptance or denial individually.

Greta gets a smirk, the boldness returning something of warmth to her voice. "A question easy answered, mein freund, should one accept mein charge." Dangling a piece of meat before Greta, as it were.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
A sigh. "Should any of you leave? Do so in the Sankt's grace, no stain upon your honor. I ask much, and frankly, have little to offer in return aside from blade und freundship." Ends the young woman.

Zephyr Windstar has posed:
    Nanoha earns a little smile from the tall foreigner, "The one and only; It was only a matter of time before you found out one way or another." She chuckles softly, but then grows somber as Hannah speaks.

    Zephyr listens quietly. A traitor, a usurper, a murderer. Her brow furrows and she tugs her Device from its bracer mounting. She sets the medal on the table and stands to her full height. Taking a breath she turns her gaze across the gathered, looking from one face to another, and finally returning to Hannah. "To bring justice to this despicable monster in a man's form." she begins, placing her hand over the medal as it chimes. It extends along the table, not dislodging anything around it as it forms into the battle-axe of Gale Mode. "You have my axe."

    Then Greta's question finally sinks into her consciousness and she looks at the familiar other mage. "Belka was a world that was at odds with Mid-Childa. A long time ago. Modern Belkans are less warlike, but the difference between Belka and Mid is in their magic systems and doctrine above most other things." she begins.

    "Belkan Knights focus on close combat to the exclusion of most ranged attacks. Their Devices are built to withstand heavy impacts and are much more weapon-like than many Mid ones." She gestures to her own Device. "My homeworld combines the two doctines together. Not as good as either, but I like to think, a bit more flexible."

Erika Shimizu has posed:
    "Heeeeeh! Yer right, I suppose I can't fault ye fer yere flare for the dramatic. I love he stuff, myself." The pirate-themed mahou admits before she thumps her fist on the table. "Captain." She corrects mildly, but also starts giving in introduction so the others can know who she is.
    "Captain Jolly Roger, at yer service, mates." She says, tugging her hat off an holding it over her heart briefly before planting it back to its jaunty angle atop her head.
    "Har har, soda girl's more than she seems, eh?" She does point out to Nanoha, before reaching into her greatcoat. Before she pulls out a bottle of CLEAR Jan Ken Pop and waggles it.
    "I hear she gives out free samples fer every ten ye buy, but I did nay expect her to give an axe away." The pirate-themed girl says with a carp-eating grin.
    "BUT. I ain't goin' anywhere. It ain't every day a pirate gets an honest commission in this day and age and Letters of Marque be hard to come by."
    So. She says it.
    "And ye've got my cutlass."
    That said, she asides to Greta. "This be about noble politics lass. Just... From outer space... Nobles from outer space, aye."

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi is having Raising Heart take notes because lord is she never going to remember long, foreign names like this ever again. She smiles up at Zephyr, as she turns from her over to Hannah and frowns a little. "Wait. Why would someone's own family do that!?" she spouts.

She grips Raising Heart a little more firmly with her off hand.

She listens to the difference between Belkan and Mid-childan like devices as she wonders.

Maybe she should speak to Yuuno about this. He probably has some sort of explanation going on here.

But she has an important question! "Um." she asks. "Why does your uncle use rock and roll maids with guitars and saw blades as soldiers...?" she asks curiously, as if ANYONE has an answer to this question.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Pink blossoms on Sailor Moon's cheeks, at Hannah's words, at the praise and affection in her tone, and her smile is warm in response, though it quickly falls as Hannah continues to speak, and finally, to share why they're all here. The hunt for a murderer. A traitor. Someone who would kill their own kin - the worst sort of person possible, the worst sort of shame for a family to possess -

The passionate hatred in Hannah's voice, the pain in her words - Usagi cannot fathom them. She's never, in all her life, lost someone, not the way her friend and ally has. She tries to imagine it - losing her parents, or anyone, anyone so important to her, and it cuts to the quick, enough to spark wetness to her eyes, and that without the betrayal of knowing it was family that had caused it all -

The closest she can come to imagining it is the dream she'd had, in the wake of Darien and Himeko's fight, the lost scream of a name in her own voice, and that was just a dream.

This was real. This was Hannah's life, and her own blood had almost taken it from her.

The thought of someone else out there who would want to kill her makes Usagi quake. It makes her feel small and hunted, a rabbit in truth rather than just in name, but - the mere thought, of backing down, of taking away her support - the words can't even come to mind. The will, impossible to summon. For all her nerves and fear, Usagi can't possibly do anything less than help her friend.

She could have died. She could have died, and Usagi would have never known.

Others speak up first. They offer their axes, their cutlasses, their weapons. Usagi doesn't really have weapons - well, alright, she has a tiara again, a weapon she and Hannah both know can do a great deal - but most importantly she has herself.

"People, and worse, already want to kill us," Sailor Moon says, and she's quietly grateful that her voice doesn't shake. "At least your uncle will want to kill us for helping you kick his ass, Hannah-chan. I meant what I said! You've got me on your side!"

