230/Two girls, two wheels, all danger

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Two girls, two wheels, all danger
Date of Scene: 11 August 2023
Location: Abandoned Theme Park
Synopsis: Hinoiri is trying to learn to drive with the tools she can currently access without dying... a scooter. Hannah 'helps'.
Cast of Characters: Hinoiri Kirara, Hannah Steiner

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara was doing GREAT! If you asked her. Sure, she had a lot of bruises. And scrapes. And twigs in her hair. But nobody *knew* her so it was okay. And she was wearing a helmet, so nobody COULD know her. If they knew her. Which they likely didn't because she wasn't from here. But if she WAS from here...

The point was, she was doing fiiiiine. Getting the feel for driving. Sure, she couldn't move onto a dirtbike or a motorcycle yet, but she was getting there. In this case... on a scooter.

And after crashing into dozens of bushes and getting the crud beaten out of her via crashing so. Many. Times. She was FINALLY getting the hang of it. Seriously. It wasn't so hard. And while she was driving in an old abandoned theme park... She was breaking *so many laws* by doing this. Granted, she was unlikely to be the only one who had come up with this idea, as she was a little underage for it. But hey, if you were old enough to learn advanced teleportation and dragon revitilization spells, you were old enough to drive one of these.

She was finally managing to not cra--

And then a dog ran out from one of the old stalls, making her swerve and BAM, into another bush. With a groan. Ow.

On the upside, at least she got to look good doing it. Leather pants, leather jacket, helmet, gloves. At least, she thought she looked good. Ow. She also wasn't going very far into the park at all, more choosing the area because it was abandoned, and sticking to the parking lot and main entrance area.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah's very few excursions to the abandoned theme park has mostly involved those of the magical girl variety! Today though, she's utterly mundane, taking a different route for her evening run alongside her great Fluffy Totally-A-Dog companion, Lyra! It's a spot that's, in theory not meant for traffic, or really anyone to intrude upon given its' abandoned nature.

One nightmare too many, and the gregarious Steiner heir for once is attempting to avoid other people and just be in her head and her own sweating meatcage alongside her Device and companion.

But fate is, as ever, cruel. There's the sound of a...that's definitely a motor. Small scale. Ugh, not even powered by fusion! Why must this dirtball be so backwards!? Still, dressed in track pants, a windbreaker, and tank top, Hannah pulls out her Device from its' makeshift sash at her waist as she taps her way towards the sound of a crash with not a hint of hesitation, all her working senses very much online!

"Lyra? Follow the scent of disaster!" Comes Hannah, and she hurriedly tap-jogs her way towards the bushes one Hinoiri smashed into!

"Sankt's own sweaty socks mein freund! Are you alright!? Can you hear me!? Where are you hurt!?" Comes Hannah in full-on 'Royal Throne Room Packed To The Gills' volume, even as one hand is fishing for her phone in case emergency services are needed!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara groaned. Ow. Well, that one stung a bit. But at least nobody--

Damn it. someone saw. She took a slow, deep breath.

She got to her feet and, dramatically... lifted her hands up and gripped her helmet. Lifting it in both hands, she pulled it off before swinging her head back. She did, in fact... do a hair flip.

She also, in fact, had helmet hair. And a twig IN said helmet hair. "My pride, mostly," Hinoiti said. Trying to be calm. Trying to suppress the urge to light this girl on fire or erase her memory. COULD she even erase her memory? Admittedly, that was some of the magic she HADN'T known back home and was incredibly dangerous. She doubted even Sora knew it.

"I'm not familiar with that... accent," Hinoiri said, trying to keep her breathing steady. DON'T go into queen bitch mode. Behave. The last thing she needed was drawing attention to herself before she was ready. "It's why I'm out here practicing. So I DON'T get hurt." Away from people, where nobody could see her. In retrospect, she maybe should have even henshined for it. Eh. Nah. It'd be better this way. She couldn't exactly get her license while henshined. "And you are...?"

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Vaguely, as Hinoiri gets up and declares her pride stinging more than her body? There's this honest wave of relief before feeling a bit foolish. Her own stinging pride is happily born out, however, as she doesn't have to try to suddenly scrape the moped rider manually off the ground.

