430/Stealing from the Celestial Fairy Realm

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Stealing from the Celestial Fairy Realm
Date of Scene: 15 September 2023
Location: Plot Room 3
Synopsis: The attack on heaven begins! Facing off against the guardians of the fairy heavens, can the heroes gain the immortality peaches for Yellow Pearl Voice? Perhaps!
Cast of Characters: Cho Konishi, Hannah Steiner, Coco Kiumi, Mio Morita

Cho Konishi has posed:
It wasn't every day that someone tried to do something as STUPID as steal from heaven. Fortunately, this was fairy heaven and not actually heaven so much as a fairy version based on the myths and legends of... the important part was it wasn't ACTUALLY that dumb so they'd be fine. Probably. Maybe. If they were lucky.

But, there was a REASON most people didn't try something like that. And that reason was right in front of them. While Erika and Amy had stayed behind to cover them, once they stepped through the portal they arrived in a strange, elegant shrine-like place. One seemingly made on the clouds themselves. Beautiful golden buildings covered in beautiful...

Graffiti. There was GRAFFITI everywhere. WUWU!

Apparently the monkey king had taken his job of getting attention SERIOUSLY. And when they stepped through, there was something *very clearly waiting them.*

Those four legged beasts that often had statues made of them, that stood outside of temples and the like? Normally they were only a few feet tall.

These ones were at least ten feet tall. And worse? They weren't statues. While they stood outside the (now open) gates of the celestial realm, the moment the four heroes arrived... They moved, their heads lowered... and they growled.

"Damn it Wuwu," Wukong mumbled under her breath. "Uhhhh... do you two think you can hold those things back while I get Yellow Voice to the peach?" she asked.

Well, hopefully the answer was 'yes'. Because it was then that the two guardian beasts pounced, claws out towards them!

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah Steiner, aka Trager des Blauer Greif leans on the sensoren of her Device to drink in the majesty. While colors are...abstract at best to her, the sensation of the buildings is extremely pleasant. It's like hearing an angel's whisper or touching the finest of silk, only in architecture form. Her Device-assisted awareness is weird, but allows her to appreciate the pure elegance, bizzarre as it is.

Of course, the fact they're /definitely/ comitting both a B&E on Fairy Heaven and definitely a WHOLE lot of heresy to somebody should probably bother Hannah. It, in fact, does not. Like a good capitalist, all she sees is the 'profit' to be made in knocking over someone's spiritual afterlife.

Besides, she's already quite soul-sold to Sankt Olivie, and this place is looking a whole lot like a bunch of heathenry. So, Hannah quite has any moral quandries solved. Also she's helping Cure Wukong, which is always a plus. It's never /not/ a hoot and a half with her around.

"BAH! Sending mere beasts against proud warriors of the Most Hold und Righteous Sankt Olivie!? Such fecklessness! Such /arrogance/! Allow this humble warrior to crush any opposition until a TRUE servant of what passes for an afterlife shows their hide! I stand upon one's vision of Heaven, und I am quite displeased!" Crows the Belkan Countess arrogantly. It seems 'massive celestial stone-like servant' isn't enough to impress Hannah. Her voice is edged with zealotry too, that's probably not helping. Also she kind of just wants to hit things after all the mess with her Uncle.

Rather than bother to /dodge/ the giant creature, she draws the sword from her cane-Device, and aims first a slash, then a crushing stab at its' two clawed front limbs, letting the others take care of the second guardian!

Gravity enhances her blow to brutal levels of strength and efficiency as she lashes out masterfully!

<Fluss: Erhöhen>!

Coco Kiumi has posed:
On the other side of the portal Coco was apprehensive about getting to whatever the other side looked like, both because they would be leaving Jolly and Red to Fairy Nezha, but also out of nervous anticipation for what awaited them on the other side.

Clearly they were about to stumble on some glorious place with guards at the ready, something that would look like a palace fit for Aqua Regina herself. Once the mermaid princess' vision adjusts to the other side, she is great by a huge amount of graffiti. "This is Wuwu's doing, isn't it?" she comments to the other three, looking around three more times to convince herself she is actually looking at what's in front of them.

At least the part about armed guards is true, though Coco would have preferred it weren't. She gives Cure Daybreak and Tragar an hug before pulling away and telling them "Take care and show these guards that they should have stayed put if they wanted to stay safe for the day."