And she would have finished there, sounding very cool, if not for young Nanoha, and her very serious question. "Rock and roll whats?"

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi looks at Sailor Moon and says wide eyed. "Rock and Roll Maids! With Chainsaws. And she was a robot maid, too!" she says. Raising Heart makes a confirmatory ping, as if to assure Sailor Moon that Nanoha is right in her assessment.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
*I don't have anything to add to what I said earlier, except my understanding and regret for the toll dealing with this treacherous man must have taken from you" Coco replies, looking straight at Hannah, barely suppressing the desire to run to her and give her a strong and long hug with all the pain and hatred that escaped her voice. 'There is always time for that later, I shouldn't ruin her speech for now', she think rather relunctantly.

She carries her friends quite close to her heart, so there is no chance she is going to sit by while she and others risk their lives to this monstrous traitor she refuses to address as Hannah's family.

The mermaid makes a brief pause before feeling the need to add "I am going to say again that I am your friend and I count myself lucky to be so. As far as I am concerned, your friendship is a gift well worth giving you the support of my powers and title."

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta was about ready to do some chewing out, on account of the fact that after learning the hard way about a number of things the day before, she didn't want to deal with being being lead around on an information chase over details that were perhaps minor in the grand scheme of things. But then Zephyr provides her with enough of a tidbit of information to get her mind settled.

"Scheisse." Her tone still annoyance as she sighs, switching to German, "<So you're not even German, but -Space- German? Are you kidding me?>" Before switching back to Japanese with a shake of her head, "When I signed up for this..." She lifts her device as an indicator, "All I knew about was that I'd be fighting monsters, but I've since learned there are bad guys too... I didn't sign up for -politics-."

She then lowers her device and grumps, "If he's hurting people, though... -Fine-."

She then knocks back the cider and states, "This -does not- make us friends."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Hannah says she hasn't heard of Zephyr's planet... "Wait, you're from space *too*?! That's pretty cool!"

    She smiles and her cheeks pink a bit as Hanna brushes one.

    And looks a bit confused at Zephyr, raising her hand. "Umm, for the Earthlings in the room, what's Mid-Childa?"

    "Also... I guess I didn't introduce myself!" She steps back from the table, clasps her soul gem pendant, and--

    An ovoid of flame-colored light grows from her gem to surround her, enveloping her, lifting into the air with her unclothed silhouette curled up inside, long hair floating as if she's under water, before the light cracks and shatters and Amy, now covered in flames as if from an explosion, snaps back, and the flames fade to leave her new outfit in place. The viewers, were this an anime, would see a long, extended sequence highlighting each step of the transformation, and the flames disappearing from each part of her body in turn to leave that part of her magical girl outfit, but for any observers here, it's all over in a few seconds, ending with the red Puella landing on her feet as the last of the flames dissipate from her outfit.

    She smiles as she looks from one end of the table to the other. "I'm Amanda Faust, Amy for short, a Puella Magi, one of the ones who made a contract with Kyubey." She starts to bow but *immediately* corrects into a curtsey instead of only catching herself halfway this time. "Nice to meet you and work alongside you. I, uh, don't have a magical girl name yet. I was never good at coming up with names for things."


    "Oh right I have a rocket launcher." Its default, AT4-like form appears in her hand, supported on her shoulder. "It's like, ten times lighter for me than it looks." She dismisses it, and then sits back down, smiling a bit awkwardly as she sees how this introduction is received.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Hannah's declaration that the Uncle she'd mentioned chasing after to bring him to justice has made an attempt on the younger woman's life here on Earth causes Sailor Pluto to blink. Then she sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. This isn't the first time she's found herself out of the loop with some of the goings on in the area, and she's beginning to find it rather annoying. Especially since she realizes that said attempt would have to have been at the very least several days ago...and apparently, this is the first she's hearing about it.

A flat glare is leveled at the young noble for a moment before Pluto sighs and shakes her head. Problems for later.

Those, sadly, are starting to build up.

Still, she's somewhat distracted by Zephyr providing answers pre-emptively to some of the questions that had been building up in her mind.

Sailor Moon's declaration causes the older Senshi to smile. It's good to see that the Inners still have some fire in them...but then she stops and turns to stare at Nanoha in time with Sailor Moon.
Shehe doesn't VOICE the question, since Moon gets there first...but the expression on her face makes it clear that she was herself about to ask the exact same thing.

Nanoha's confirmation that she had been indeed heard correctly makes the older Senshi blink a few more times, then shake her head before she looks back to Hannah pointedly, "Allies should always feel free to call on each other in times of need. That's what alliances are FOR, after all."

She lets out a sigh, "I've already committed to helping you with this, Hannah. Call upon me whenever you need support."

There's a beat, then she adds, "Oh, and I would also appreciate it if you refrained from punching the young TSAB agent I spent two hours, forty-eight minutes and thirty-seven seconds putting back together after last night's events until well AFTER he's well healed. Apparently he expects you to punch him 'because belkan'."

