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Scorn the Sunbreaker
Date of Scene: 10 September 2023
Location: Plot Room 2
Synopsis: Sunbreaker teams up with Scorn to take on the sparkleskirts! Introducing the dangerous and deadly duo of a terribad with a knockoff terribad! Can the sparkle skirts hope to defeat this menace?!
Cast of Characters: Hinoiri Kirara, Scorn, Chiyo Sakai, Takuto Tsunashi, Coco Kiumi, Greta Legend, Wako Agemaki

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker was uhhh... a little... well. Ahem. She hadn't really... What happened and was currently happening with Naru was NOT her fault. Not at all. But she couldn't deny the number of moving parts was getting... increasingly hard to manage.

The other girl was fed, watered, not dying last she checked. Tired, likely. But all in all, better than.... Helping with magical research and, frankly, she should be grateful for the opportunity.

Unfortunately, when Sunbreaker had offered to 'assist' Corvus with his duties, to be 'helpful' (really, because she wanted to see how their magic worked), she hadn't anticipated kidnapping a random girl.

But she had said she'd be here, so she was here. Her arms crossed and a strange shadowy creatures slowly floating through the air around her. Her new familiar. At the very least it would be a chance to test out the familiar. Besides, Corvus was capable. And Scorn was... Scorn was a body. Between all of them, this mission would be fine. Get in, get some energy, get out.

Scorn has posed:
"Iiii am surrounded by airheads." laments Corvus. "I got captain airhead over here." he says pointing to Scorn , who looks back and says "HEY!" she says angrily. "and I got captain klepto-a-mundane." over here, he says pointing over to Sunbreaker and her familiar. "Gimme a break."

"Give ME a break!" Scorn says frustrated as she looks over to Sunbreaker. "Well alright. So. Like..." she looks around the city plaza that the two have decided to park themselves in.

It's currently busy and ripe for draining just need to find someone worthy of throwing into despair....

Window Washer. Nah... Newspaper bicyclist!... wait. No... Kid with a big lollipop.. nono, too sticky.... She couldn't decide.

"TOO MANY TARGETS, FINE." she throws her hand up and calls out. "LET THE WORLD REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR BECOME TERRIBLE!" she calls out as the Window Washer, Newspaper Man, Kid With a Giant Lollipop are ALL entombed in mirrors. "OH PLEASE PLEASE COME OUT COME OUT MY TERRIBAD!" she calls out as Scorn draws her arms out, and back in, making come hither motions.

Out comes out the abominable Terribad, about three stories high it, has on a baseball cap like the kid did! But also, is carrying a... Window Washer's Squeegee and a rolled up newspaper and has a giant lollipop mounted to it's back like an adventurer might carry a sword.

"TERRIBAD?" it asks almost questioningly looking at itself.

Corvus face palms.

Scorn goes. "YES ALL THREE, DON'T CARE I'LL MAKE IT WORK!" she says as she throws her hand up.

The Terribad shrugs and starts to drain the area, as various people start succumbing to the area drain as it starts to rain black feathers, giant feathers starting to grow out of various surfaces as Scorn pomfs into a growing pile of them and sits as she yawns.

"Ya da ya da~ I wonder if we can catch any heroes today~" she sing songs. "You know. Heroes. Useful people to kidnap." she asides to Sunbreaker as if she's giving a hot tip.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
After the unexpected witch rampaging through the city the prior day, Chiyo had taken it upon herself to be out patrolling. Sailor Moon and several others had their hands full trying to locate Naru so she decided the best way she could help at the moment was to ensure they weren't distracted by other things that may be unrelated.

It wasn't much, but it made her feel at least somewhat useful. Better than sitting around worrying while twiddling her thumbs---Or pounding the hell out of mochi at the shop. Really, they had a surplus right now and Ojiisan had told her to take a break anyway.