Not like there is an actual need of an encouragement, judging by the energy Hannah is always bringing with herself. Reminder for later: ask her when she has discovered an inhexaustible source of energy.

Mio Morita has posed:
Its a pleasure to help out a good friend. She has been in her henshin for a short while, not giving up her identity... again. She looks at the portal and takes a deep breath. Then in she goes, through the portal and into a place she had never imagined being. Fairy Heaven.

First thing's first. "Look at all the graffiti." She comments as she looks around. "Goodness, you would think a place that is supposed to be a heaven would be much cleaner." She speculates as she looks around.

Her eyes fall on the guardians. The creatures look draconic in nature. Already her teammate is on the attack with one of them. She gives a hug to Coco and turns her attention to the other creature. A smirk forms on her lips. "Hope Rising to banish the darkness, Cure Daybreak!" She exclaims as she rushes in to give a barrage of punches to the creature. "Take that you little dragon!" She exclaims.

"Careful Cure Daybreak! These aren't like the terribads!" Pin exclaims as she flies above the monsters. "I don't think they are creatures of darkness." The fairy states.

"Thanks for the info. Let me know if you see anything else important, Pin." Daybreak responds as she darts backward, Dodging the creatures sharp claws. Once a safe distance away, she watches the creatures next moves.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cure Wukong nodded. "Yeah... yes. It's Wuwu's doing," Wukong said with a sigh. "'They'll be happy to have you here' my magical tail," she muttered with annoyance. Still... With the beasts coming at them, there was only one thing for her to do.

She scooped up Yellow Pearl and then RAN! "Sorry, sorry!" she yelled as she ran off ahead. Running through the city, she could see just how elegant and beautiful it was. Like the real world, but... prettier. Cleaner. Glowing...er. Aside from the graffiti. There were people here, but they were for the most part just watching them or closing their doors as Wukong leaped through the city.

And from there, they could see the garden off in the distance. The hard part would be getting there.... except. Precure. So while there were guards with spears running about, they were for the most part not actually able to keep up. In fact, Wukong was easily able to make it to the GATES of the garden in a few moments. Huh. That was almost too easy. Until suddenly she urked, stumbling forward. "O-ow... that's... one..." Did... did she just die? Arrows lodged into the walls besides them, Wukong quickly covering her friend with her body a moment before letting out another gurgling sound. "G-go!" Wukong said before really taking the choice from her and shoving her into the garden. "Find the peach and then get back here, I'll hold the guards off," she said before slamming the gates door closed behind her...

Leaving Coco in a garden filled with... fruit trees. She could see peaches, but... they just looked... like peaches. Nice peaches, true. But peaches. Were the immortality peaches further in?

Back at the gate:

On the upside, Hannah seemed to be enjoying herself. The slash of Hannah's sword across its claws sent sparks into the air, the stab managing to drive it back... a few inches. It hit the ground in front of her with a powerful, ominous thud, the ground shaking beneath its heavy footpaws. Even with her gravity affecting strikes, the beast seemed to be far more powerful than its 'mere beastly' form would attest. It then shoved its head forward, teeth glimmering like ivory blades when they went at her throat.

Daybreak, meanwhile, managed to avoid the claws of the great beast, only for it to lash out and then turn, attempting to slam the side of its body into her and topple her OFF of heaven's entryway, into the clouds of eternity that surrounded the heavenly realm!

Hannah Steiner has posed:
With one Coco gone, Hannah gives a vague salute, the young woman suddenly finding herself very, very busily scouting Heaven! The cursed beast turns out to be made of sterner stuff than her insults suggested, but that's roughly par for the course when you're a scion of the Great Belkan House of Steiner. Hubris and arrogance and suspect tactical planning wars with sheer brilliance as a melee and magic artist!

She's still having fun though! Getting pressed like this is entirely to her liking when she has to work a massive amount of stress off! And it even is going for her throat!

When they snap close? Hannah ducks out of the way at the last second, the giant creature getting a good full NOMF of her cloak, and more worryingly, one of her Knight Armor's pauldrons! Lyra does not, in fact, appreciate another beast trying to chomp her compatriot! And so, with a little bit of magic from Hannah and BG? Her big ol' claws glow with gravitic power, and suddenly Lyra is trying to leap up, and mount the back of the great Guardian, teeth and claws attempting to rip out the thing's neck!

The Trager equally gets back into the frey, offering up a heeled, armored boot straight to the offending creature's jaw in rought Belkan fashion for trying to make her a meal!