Zephyr Windstar has posed:
    Zephyr perks up at Pluto. "Did you just say TSAB?" she asks, her eyes a little wide in shock. "Wh-what's his name?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "What's the TSAB?" Amy pipes up. SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN.

Greta Legend has posed:
"Time-Space Administrative Beureau." Greta spells out in an interjection. "I had to catch up on that one too."

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Pluto glances over at Zephyr, "He introduced himself as TSAB Agent Chrono Harlaown."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"If we're all just asking questions, what's a Kyubey?" It's very sheepish.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy blinks. She never expected that word to be used in, like, real-life context and not just Time/Spacetime/Dimension magic in videogames. So it takes a moment to like. Parse it as a thing that would have an Administrative Bureau. "...So uh, how's it involved in all this?"

    To Usagi, she turns and explains, "He's this little talking animal" she holds her hands above the table to indicate size "who gives people the opportunity to become magical girls, but there are... strings attached."

Zephyr Windstar has posed:
    Zephyr nods a little. "Officer Harlaown... He won't know me, but I'm TSAB too. Enforcer Windstar. Let him know he's not completely alone down here."

    Greta has Amy's question in hand about the TSAB, so she fields the Mid-Childa one. "Mid-Childa is the homeworld of the TSAB, as far as I know. They're like, police that keep people from messing with dimensions. Complicated answer, really." she says, dismissing her Device back to its medal-like standby form. "Mid-style magic is all about the range. Magical bullets, beam cannons, also a lot of binding arts and stuff." she looks over at Nanoha curiously for a moment. "They're a lot more, balanced? I guess? Like I said, I'm just a battlemage, not a scholar."

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Zephyr agrees. They barely know each other. Hannah shivers to have such easy acceptance, both at once joyous for the help, and yet knowing she had best find a way to make up for the massive mark on the ledger for the House of Windstar's help. Still stinging emotionally, she can't quite conjure up a way to make things even.

The more cynical part of her head wonders if part of that will involve telling Zephy're parents why their child is in a coffin. She shakes it off quickly.

"I am in no place to deny assistance, frau Zephyr Windstar. Such selflessness shall not be forgotten by the House of Steiner." Come her words, and yet to Hannah it doesn't feel like enough.

That Zeph /answers/ Greta has Hannah laughing. Oh by the Sankt, she's /needed/ that! It's a true enough answer, but skips right by the specifics.

"How /succinct/, frau Windstar! Skipping past the Belkan Empire, the War of the Sankt Kaisers, und of course Her Most High Holiness Sankt Olivie und the formation of the Sankt Church to preserve Belkan techniques, und of course the rare few Ancient Belkan Houses that found their way past ancient follies to survive as allies of Mid-Childa to this day?" It's a bit forced, but she's trying to tease, as much to distract herself as others!

"Frau Windstar has the right of it operationally. Should any of you require an education of /history/ free of rank Mid-Childan cowardice und revisionism, I should be happy to oblige!" Smiiile! Her bias is worn right on her chest, despite not actually holding any rancor. If anything, she can't stand the more conquering members of her own line more than any Mid-Childan might for the sheer stain upon her House's honor.


"Captain it is, should you insist, Jolly Roger!" Agrees the young Heiress, letting the equally dramatic piratess work her magic. She drinks it in. Really, Erika is a pleasure to see at work!

Nanoha's innocent question is greeted with a gentle smile, and a mirthless chuckle. She waves her cane in the air, and crosses her legs.

"Power, of course, frau Takamachi. Wealth, status, the military of an entire world? Imagine it. With but a few well crafted words, you could place millions upon millions of souls your own desire, to lead them to what you believe is right, enrich yourself endlessly, und be a figure of opulance known across all of a planet. All by sitting on a throne, after you have bathed it in the blood of your own family, und taken the symbol of it's rulership by force." Explains Hannah, as if all of the death and treachery makes some kind of twisted logic. The young woman can, for all of her hatred, sit far too easily in her Uncle's shoes.

"That is, if you never loved them. Uncle Otto never did, despite our attempts at raising him up in court. His eyes were never naught but scorn upon us." Ends the young woman, rather guiltily. As if she should have seen this all coming somehow.

Sailor Moon's acceptance has Hannah not bothering to try to hide tears. Her body tenses. She's undeserving of the Warrior of Love and Justice, of the Senshi of Moonlight, and by the Sankt she intends to /make/ herself worthy of such support.

"Sailor Moon, I...have no words mein freund. Other than that mein House shall ever be in support of yours. In perpituity, so long as we yet survive." Her words are short, but somehow meaningful. Hannah, for all her blindness, is giving her attention wholly to Sailor Moon for far longer than is comfortable, as if she means something extremely important.

Just in time for Sailor Pluto to make the Space German Noble visibly sweat under the older woman's pointed declaration. She does so shamelessly, because frankly, she knows she deserves it whatever she was trying to arrange and sus out and try to calm her own emotions.