Which is why she's actually out as Guardian Daifuku already. 'Patrolling' wasn't something she usually did. It's helping her to learn the layout of the city from the rooftops at least. The air is a bit fresher up here, the noise of the streets below. The skyline visible easily. It was almost relaxing as she leaps from one roof to another.

Until there's a three story tall Terribad poking it's head up out of a shopping area a few streets over to break up that pleasant skyline with it's own body.

"Here we go again," she utters to herself as her path veers in that direction to leap ontop of a Japanese Yankee Candle in the shopping center.

Oh look they have the new autumn collection--Later. Later. There were more important things. Like snap-pointing over at Sunbreaker.

"YOU! Oh you are in such big trouble." A pause, and she points toward Scorn as well. "You too. But there's a sign-up sheet for her right now."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
The still-hot lingering summer weather, even into September, is definitely worth more ice pops-- and Takuto's got one still in his mouth when he grabs Wako's arm (lightly of course!) and says, with his mouth full for a half second, "Look LOOK! There's one we can hit TOGETHER!"

Right there on the street in front of Godoka and everybody, he yells out "APPRIVOISE!!" and there's his whole-ass hip-cocking sparkly twirl and posture of a henshin-- "DASHING ENTRANCE!" he yells, already midair, and then, "GINGA BISHOUNEN!" he yells even louder, then leaves a comet trail behind him as he literally just rockets through the air toward the Terribad's solar plexus. "IT'S!! A!! PUNNNNCH!!!"

Kids, don't try this at home. In fact, probably start with swords.

He literally didn't even see Scorn and Sunbreaker and Corvus and-- I mean there's this giant monster and Takuto really likes giant things to hit.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco has been thinking again and again about what Sailor Moon had revealed her about Sunbreaker having kidnapped someone. Sure, the princess of the moon didn't go into specifics, but what else did she have to think when Naru disappears just like that? Usagi has ostensibly said she was travelling, but Sailor Moon had specified it was a civilian who was mistaken for having strengthening powers, so her thoughts kept going back to her, who had the bothersome combination of being powerless but sensitive to magic. Who plans to go on a trip somewhere and doesn't talk about it, anyway, be it in person or on social media? No, there was only one conclusion: Naru was kidnapped by Hinoiri.

Coco grimaces, the memory of the girl that was there to console her flashing in her mind. She has to do something. Who knows what she is going through as she sits there, staring at the wall. 'Cora', she calls out. 'I need you to keep an eye out for Sunbreaker's movements. It's something of the utmost urgency.'

And that they did, having spotted her at a nearby plaza together with Corvus and Scorn, so Coco wastes no time in getting prepared. "Yellow Pearl Voice!" she declares, the pearl in her shell locket responding to her will and starting to shine with a yellow light.

A keidoscope of colours covers Coco's clothes as those change into her yellow gloves and boots with flowy extensions, as well as a yellow blouse with a yellow skirt, while her pearl expands into her trusty E-Pitch microphone, its blue shape settling comfily into her hand, the jewel nestled safely in the head's center. Then right after, she rises her arm in the air, the bracelet on her wrist start shining a halo of yellow light moving downwards from the mermaid princess's head: her clothes become more elaborate as it does so, gaining a flowing bow on her back and parallel frills on her blouse. She needs to appear more intimidating, though, so she makes a trip to the local zoo, rounding up a few polar bears.

'Ok, this is the plan', she tells them. 'You are going to get onto my Live Stage as my back up dancers for intimidation. Can I count on you to do it?' As the three bears give their assent she fashions then with sunglasses and heads to the place where she got spotted.

"Sunbreaker, how can you dare kidnapping someone? For your boasts, you aren't really all that smart, both for mistaking an innocent bystander for someone with powers and for thinking we wouldn't be onto you! Let Naru go", she declares the three polar bears, looming behind her, their sunglasses glistening in the white of the Live Stage.

Greta Legend has posed:
<*ksh*Dark Energy signiture detected, Little Red, and growing in strength.*ksh*>

"Bloody... Are you kidding me..? Never a day of bloody rest... Let's do this!"