"No elegance or charm! If it is a beatdown you wish, mein House shall happily provide!" Huffs Hannah!

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah also grins to her partner in punching, Cure Daybreak! "May we crush these false idols, und bask in the Sankt Kaiser's glory, frau Daybreak!" She offers warmly amidst the fighting to her new compatriot, admiring the amount of Fist a Precure can apply!

Mio Morita has posed:
So much for getting a safe distance away. Cure Daybreak wasn't expecting such a fast attack from such a bulky beast. It hip checks her heard and sends her flying clear off of the heavenly plane and down into the clouds below. Yup It seems its lights out for Daybreak.

Moments later, the precure flies back up. Her back bow having turned into wings. Quickly she hits her prebrace and calls out, "Morning Sun Flare!" She throws her hands forward and a solar energy beam goes flying at the unnatural guardian.

She quickly lands, this time much more alert, paying close attention to the creature. "Agreed Trager-chan. Lets light these buggers up!" She exclaims and goes on her guard, ready to unleash more punishment on the monster.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco listens to the noise of fighting going outside the gate, the image of Cho pressed against her as she hears the sound of arrows flying against her repeating into her mind. Before her, stand several trees with peaches on them. Coco tentatively grabs one and gives it a bite. 'I don't think that's it, I feel nothing', she thinks looking forward towards the center of the garden first, then towards the top of the wall, checking its height, finding it to be not that tall.

'Just about three meters. It would be easy to get outside with the Live Stage and try to give Cho some support...' she thinks, tempted to reach her friend fighting outside, only stopped by the thought she make her efforts pointless. She hoped it would be as simple as getting in and out, but that's almost never the case, she comments grimly to herself.

"Stay on guard, Cure Wukong!" she resolves on shouting to the other side of the wall, hoping Cho would hear her and most importantly, be safe. With those worries in her heart, Coco starts making her way towards the innermost part of the garden.

Cho Konishi has posed:
The beast, powerful though it may be, was not invincible. The girl avoiding the strike was well timed, though the pauldron had likely seen better days if it even survived the bite. Having the hound leap onto its back was an unpleasant experience. While Lyra would find that the scales of the great beast made bite its neck INCREDIBLY hard, it didn't mean it was okay with being bitten there at all. The armored boot to the jaw, though? THAT was a lot more effective. The beast was knocked into the air, somewhat. While its hind legs never fully left the ground, it did stumble back a few feet before crashing on its back, forcing Lyra either to get off or be crushed.

Meanwhile, daybreak's assault seemed equally effective. When the beast had knocked the girl into the clouds, it believed its work was done. It turned its focus on Hannah, readying to pounce her... only for her attack to come out of nowhere and send it crashing away, toppling into the other beast, the two together...

Had they done it? For a moment, it looked like victory was at hand... However... After a few moments, both beasts began to once again rise to their paws. Then, once more they pounced! With a speed bellying their great mass, their claws and teeth lashed out in a wild, frenzied assault, tearing through the very stone itself in their mad strikes to defeat these invaders!

Meanwhile, Coco's trip through the garden was... a lonely one. So many fruit trees, empty. Only the occasional sound from the battle beyond a reminder of what was going on... But... near the center of the garden, she saw the tree. Alone, it seemed to glow with a radiance unlike any other fruit tree she had seen, the fruits themselves dazzling like gold... And beneath it, a single fairy. A katana at his hip, his back to her. As she approached, he didn't look to her, but he did speak up. "You've come a long way for these peaches, haven't you?" he asked. "I would expect this from Wukong. But I'd have imagined a child of Aqua Regina to have more reverence for such things." His hand moved to his sword and he flickered for a moment... a single peach falling from below, into his hand. "This... is what you came for, is it not? But tell me, do you understand what it will mean if you take it?"

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Lyra, thankfully, despite her only marginal sapience, is often the more wise of the trio from Tharkad! She leaps off of the back of the beast rather than be crushed, floating down beside Hannah and Blauer Greif, and suddenly with Cure Daybreak beaming the heck out of a Guardian? They get to bask in the pure glory of two Guardians crashing into each other! Hannah is grinning /far/ too wide!

Trager-chan's head tilts, and she considers her partner in melee combat!

"Frau Daybreak! We shall be schwert und schild! Break these undgainly foes before the glory of the Daystar, mein freund!" Encourages the Trager of her new compatriot as the beasts come rumbling forward viciously, victory just out of grasp!