She has the good grace to get on one knee, and bow in traditional Belkan abasement for a severe break in protocol.

"...I have no excuses other than mein own witlessness, honored frau Pluto." For all her pride, she's not going to let such a thing pass easily, and her tone ful

Hannah Steiner has posed:
"...I have no excuses other than mein own witlessness, honored frau Pluto." For all her pride, she's not going to let such a thing pass easily, and her tone fully expects retribution from Pluto in private.

As she's getting back into her chair? She suddenly...brightens! "A TSAB officer!? On this planet, safe und sound after the wreck of the Artha!? By the Sankt's dirty socks I shall..." Pause. Paaauuuuse.

"Well, tell the good /gentleman/ that I shall await his recovery und send a proper message of intent for a Duel after that time! Such typical Mid-Childan rudeness! Of COURSE I should await his strength only when it is full before taking his measure!" Hannah sounds /scandalized/ that she'd do otherwise!

Nano gets a shrug. "Mein Uncle has poor taste!" She immediately claims, perhaps dubiously.

Greta, similarly, gets a shrug then a nod. "I require /warriors/, frau Legend. The rest is optional. However, politics has unfortunately found /you/, as it so desires to do on the frequent mein freund!" No, she's not going to stop calling you that Greta!

Coco gets a laugh, and something that's definitely a choked sob. "May I prove worthy of such freundship, Coco." She offers.

Amy transforms, and Hannah openly smiles! Both hands raise!

"Perhaps 'the most beautiful magical girl in this und any other world?' may suffice, frau Faust!?" She's again letting Zephyr explain if she wishes, too busy taking that open shot straight into her girlfriend's heart! She can, in fact, be sneaky as it turns out!

She also jots down mentally Chrono's name, and what the heck a Kyuubey is.

Then, she finally pauses.

"Thank you all. Any questions? I know precious little of mein Uncle's resources, but I suspect he is in bed with this company known as 'Obsidian', though I cannot prove it currently. I am indebted to all of you. Do not hesitate to call in such a favor." A pause, and she stands, bowing once more.

"...I have but one command. Do not die, any of you. Please. Should it end between mein life und yours? Live. Perhaps it is a selfish thing to ask, but I wish to remember your beautiful voices as they are, not to hear them screaming in the night." Ends the young woman, tiredly, dramatically as a noble is wont to do.

Zephyr Windstar has posed:
    "Lady Steiner, I've said it many times before now... I'm just a battlemage, I know tactics and doctrine. Not politics and history." retorts Zephyr with a good natured grin. "Neither politics nor history can protect me from a Knight's hammer coming straight for my face, but a good knowledge of that strike's weaknesses and faults can."

    She seems to take the ribbing in good stride. "Well, apart from all of that, shall we share contact information? So we can coordinate better and call for help if we get in trouble?" she offers, getting her Device to open a holographic screen that has her info on it for those around to see.

Erika Shimizu has posed:
    Mention of rock and roll chainsaw maids makes 'Captain' Jolly Roger scowl.
    Especially at the memory of nearly being gutted by said rocker chainsaw.
    She has, since, patched herself up, but...
    "No one ever signs up for politics. They always have a way of just... Roping ye in." She says to Greta.
    "Well of course I insist. I am a captain. Of a ship."
    She just. Doesn't mention that it's a ship of the cursed dead, and damned, doomed to haunt the seas until she lifts her curse. That's not important in the here and now. All that's important is that she is a captain.
    But then Hannah says she doesn't want any of them to die.
    For a moment. The pirate themed mahou pauses.
    Before she starts laughing like that command was the most hilarious freaking thing in the world to her. She has to take off her hat and hide her face in it for a moment before she rallies and manages to stifle herself, biting hard on her finger to slowly quiet down.
    "Sorry, but ye'll find that command to be harder for some of us than it be for others."

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta was going to wave off all the pomp and drama of this whole thing and just accept that this is the job of being a magical girl now, when her brain stops on a specific word being mentioned, which stops the European girl in her tracks.

"... 'Obsidian'?" Less a query of what it is as much as making sure she heard correctly, before scoffing. "Again with Obsidian... Don't be ridiculous..."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"I'll be very disappointed in all of us, if someone dies," Sailor Moon says. She's intentionally trying for lighthearted, because she knows very well that people want them dead - and she can hear the strain in Hannah's voice, and guess a little at what it must be costing her to ask them to help her, when she's suffered so much. "We're going to help Hannah-chan beat her evil Uncle up, throw him in jail, and make sure no one gets attacked by.... rock and roll maids with... chainsaws, ever again!"

It is so hard to say that and sound serious but she is trying alright! She means every word. Even the much, much sillier ones. "I better keep seeing you in Fite Club. We've got to keep each other on our toes! And you've got to tell me all about how you're better than the Middle Childs, or however it goes."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy looks confusedly at Hannah. "Wait, why do you have to duel him?"