"Sankt Kaiser be praised! I am assuming you actually bothered with protective equipment! Schlau! Many a fool have ground their heads fatally upon pavement!" She sounds /way/ too friendly while discussing potential skull-to-pavement rituals. That might just be Way, given she's offering up the sound of someone trying to be everyone's best friend regardless of whether she knows them or not!

And then she laughs, loudly!

"Indeed! Mmm. This area of Japan is /international/, und yet I doubt you should recognize mein accent off the ankle as it were mein most daring of new freunds!" She sounds amused, and also seems a bit /respectful/ of such reckless practice out in this abandoned lot!

Sorry Hinoiri! Hannah already likes you!

One heeled boot clacks upon the toe of the other, and she bends at her waist, cane formally at her side. For such a breezy girl, she swaps motions to formality very, very suddenly.

"Hannah Steiner, recent transplant upon this country und Radiant Heart Academy! Mein companion is Lyra! It is mein greatest pleasure to meet you, oh dear wrangler of the...acht...two wheeled ground-based vehicle if mein ears do not deceive?" She sounds /way/ too sincere here!

Then her mood falls a smidge. "Is your vehicle alright?" Comes Hannah, as a secondary concern.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara sighed and nodded. "Yeah, I prefer to get my hoo-- hands dirty, as it were. I know how to take proper safety precautions." There were reckless alchemical students, book wise alchemical students and hands-on alchemical students. But there weren't many reckless hands-on alchemical students. "Yeah, Sankt Kaiser be praised and all that, woo hoo," she said half heartedly. She didn't even know who that was, but apparently it was a big deal to her. "Besides, my head's too valuable to risk on this."

Then the girl just... kept talking. Off her ankles? What did that even MEAN? Hinoiri just stared at the other girl and wondered if she was, in fact, insane. It was possible. Very possible. "Uhhhhhh..." she said softly. "Daring of new... what now?" Oh gosh. Another one. Friends. Uggggggh... "Sure. Just don't tell anyone about... that," she said, motioning towards the bushes.

She glanced towards the scooter before walking towards it and picking it off the ground with a grunt. "Yeah. It's fine. Hinoiri Kirara. I'm a recent transplant as well. Soon to be a delightful student at Radiant Heart Academy." She even managed to say it WITHOUT sarcasm! "If all goes to plan, I'll be able to ride there. Still figuring out how all this works, though. You know how it is."

'Like riding a bike' they said. That only WORKED if you knew HOW to ride a stupid BIKE to begin with!

Hannah Steiner has posed:
A brow all but /pops/ up at Hinoiri's words! "Fair enough! Acht, dear frau Kirara, by mein own House's honor I shall bury your vehicular shame upon mein own bosom, that you may come out the other end a master of defeating the vagaries of vehicular stability! Und even no doubt rending to /utter shame/ those whom dare ride this two-wheeled stallion of a mount to vah-roooom'ing glory!" Hannah's fist clenches tight, she laughs, and vastly overplays Sunbreaker's desire to conquer the motorcycle!

And yet, that encouragement from humble scooter origins only has Hannah trying to uplift the fallen moped-owner's spirits!

"Entirely all mein!" Comes Hannah, finally, and then she snaps her fingers. Lyra leaps up into her arms, and with it up off the ground? Well she perches herself without even asking, her precious Not-Dog in resiliant arms.

"Unfortunately I do not! For all mein own talents, even with Lyra's copious abilities, 'driver' is lost to me. However as you intend to practice? Care to have passengers?" Offers Hannah. A Big Dog and a silly Space German on the backseat. She's smiling warmly. Lyra looks like she's just tolerating her owner's foolishness.

"Another circle upon the lot! Surely frau Kirara has enough skill to do such!" Taunts Hannah with a teasing grin!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara blinked a few times and tried processing anything the other girl said. There was a lot of... things. What? What? "WHAT?!" she shrieked, her cheeks going bright red at SOMETHING the girl said at first. "I-it's not a, I'm not, don't... GAH! It's NOT a stallion! I'm NOT mounting it!" and she NEARLY hit the girl with her helmet, barely restraining herself. Staring at her. Eye twitch. Why. why why why. Right. Different universe. What. The fudge. Was wrong. With this. Girl.