<Turmschild> Comes her Device, a massive tower-shield shaped Shield forming before her, and she openly wanders into the path of both Guardians! Heels dig in to Heaven, Lyra hiss-barks out warnings, and then Hannah waves her blade as she stands tall as a proper Sankt Church Knight as well as Countess of a Great House!

<Fluss: Anlocken>

A gravity well forms as Hannah gestures towards the dire drop off from the clouds, trying to help the great beings to their doom even as she serves as magical-Belkan-shield-wall for Cure Daybreak!

Mio Morita has posed:
Daybreak throws a few punches at the beasts as she smiles to Trager-chan. "Lets put the coup de grace on these two!" She smiles as she continues fighting with all she is. Quickly she backs up, letting Trager use her magic. She can't help but grin over the the sight of the whole thing. "This is fun!" She laughs and prepares herself for her next attack.

As Trager-chan Shield-walls her and gives her a bit of a breather. Daybreak smirks as she quickly spins the dial on her prebrace. "Dawn RUSH!" She jumps upward and pounds the ground, or what passes for ground in this heavenly realm. Fiery light begins erupting from the ground, forming a trail all the way to the monsters and blasts them from below.

Daybreak speaks up, "Think they are ready to be finished off?" She asks curiously as she watches the blasted creatures react to the attack.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Finding her way through the rather desolate garden of immortality peaches, which Coco would have thought to be an image of perfection and bountifulness, Coco spots a golden tree which is sort of what she expected... if there were more than one. At least now she found it, though she doesn't know what to do about the armed fairy standing below the tree. He at least spares her the trouble of thinking about something to say by speaking up first. "In a way, you could I have come a long way", Coco answers to the old man standing there, somehow not surprised he knows about Aqua Regina. "But that's not how I see it, since others have worked for it."

Coco looks back in the direction of the garden. "You do know that out there a Wukong much better that the one you know is fighting for me, right? Making herself Heaven's Equal not because of herself, but because of her care for others." Coco sighs. "To answer your question about it means if I take it, I know that these peaches take a very long time to mature, and that the immortals have an equally long ritual to prepare for it." A shudder passes through her as she thinks of the long stasis that would require.

"I also know that there are different types, but I am not here to gather all kinds of power like a collectionist, just get the one that Cure Wukong started this for to keep me safe."

The mermaid princess touches her shell locket. "This would also let me help my people much more efficiently that I have ever have. I wouldn't have let their lives be put in jeopardy with the destruction of my kingdom if I had been strong enough to prevent it." Coco looks back up towards the fairy. "I think that the answer to your question is that it will mean I have a lot more responsibilities to accompany the peach."

Cho Konishi has posed:
The divine beasts were many things. Easy to move was not one of them. They charged into Hannah's shield with a vigor, the very ground shuddering beneath them. Bit by bit they started to push her back, the gravity trying to pull them, but it wasn't enough. they were powerful beasts of this realm, deemed worthy of protecting it even from fierce demons. They would not be so easily cowed.

However, Daybreak was able to take advantage of this momentary blockage by unleashing her own assault! The ground beneath the two guardians erupted, sending them up into the air and catching them in the gravity well. They let out a startled yelp as they were thrown OUT of heaven, as if they were unruly drunks thrown out of heaven's bar by an unruly belkan and her precure friend! Their angry yowling could only be heard for a moment before they disappeared from sight beneath the clouds!

Meanwhile, in the gardens, the gairy nodded. "Ah, yes. I am well aware of her. I imagined I would have this talk with her instead of you. How Wuwu managed to find one both like him and nothing like him at the same time I will never understand. But yes, it will mean that. Your responsibility will broaden. This is not the true heavenly realm, child. This is the culmination of humanity's stories, its myths. Its beliefs. We are those who give strength in trying times, who give will to those who cannot fight. We are so they can be. We are tied so inexplicately into humanity's will that should even one of us fall, entire nations could crumble in their world. Should you eat this peach... you will become one with that story. Perhaps in a big way. Perhaps a small way. I cannot say. But... do you believe that you, not truly human yourself, deserve such a right? Are you worthy?" he asked before... tossing her the peach he had cut down.