    That gets a blush from Amy and another smile she can't stop before she sits back down.

    "Uhh, Obsidian? What do they do? ...Oh wait, this isn't some weird space thing I can Google it." She pulls out her phone. Then hesitates. "Wait, *ARE* they a space company? Is there like, a 'all the stuff everyone else but Earthlings knows' pamphlet I should be reading?"

    At Hannah's command she takes a breath and looks at Hannah. "In all my years, I've always *hated* it when the 'hero' goes around making promises they can't keep, just to give empty reassurance that's more likely than not going to be proven false later. Now that *I'm* a heroine myself, I intend not to make that same mistake. I've promised you I won't fight him alone. I will do my best to live, I assure you. Living's pretty cool, and I like it, but I knew kind of risks I was signing up for, even when I was a poor, clueless civilian who knew nothing else. I won't give you an empty promise I can't keep."

    She blinks at Greta. "Wait, what do you mean *again*? *Is* Obsidian a magic space thing?!"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Hannah being Hannah gets a small smile from Pluto, and she wavewaves a hand in dismissal, "Don't worry too much about it, Hannah. Just...well, I'd advise you next time to perhaps not rush in until you're sure you're dealing with your actual foe? Apparently you got suckered by a decoy last night, because I had to feed the overconfident little bastard his overly smug grin." She frowns, "...sadly, he was a slippery one and managed to get away just as everything went up."

A slightly edited recounting of events, but close enough to particulars for these purposes.

It also doesn't let on how rough she came out of it...a detail that's COMPLETELY UNIMPORTANT.

That's her story, and she's sticking to it.

And then the word is mentioned that brings Sailor Pluto to a dead stop.


In that moment, the Garnet Rod is in her hand once more and the sound of the material of her glove groaning in protest can be heard from the death grip she's using, "...Obsidian...again..."

After a moment, her expression softens a little, and she then looks over at Sailor Moon and very softly says, "...Moon...I understand your sentiment and appreciate your kindness...but I think you need to realize that this thing? Especially between Hannah and her Uncle? This especially isn't going to be something that gets resolved by someone going to jail. This is war to the knife."

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta just interjects, with a dismissive shrug and tone, "Obsidian is a major Japanese conglomerate. Has a finger in pretty much every pie. 'Evil Megacorp' is a pretty big fantasy, that is easy to get behind... Also the name of apparently whoever was overseeing that group with the space ship yesterday. It's ominous and menacing, but just a coinciding name."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "Why does everybody keep saying 'Obsidian again'?! What happened?!"

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi listens with a clueless, blithe smile.

She ohhhhhss at Hannah when she gets an answer to her question, that doesn't feel like an answer to her at all, but with the talk of the TSAB..."OH! My space ferret is from the TSAB!" she says with wide eyes. Like the words 'My Space Ferret' is perfectly natural to say to anyone on Earth ever.

"His name is Yuuno. He's a space archeologist." she says with a firm nod. "I bet he knows about some of these things going on. Maybe. Or at least. The terminology." she says as she taps her bottom lip, taking another, two handed sip from her goblet, before picking Raising Heart back up.

"He's been helping me slowly with my training and stuff, while Raising Heart fills in the gaps..." she says slowly.

"OH. Raising Heart is my device." she says. Raising Heart pings happily in response.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "So, space ferret, should I be thinking like, Rocket Raccoon...?" Amy holds out her arms to indicate size again.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Kyubey is a creature just about as kind-hearted as this Count Otto here", Coco replies to Sailor Moon here. "He is an emotionless animal that betrays the purpose of magic, turning it into a limited resource and trying to set the warriors he recruits in the fight against with the offer of a wish against each other in a war for limited resources without whom they will die, not just to a lack of magic in a critical moment, but to something he built in right into his gift of magic, for some obscure reason only he knows." Her tone has turned quite venomous at the mention of Kyubey and she makes no mystery of the fact she despises him with every fiber of her being.

"Obsidian seems to have its reach into many field", Coco comments, recognising the name from the recent info she has gained. "I believe with enough reasons that this company may be allied with my own enemy too and they have started some plots independently of him or Count Otto too. Whatever they are up to, we need to be way more careful with them." She drops her two cents.

"You have a space ferret archeologist as a companion?" she turns with a smile to Nanoha, the aww-inducing thought of a ferret wearing an oversized archeologist costume distracting her from the dark thoughts she was harboring. "That's cute. I think I should introduce him to my otters, just in case they get along."

"Don't worry, Hannah, I am not going to die, I will keep myself safe and I will still put overything I have into the cause to help you*, she assures the Belkan with a nod and a smile. "Aqua Regina, the Goddess of the Seas, wouldn't let anyone die", she adds as an explanation of her convinction.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"...so he's not like Luna," Sailor Moon says to Coco, speaking of Kyubey. She's - utterly confused, but she trusts Yellow Pearl Voice, quite a bit. She'll have to ask Amy - Red? - and Coco about this later, because honestly, this is more about Hannah than a not-Luna creature that was being cruel to the magical kids he empowered. But she is taking note - she is going to ask Luna about this, and have her and Naru investigate.