<*ksh*Ready, Let's Go!*ksh*>

Greta Legend was really after a restful day, especially after the fracus at that one Idol Concert not long ago. But nooo, there we bad guys on the loose, so she had to take action. Her Device Dreiseelen transforms into an axe, and sets up her Barrier Jacket, and she ZIPS through the shopping plaza in flight, looking for the source, before skidding to a haul and spying a handfull of oddities.

A) Three story monster. Normal in itself, but its composition was questionable.
B) Sunbreaker and Scorn. Who and what?
C) Corvus.

Greta blinks a bit, especially when she catches up and hears more heroes arriving, especially ones she hasn't met. Which is... Faaantastic.

"Alright, we're gonna have -none- of this!" 'None of this' is starting to become her catchphrase it seems.

And hey, it's Coco again. AGAIN. Eh, could be worse. She does blink as she raises a hand, "Oi, what's all this nonsense about kidnapping? We're here for a monster."

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako, with her mouth also full of ice pop, can at first only reply with a startled "Mmmphm??"

In the next moment she sees what's got Takuto so excited, and hastily inhales the rest of the ice pop. Wincing through the brain freeze, she follows his example, croaking out a hurried, "Apprivoiser!"

A flurry of pink sparkles and a few dramatic poses later, Ginga Otome is booking it in the Galactic Prettyboy's sparkling wake.

At first, she was focused on the looming menace of the terribad - but Yellow Pearl Voice's accusations immediately draw her attention. "Wait, that's Sunbreaker?" Her focus swings toward Sunbreaker, and her expression is one of calm ferocity. "You're really showing your face right now? ZERO TIME!"

The barrier rushes out from between her hands, turning the sky above them to the colorful spangled starfield of the otherdimensional space.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker rolled her eyes at 'klepto-a-mundane'. She had EVERYTHING under control. Between Double Trouble and her AMAZING capabilities, everything was going to be FINE!

Finally, though, Scorn did her magic! And Sunbreaker focused on it. Let the magic become... hmmm. Trapping them into a small pocket dimension, like a storage spell. But putting them within stasis, and using their energy to fuel it as well as creating a creature from the drained energy, based on their own natures. She could--

"Wait, what did you say?!" she asked, scowling at Scorn and then looking to Corvus. "Wow, Corvus. It seems your familiar has a bit of a tongue today," Sunbreaker said bitterly.

Then... she was called out. Oh. "Great. Hammer girl. What in the... oh. You're one of those, huh? Relax, she's serving as an assistant for greatness. Kind of like you'll be doing. Let's... see... Let their future's turn terrible!" she yelled.

Her familiar let out a few low musical bars. Ohhhh oh ohhhh... Then darted off. It dove THROUGH a person! Coming out the other side... and that person turned deathly pale before collapsing. The strange, shifting shadowy creature formed a moment later into a... weird... imitation of a terribad. Smaller, more shadowy and with an ice cream sword. But you know what? Close enough. Though, despite the appearance, Sunbreaker found herself already a little annoyed. It LOOKED similar... but it wasn't correct. She'd made a mistake somewhere and--

And ANOTHER one was yelling at her. "Seriously? I'm a little bu--" And then just stopped. She stared, opened her mouth. Closed her mouth. Opened her mouth. Then finally looked to Corvus and just... held up both arms towards the polar bears. In sunglasses. The universal sign of 'Are you SEEING this bull?!'

She then nodded to Greta. "See? At least this Sparkle Skirt gets it. You've got monsters to deal with and--"

And then ANOTHER one yelling at her. And also, another dimensional time-space thing. "Okay, seriously? You all need to focus. You're hardly going to be any fun putting in the dirt if you keep getting distracted. Adajo Dazuru? Get them," she said. The 'mini terribad' held up its sword before charging straight at Otome! Its popsickle sword shimmering in the light of... dimensional space.