"And are you willing to accept the sacrifice that may entail? If you become one of humanity's stories, bound to it... you may find your home no longer what you once thought. You may lose Aqua Regina entirely. It is entirely possible that, even to your own people, you become not but a myth. A story. One perhaps spoken of in Wukong's story. And once Cure Wukong's story is finished... one who fades away entirely. Do you believe that such a risk is worth it? If so, the peach is yours."

"If not... leave it and leave here, return to your own realm, to your own world, where your stories can take place, governed by your own reality."

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah's brow twitches, her golden glasses sit heavy upon her face, and she puts all of her effort into taking the onslaught of both beasts! There's a distinctly unhealthy 'HORK' as she's slammed into by the Guardians, teeth gritting and sheer Belkan arrogance refusing to let her back down even as her armored heels are threatening to break under the power of their assault! She's going to need one heck of a massage after this!

But Daybreak proves a wonderful ally, and soon between gravity and sheer force of punching, the duo are tossed off via environmental hazards!

She lets out a sigh, forces her arm back properly into its' socket, and sighs.

"I do believe, mein freund, that was more a 'Coup de fallen!'" Griiiin. Yes, she's leaning into her awful turn of language!

A brow raises. "Und now where in the Sankt's discarded socks have our dear allies gotten off to? All of this for fruit...may Cure Wukong bless her many days under the Sankt Kaiser's benevolence that I enjoy her presence so! Come, mein dear Lady of the Burning Orb! Forward?" A slight uncertainty, but a Steiner's best option is always 'go forward' when they're not sure where to march. Time to try to find Coco and Wukong! She hums /way/ too enthusiastically as she trods forth into 'Heaven'!

Mio Morita has posed:
Daybreak smiles happily as she stretches. "That was a nice little workout. First time I fought something other than youmas." She walks over to Hannah and smiles to her. "That was a heck of a fight! Are you alright? I mean you look like you got hit pretty hard by those two."

At the prompting Daybreak nods, "Lets go find our friends." She states as she starts walking behind her fellow combatant. "We should team up more often. That was a heck of a fight. Never thought I would be fighting fairy heavenly guardians before.

Flying overhead, the panda like fairy keeps up with her. "That was an awesome fight! They weren't creatures of darkness though. They were holy guardians. No cards from this fight though."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco takes a look at the rolling peach, but doesn't pick it up. "If I am worthy?" she muses. "Partly due to my birthright, I could say I am, in a sense. Not as something that I am entitled to, but because but because I am not going to stop using my songs to help, whatever it is I can aid with. I have that ability, so it would be a disservice to literally everyone else if I didn't use it. That's why Aqua Regina created us in the first place. You ask me if the fact that I am not truly human, but the 7 of us have always been her appointed guardians of both lands and sea. If a person in danger asks for help, I will tend my hand to them no matter what, because that's what we are meant to do, that's our promise. And once I disappear, the successor the yellow pearl will create will seamlessly take my place, and she will be one I know I can entrust that promise to."

She takes a second to reminisce of Aqua Regina's pure white light. "Even Aqua Regina herself is already fading away. Her loss, even if something we hope will happen as far away as possible, is something we have already made peace with. The duty she entrusted us with is all the more sacred for it. And many of us have already been forgotten along the centuries, despite carrying out that duty to its end. If I disappear earlier than most as part of Cure Wukong's story, I would still be satisfied I would have carried out my part." A sad frown appears on Coco's face. "But on the other hand, I haven't been up to the task in that regard. And not just with anyone, but with my very best friend in the world. I have special powers to fight evil and negativity, but I have failed to achieve what others without powers have done. Sara is still without any consolation, and Naru just by listening and giving a few words, was able to achieve with me what I failed at with Sara. And that was with someone she barely even knew." she shakes her head, looking at the peach.

"Not only that, I have floundered again with Cho, and this time I actually pushed her to the darkness myself instead of a Mitsuki being around. Who among us is actually strong, would you say?" She looks to the enviroment surrounding her, then shakes her head.

"So then, I took a step back, and started looking at my life as a whole. That was when I realised all of my life was just a trajectory decided for me by my pearl and Aqua Regina, because that was literally the depth my life has reached. Even the amnesiac part of my life was just so I could use my magic better here on land. No matter what, I can never be as good as Naru at what she does."Coco grimaces at this admission.

"So no, I don't deserve the peach. But I am going to take it anyway: because everyone cares deeply around me, and they have sacrificed so much for me to be here. And I care about them, not because I have been tasked with caring about every life, but because we have laughed and shared difficult times, and if this is how I can be at their side and help them, then I will grab it no matter what it takes and I have to sacrifice back."