And then - there is Sailor Pluto. And her grim words. And the mention that this would end -

She swallows. She can't imagine killing anyone, even someone this evil, and more, she doesn't - she can't - surely it couldn't be good for Hannah to kill her own uncle? Even if he'd - surely - "Well, we'll see, won't we?"

And at the mention of Obsidian - and Red's confusion - she grimaces. "They've been... involved in some pretty bad stuff, lately. I'll fill you in later, just - catch me after class?"

Red knows who she is, after all!

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi blinks at Amy. "No. Small! Like a normal ferret! He's small. and cute! Like a ferret should be!" she says with a firm, matter of fact nod. She also nods at CoCo. "Sure! But another time he isn't here now. He's futzing around with all the device parts I managed to get from the wreck and the console screens I got." she says with a little tap to the bottom of her lip again. As if she has no clue what the ferret is doing with it all.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Brows raise at Zeph, and she manages to not outright laugh! "I find such purity refreshing, frau Windstar!" Admits the Belkan, clearly finding this young woman to her liking, and as contacts are being made?

She picks up her Device, transforms in a flash, and the now Knight Armor clad Belkan is doing much the same, laying out her contact information for those that don't yet have it. Including a burner cell for more magical means. Someone's been taking advice.

Greta pauses, and Hannah smiles. "No proof und I cannot reveal mein sources...but it is the most likely source of 'youma' at his command given his lack of a Linker Core in birth." Comes the young woman.

Sailor Moon proves herself again, and Hannah stands straight in her seat. For multiple reasons. She answers one immediately.

"Und why would I /ever/ turn down such a strong, wonderful sparring partner und freund!? By the Sankt! I am half certain that somewhere in mein many, many...acht, mein great-great-great-great grandparents were...ACHEM point being, I am not /entirely/ certain you do not possess a drop of Belkan blood in you frau Moon! I shall inform you entirely!" Smiiile! The pro-Belkan bias is again dripping in her voice.

Only for her to pause. She starts to avoid the other part of Moon's words, about 'jail time' for her Uncle.

Hannah tilts her head as if Amy has said something strange!

"Und do an ally the dishonor of not taking his measure!? Such would be a stain upon both his House und mein! The Sankt decrees that both the lands of Mid-Childa und Belka forevermore live in harmony! Und thus, by measuring ourselves against one another, by believing in Her Benevolence und sharpening ourselves against our once-enemies, we shall by rejoicing in the glory und refinement of Honorable Combat, we shall better one another und unlock truths only writ upon the sparks of battle und the clashing of weapons!" Comes Hannah, answering as if all of that is obviously and logical!

'Martial, religious, and stubborn' indeed by one Nichomachea's account proves true, at least amidst House Steiner.

There's a choking sound as her more experienced ally offers her advice, but again, the Countess-Palatine is willing to take her lumps from someone clearly wiser than her. For all their ego, it's part of why the merchantile Belkan Great House survived the War.

"I shall refine mein dear Device's sensoren." Comes Hannah...oh gods she sounds /awkward/ here. Her cheeks flush. Yeah, she's embarrassed by the reminder! At least she got a good clash out of it from Starfall!?

And a very, very nice TSAB Admiral's desk.

Pluto thankfully put it out into the open. The words she can't /quite/ bring up to such a gentle soul as her friend. Should one be looking at her? The implications by Pluto's words has her twitching. All of that hate from earlier? It creeps into her eyes, alongside sorrow and the lust for vengeance. She places her Device on the table, partially unsheathed. Then, she clicks her closed.

"His fate shall be as the Sankt Kaiser wills." Comes Hannah quietly, as a young woman with a giant weight on her shoulders.

She's scowling. Surely the Sankt would be merciful. And yet the day of the coup comes so easily into her ears.

"You may leave this at any time, frau Moon." She offers again, somewhat shakily for a Belkan.

Thankfully, Nanoha has her curiousity! "Oh? A researcher? Perhaps a meister? I should like to meet you und your freund properly in more...cordial circumstances, frau Takamachi!" Her voice is earnest, as she bows to both girl and Device, even as she's clearly distracting herself with the wonderful Nanoha's words.

Coco gets a nod, and a bow, firmly! "I shall hold this Goddess to such a promise, und should she fail!? I shall trounce her meinself!" Boldly proclaims Hannah, the Belkan ruler clearly willing to punch a goddess for such a poor turn!

She rather pointedly ignores any mention of Kyuubey, other than whispered words about 'taxidermy' upon hearing the explaination.