Man there were a lot of them today. She glared at Daifuki... but for now, she let her familiar do the fighting. Something told me entering the fight directly right now might... end... poorly. Better to hang back and monitor the situation.

Scorn has posed:
Scorn scoffs at Sunbreaker and throws a hand up dismissively. Corvus shrugs on her shoulder and looks back to the fight when suddenly.

A guy just reams hard and punches into the Terribad with a comet punch. "OH NO!" she yells shellshocked! "OH NOOOO!" she yelled as she clutched her hands and brought them to her face as she grabbed Corvus and shook the bird with two hands. "He's Hot!" she said with sparkle eyes as the bird simply went "GABRGCCTAHSSHSHS STOP SHAKING ME!"

Scorn simple stood up as her Terribad smashed through a statue in the plaza just in time for Zero Time to kick in before it did so, and commanded it. "WELL HIT THE HOTTIE BACK. I WANT THAT ONE... +_+." she said, rocking back and forth as the Terribad yelled "TERRIBAD!" and swung that giant Newspaper downwards towards Ginga Bishounen.

Scorn then shook her head. Oh right. People we're yelling at her. "Ugh, whatever. All you guys care about here is Sunbreaker kidnapping someone." she says. "She's KINDA helping me right now, so don't hit her, or maybe I'll get angry enough to care." she says as she narrows her eyes.

"Don't drag me into this directly." she intones. She looks over to Sunbreaker and pats her back. "Good try. But you need more HATE remember? Remember that?" she asks. "Ehhhh? Ehhhhh?" she says, trying to be encouraging. "Or are you too worried about being punched?" she asks.

"Look. They won't punch you. Then I might have to care. No one will like me when I have to care." she says.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Guardian Daifuku had fought Sunbreaker before so she knew something of the girl's fighting, and power, and ... Honestly it was the first person she'd encountered that she'd fought once before. Perhaps a rivalry was brewing!?


Ginga Bishounen's arrival barreling into the Terribad steals her attention away, mouth agape at him. "Oh he *is* hot," she has to agree with Scorn's assessment. Right, no time for distractions though! Yellow Pearl Voice was here as well as another who seemed to be teamed with this Ginga Bishounen guy. Then she looks between him and Sunbreaker, and back again. A single hand is raised.

"Wait are you two related? Or... You know, nevermind. I *told* you that you were on people's lists," she points out with a shrug.

Much as she wanted to just go right for Sunbreaker there were more here. Her emotions weren't running as high as others if only because she was a bit numb right now from everything going on. So instead she leaps down from the rooftop, hammer overhead to bring down at the Terribad in turn.


Greta Legend has posed:
    Greta for her part squints at the lot of this all going on, before turning her focus back to the Terribad and stating bluntly, "Okay, I don't know what bloody drama it is you've managed to cause..." Gesturing at Sunbreaker, "But between that and the big bloody monster right here, I'm having NONE of that!"

And with that, she flies for the big monster and raises her Intelligent Device up, magic blades igniting, and aims to start carving limbs off.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Oh what--??" yelps Takuto, floating back for a half second to look toward Wako and then Guardian Daifuku, then focus on... SAME HAIR >:O

"She's the one who--"

Distractions are SUCH a bad idea. A giant rolled up newspaper swats him down right out of the sky and splats him into the ground.

There's silence from that corner for a second, and then an extremely muffled "~staaaa swordo... emeraude! staaaaa swordo... saphir! galactic! cross! slash!~"

Two big glowing magic swords cut into the giant newspaper from sort of halfway inside it, one bright neon blue and the other bright neon green, and not gonna lie, scissors beat paper. Usually. Hopefully.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
All right, if that's how you two want it, that's fine by me. Bear-ly Legal Trio, hit it!" she says, looking back at her trio of assistants. "Heartbeat ~Perfect Harmony~: Pichi Pichi Voice, Live Start!" The first bear starts moving around the stage.