"Yeah, I'm still practicing, I--"

Then froze. Passengers? Not a chance. She didn't--

She then moved into the front seat. Was this girl... challenging her? Did she think she COULDN'T do it? Oh. It. Was. ON! There was NO WAY she was going to let some... some... THIS girl tell her she COULDN'T. She revved the engine a little.

"Sure. This'll be *easy*." She slid the helmet on, then paused. Well, the girl was on... but she didn't have a helmet... eh. It'd be fine. Worse came to worse she'd get some bruises. Probably. Maybe.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah is a Steiner, and the poor Hinoiri's shrieking despair only ends in her laughing warmly! It's not the tide of one trying to /mock/ the other girl for her embarrassment! But rather one overjoyed and yet laughing with Hinoiri's own gaff, and she leans back juuust a bit to seemingly avoid any errant helmets or arms on instinct! With a warm, teasing smile on her face!

A very specific amount of things were wrong with one Hannah Steiner, but the young woman isn't about to let her new would-be compatriot cheap her out of a perilous ride!

Pause. Silence. An arm wraps about Hinoiri as if one used to being second-saddle on something near to this type of machinery. The other is helping Lyra up to her back snugly.

Legs wrap tightly too, and she then gives a firm nod to Hinoiri.

"Nein, mein freund. Show me talent und I shall offer you dinner should it please!" Grin! She clings to the pilot of this work, and winks just a bit!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara grunted a little. Ugh, whoever this girl thought she was, Hinoiri was going to make her eat those words. Make her CHOKE on them. Make her--

And now the girl was clinging to her. She gave a sigh. Ugh. This was quickly getting obnoxious. Well, if this girl wanted a ride, she'd GET it! Calling this thing her stallion, her mount. How DARE she even use those words. She didn't even know what they were. It only served to remind Hinoiri that, in this world, creatures like her WEREN'T the ones in charge. RUDE.

She revved the engine and then took off like a bullet! If... bullets were incredibly slow. As it started at a good ten miles an hour, before slowly picking up speed. Hinoiri started to, slowly and gracefully, drive along. It wasn't the steadiest ride and the scooter wasn't very fast, but it made up for it by being loud.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Despite all her bluster? Clinging to a new friend, her fluffy Razordhound compressing her body towards Hinoiri such that she's both flexing her impressive back muscles and yet resting her neck upon Hinoiri's shoulder? The fact that that Hinoiri is only puttering along doesn't seem to bother, mostly because the speed is picking up! Hannah sucks in her breaths, and then?

Well, she tries to compensate for every little wobble or wiggle out of place that Hinoiri has with her own body weight, augmented by the overly-intelligent barks of one Lyra the Definitely-A-Dog she's clinging to!

Also, admittedly, her ears hurt thanks to that muffler!

"Hm! You are clearly talented! If unskilled. Come then! Two more laps, und then..." Grin!

She lets go of one arm, and embraces Lyra fully to help keep the big dog in her embrace!

"One more round! Should we all stay afloat, ice cream is upon mein own pocketbook!" Smiiiile!

Her belief in her new moped-based friend is bigger than her poor wallet!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara was doing rather well! Not perfectly, mind. She was still learning, after all. BUT! The other girl's help was... well. Helping. A lot. And Hinoiri was doing rather well, all things considered... Far from perfect. Definitely far from perfect. Terribly, really. BUT! She was doing pretty good for her first day and managing TO stay up, with the help from Hannah. Which she entirely missed and instead assumed was all just her natural talent.

"Yeah, I am pretty amazing," she said, smirking. Letting that 'unskilled' bit slide. She was incredibly skilled! But she got what the girl meant. "I think you mean inexperienced," she said firmly. "but don't worry, I'll pick it up soon enough. Heh. Before long I'll be on a real motorcycle and who knows? Maybe I'll give you a ride then as well."

And she did manage to keep afloat this time! Though, there was a moment where it looked like she might not, when she went over a twig and bounced a little... fortunately... she managed to stay upright. Barely.

Good enough, she supposed. Now... it was time to take this out on the road. Just a block or two, right? After all, a well fought victory... she'd EARNED this ice cream.

... She probably would have denied it. Buuuuut... Well... her ego DID tend to respond well to promised rewards... So it was off to the ice cream shop! Slowly puttering along...