She rises once more, and then

Hannah Steiner has posed:
She rises once more, and then bows. "Mein freunds! Allies, compatriots! I thank all of you, und shall repay all debts thricefold. For now...I must see to informing other allies. Eat. Drink! Enjoy yourselves! May this not be out last banquet." She straightens, and both her and her lizard wander off with a wave to let the others enjoy and settle themselves after such serious matters!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Hannah-chan, how many times do I have to promise my support?" Sailor Moon asks, and it's not chiding, not exactly. It's just - resolute. She can see, by the look on her friend's face, and by the fullness of this room, that now isn't the time. But - "I'll keep doing it, however many times it takes. No one in this room is going to get run off now. Can't you tell? I'm not going to be the one to turn my back on you."

But aside from that, Sailor Moon is happy to make small talk with the others, and cast glances at Pluto, every now and then, promising that the two of them would need to talk.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Pluto feels the need to be formal in response to Hannah's need...and she therefore stands and says, "Countess Steiner, allow me allay your fears, at least in my case. I am in full support of our continued alliance. As I have stated shall I continue to stand. By my right and power, so mote it be." And with that, she strikes the floor with the butt of the Garnet Rod, releasing a tiny burst of power to punctuate her remark.

Her peace said, she sits back down and partakes of the provided largesse...keeping mostly quiet, but generally keeping an eye on her younger Senshi.

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta narrows her eyes as she states flatly, "It's all Coincidences. Corelation is not the equavalent of causation... All this business with this 'Obsidian' bad guy group has bullocks to do with Obsidian the company... Of course it's easy to look at them as villains, what with being impersonal entities that have nothing but their own greed to sate, but doesn't make them bloody evil."

She then shrugs and turns eyes averted, distracted by whatever is on her mind.

Zephyr Windstar has posed:
    Zephyr listens to Greta, sitting back down and giving a soft sigh. "A wise man once said. After eliminating all other possibilities, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." mismatched eyes turn to fall on the other Device mage "Coincidences or not, corelations or not, enough of them compound into a truth."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco heads to Zephyr, concerned about how the situation could have potentially escalated between her and Hannah. Sure, they perfectly capable to deal with this themselves, but she can't help but worry. "Is everything ok, Zephyr? I am glad turned out well between you and Hannah, but that must have been quite the surprise for you."

Zephyr Windstar has posed:
    When Coco approaches, Zephyr chuckles. "That? That was just playful ribbing. If we were really going at it, the room would be pockmarked with craters and the table would be in several pieces." she affirms, turning her gaze to the mermaid princess. "Don't worry so much, it'll give you wrinkles by the time you're twenty."

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta can't help but shoot a glare in Zephyr's direction, before fetching herself some tea and simmering on the thoughts, only muttering, "Bullocks." As she sips.

If nothing else, she was going to sate her English half's desire for tea. It's calming.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Coco speaks, and Amy's expression darkens such that even the thought of a tiny little ferret in adorable archaologist clothes and going on space adventures doesn't brighten it.

    "I don't know why some of you are so mad at Kyubey. You talk about oh no, limited magic, or oh no, I might die without magic, *as if that wasn't a risk I was facing before*. I'm* not a space princess, or a sea princess, or a... ghost, or whatever else everyone else has going on. I* was just a... a *normal earthling*. I* didn't get to be a part of any of this, helping people who were attacked by a monster or kissed by a witch. I* was defenseless. Because of Kyubey, I* get to be a part of all this, to, to fight and to be your friend, to DO something about all this.")]

    She lowers her voice."Because of Kyubey, I* got to meet Hannah and get a wonderful girlfriend. And *be* a wonderful girlfriend."

    She looks back and forth along the table. "So... s-so... I'd appreciate it if you'd keep in mind... If you'd keep all that in mind," She looks back to Coco, "before you keep acting like he's some kind of *enemy*."

*Amy uses 'watashi' here instead of the 'atashi' she's been using.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco nods when Zephyr puts her worries at ease. "That's good", she replies, trying not to focus too much on the image of a destroyed room. "I am glad things are going well. Thanks for being here and wanting to help."

She turns to Amy with a sad frown. "Amy, I understand Kyubey may have done a good thing for you, but he attached so many strings that I don't believe you are better off now than earlier. Blue would have helped you out all the same without putting you in danger."

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta opens her mouth, briefly raising her device, before lowering it again and saying nothing. Not her business, she is not -friends- with any of these girls.

Amanda Faust has posed:
I don't believe you are better off now than earlier.

    Amy doesn't understand *why* that makes a shock of visceral fear run through her, her knuckles whitening as her fingernaiils scrape the table through her gloves as hands curl into fists. Her words are as icy as she can make them... which probably isn't very, being a cute and unintimidating sub-five-foot teenage girl. "Have there been *any* incidents of Blue, or anyone else, recruiting someone like me? And remember, he has a rule about falling in love."

    She stands up and slams her hand on the table. "This was worth it. I would never have gotten *any* of this without this opportunity." She angrily strides out of the meeting room.

    ...And then strides back in. "Uh... forgot to detransform..." Which she does. And THEN leaves the room again, more awkwardly.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco is shocked by Amy replying and running off like that, and the redhead coming back in for a moment doesn't lessen the effect any. She gives in to the impulse of running to Amy, transforming into Yellow Pearl Voice right after - her dress wasn't made for running, after all - and chases after her.