Cho Konishi has posed:
They now got to see heaven, beautiful as it was... and the graffiti that Wuwu had performed all over it. Gosh darn monkey.

But it wasn't long before they also saw that heaven had guardians, it seemed. Small ones, nowhere near as deadly as the beasts they'd already face or Nezha. But guardians with small spears none the less. Swarms of them. And up ahead, they could hear Wukong fighting. It was... going... she'd only died like, four times. Mayyyyybe five. But there were a lot of the fairies trying to get through her to the gate.

The fairy by the tree gave a nod before, finally, turning to look at her. "Very well then. You've accepted the possible risks. If you believe all of this is worth the sacrifice... then take the peach and go. Heaven's defenses will not be fought off forever. After all, this world... is humanity's legends. Its hope. Its beliefs. Wukong's... position allows her to have some time to run wild... but it won't last forever. And once that time runs out..." He shook his head and looked back to the peach tree.

"She is not actually immortal, despite the words she says. Should she truly be forced to face the trials of Wukong, she will die. But I think that peach will help you ensure that doesn't happen. Good luck."

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah smiles warmly, and gives a firm nod to Cure Daybeak! "As agressive as such beasts might have been, mein House is more than used to suffering such blows, frau Daybreak! They they und theirs come again, for the Glory of any Great House should meet such a foe without any trouble upon the honorable battlefield!" Comes the Trager cheerily, only to then nod firmly as the PreCure considers their allies!

The many, many spear-wielding Guardians might be lesser foes, but a Belkan, particularly one of Great House Steiner, knows the value of Bigger as well as More! And so, gripping her sheath of her Device, she pulls back bodily, and then puts her whole body into lashing out with the now-spinning force of devestation aimed towards a wide, solid arc of their opponents!

<Schwerkraftwurf>! The Sheath of her Device lashes out at their opponents, intending to carve at their ranks, even as Hannah plays vanguard for her PreCure freund!

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco takes a last look at the old fairy before grabbing the peach off the ground, more focused on registering his words than on the fact she finally obtained the peach. There is no time to lose if what the man said is true. She doesn't want to entertain the thought of Cho's prowess failing her, but the worry that squeezes her heart at the image of losing her is enough to give her urgency.

Her bites quickly make their way through the flesh of the fruit, each piece of the peach invigorating her, making the pearl on her E-Pitch shine as it accepts the new expression of its powers within itself. The mermaid princess of the South Pacific Ocean calls upon the splendor of the Live Stage, its white light shining stronger than ever.

"Thank you", she replies before storming off to reach her friends. Once she reaches Cho's pink figure, she smiles and waves at her roommate. "I am here now, Cure Wukong!", Che comments once she is back in the mayhem of the battle between the forces of Heaven and her friend.

She sings out to her E-Pitch, the words of Legend of Mermaid fueling the magic, enveloping the enemies Cho is fighting in immobilising spheres, and striking those that try to press in with a Live Stage for each of them.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cure Wukong was... fairing decently well! Sure, a lot of her hair was missing, but she was alive! For now. But there were a LOT of them! And she'd try and fight, punching, kicking, cloning, staffing... but there were so many of them. And she was but one. But she was holding the line and her friend--

Oh thank goodness her friend was here. And... and she was throwing stages. Okay then. "That's new! Does that mean you got the peach?" she asked. And, confirming that, she leaped UP onto the stage and pointed. "Let's GTFO while the getting is good!" she yelled. Because you know what? It's harder to shoot at a stage from below than a monkey girl from high. And riding a stage was MUCH nicer. Escape! Freedom! PEACHES!

And with the guardians gone... Escape would be easy. Just having to pause a moment to get Daybreak and Hannah before spilling out into the real world! They'd done it. They'd raided heaven and earned their peach for a peach.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco smiles at Cho as she jumps up at her, holding her roommate into a tight hug, being able to deliver one as good as any of the other magical girls.

"I am glad you are ok", she says, whispering into Cho's ears. Coco loses no time in singing a new direction for her Live Stages, 1 each appearing around Cure Daybreak and Trager.

Soon, the 4 of them go back to Earth, the Live Stages passing through the portal each in rapid succession. The mission is now over, the time of fighting well past them, instead replaced by a time of celebrating what the 6 of them have accomplished that day.