"Amy, I am sorry about accidentally discrediting your relationship with Hannah like that. I said something I shouldn't have." The mermaid princess looks at her friend with apprehension. An apology doesn't make things right, after all, and the Puella Magi doesn't have to accept it, either. Her heart is squeezed by the thought Amy is going to leave too.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    What is WRONG with him? Stupid, stupid! They're *real* magical girls, princesses and whatever, of course they wouldn't want someone making fakes like him.

    That's not... quite right, but his anger and fear needs something to focus on.

    Except Hannah. Hannah knows everything and still...

    He stops partway down the hall.

    But even if he still met Hannah like he was before... even if she *somehow* still got to know him, it wouldn't be the same. Picturing it repulses him.

    Got to know? This started at that dance. She didn't know him then, and even if everything she says is true now, she would never have given him a second thought if he hadn't been that sweet-sounding girl at the dance, the day after he met Kyubey.

    Her fingernails dig into her hands.

    Coco's caught up with her. She turns and glares. "Well which is it? Either you were lying then or you're lying now. Either way, *why*? My heart..." her anger threatens to turn into sadness and she tries to hold her voice steady, "c-can't take it."

    She tries her best to look intimidating. It's not working very well when she's several inches *shorter* than Coco, having to look up at her.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco shakes her head. "Amy, I don't think you are wrong like this, and I have never thought it. I did say that Kyubey did something good for you. I just don't like everything else about him. He really unsettles me, and it scares me that he bound you to something that could... that could..." She bites her lips, not managing to end the sentence.

"You know what I mean. I have to add to my apology that I belittled the fact you feel it was a risk worth taking. I hope you can separate my opinion of Kyubey from my opinion of the changes brought by your wish", she ends, turning her gaze down. "

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy takes a breath, and sighs. "Dammit... I don't understand how you separate them, but..." She holds a hand to her head. "My head is a mess right now. And... I need every friend I can get." She pictures storming off, leaving Coco to feel regret for this. Some part of her does take satisfaction in that. But it quickly fades to imagined regret for *herself*. How could she... he... whatever make someone feel that way?!

    She looks away. "...I can't bear to know you're hurting over this. I guess that means I forgive you. I just..." Amy takes another breath and looks Coco over. "You don't understand what I'm going through... but I don't understand what I'm going through either. This doesn't *happen* to real people. Stories were more right than I thought possible but they left out a lot, too. When you said that..."

    Amy stares into space. "...The thought of going back actually *scared* me, this time. I've really fallen..." She leans against the wall. "I didn't lose to the... I didn't lose to, to anything, or some magic enchantment or mind magic... I guess I really do prefer this." She looks away awkwardly. "So, I'm a failure at... at what I'm supposed to be. 'A girl's heart' indeed... I didn't know this was what it really meant... that I can't go back..."

    She lifts her gaze back to Coco. "Not that I can even if I wanted to, so I guess it's a moot point. But still, imagining it... Eugh." She sighs, and closes her eyes for a moment, scratching the side of her head, then opening them. "Maybe it's some kind of mental defense mechanism, or magic to help me deal with being stuck this way. I guess then I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. I just... Sorry, I'm rambling. I'm confused and... what you said scared me, and I don't know what to do, so I'm talking in hopes I find some kind of answer that somehow makes everything alright."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco turns her gaze back up. 'She already has her own burdens. I am a careless idiot that couldn't keep her mouth shut and turned this into an even bigger mess', she berates herself. "Thank you, Amy, that means a lot to me, e-even if I have been a bad friend." There was no Akumatization involved here. It was just her, promulgating the cycle of abandonment that started with Mitsuki with a whole new direction.

The mermaid brings Amy into a hug. "I won't waste this chance you have given me. Even if you don't understand yourself, I will be at your side until you do, and beyond that too. Even if I can't understand, I can listen. And maybe just the act of talking it out will help you finding the way you want to take."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    A bad friend?! Amy hugs Coco immediately. "You're not a bad friend. I just... I'm going through a lot, we *all* are. I've got my... stuff, you've got your mermaid princess stuff, and on *top* of that we gotta fight all kinds of evil and now Hannah's evil space uncle??? It's a lot! It's not that I'm... giving you a chance, something special, it's that I'm... being reasonable, instead of a doofus. You don't... you don't have to think of yourself as somehow indebted to me. I'm the one who... Has brought all this unreasonable stuff. Making you deal with Kyubey and worrying about me, too."

    "...What I want to take? I want to spend time with Hannah, but I dunno where she went. Beyond that... I don't know. Well, I know I want to keep helping people. I want to keep... being involved in all this magic stuff. Beyond that I don't really have a choice anyway, so it doesn't matter."

    "...Thanks. For being my friend. I dunno why you're so mad at Kyubey but I guess you're just trying to look out for me."