As Coco sings, he begins with an acrobatic leap, followed by fouettés and pirouettes. The other two bears get back-to-back before performing a complex Pas de Deux routine: the two of them start dancing in synchrony, stretching, doing pirouettes, lifting each other, showing uncanny dexterity for their size.

All the while, Coco keeps singing, her voice putting in the usual work of attacking the darkness.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"Excuse me?!"

Oh, look. Scorn's actually managed to distract Wako from how mad she is at Sunbreaker over the whole kidnapping business. Good job?

Ginga Otome's outrage damn near triples when the newspaper smacks down on Takuto with all the dignity of someone swatting for bugs. Her fury is no longer calm. "Hey! Nobody is going to be 'getting' my boyfriend!

As Sunbreaker's mini-terribad comes at her, the Galactic Maiden whirls in the air, hands trailing rosy sparkles. A sphere of pink light shimmers into being with her gestures, capturing Adajo Dazuru within it like a bubble--

--and with a surge of effort, Ginga Otome volleyball-spikes it straight at the giant Terribad.

"Don't you start!" she calls toward Guardian Daifuku, exasperated.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker actually... actually just froze there. And looked at Bishounen. Looked him up... and down. Then, finally... "Wait, he qualifies as 'hot'?" she asked. Genuinely curious. She... she was still struggling with the human... thing, okay? She hadn't really... "I mean, sure, the hair is nice? But... ehhhh. We see so many 'tall' guys at this point, can he even sing? Play the quitar? Do anything other than look pretty and punch things?" ... Apparently she uhhh... had some opinions on this. "I... guess? Sorry, it's not something I've tried to really... consider since coming here?" And now she sounded genuinely conflicted. Then.... "Hey, you. Pretty boy, spin or something!" she called out to him.

... Okay, maybe? Gah, this was NOT the kind of thing she wanted to consider today! But now that SOMEONE brought it up, she couldn't help but think on it. Because NERD!

"I mean, he doesn't even have a horn, or wings, and I guess his outfit is kind of dashing in a way. Right, right," she said, finally focusing. "Hate. Hate. Hate. I can... Oh. Wow. You know what? That's better. Thank you, Scorn. That's much better. I can do hate." It was MUCH easier than trying to figure out what humans count as 'hot' and trying to understand her own emotions on the subject in the middle of a fight. Well. Less hate. More blind rage. Why?

Because her youma got spiked, hard, right into the other terribad. Bouncing off it and laying on the ground, slightly swirly eyed.

Well... FINE THEN! Sunbreaker snapped her fingers...

And Adajo EXPLODED with dark flames, the fire wreathing its body and sending out a whirlwind of flames in all directions... Unfortunately, this uhhh... was in EVERY direction. Requiring her to put up a small flaming shield between said explosion and her/Scorn. But while she protected the other general, the terribad? Not so much. On the upside, that was a lot of fire directed at literally EVERYTHING ELSE.

Scorn has posed:
Scorn 'eeeeees' into a squeal as the newspaper splats the boy. "Yessssss. Soon I'll have my very ow----" and then he cuts his way out and wields two giant magic swords, and she frowns and sulks. "Come on Terribad!" she stamps her foot.

The Terribad goes to swing it's other, less cuttable (maybe) item in it's other hand down, before it takes a giant mallet to the head and is flung down to the ground, and soon has a magic axe taken to it as it hurts it's right arm, the newspaper arm is hurt. "Terribad!" it laments as it lumbers upwards.

Scorn ahs. "SINGING GIRL AGAIN?! Her music always hurts. DON'T WORRY I'VE COME PREPARED!" She looks over to Corvus. "CORVUS THE SECRET WEAPON Please!?" Corvus scoffs. "Not the SECRET WEAPON!?" he says.

"YES, THE SECRET WEAPON!" she says as she stuffs her hand into the tailfeathers of Corvus like it was a handbag. he **SWQUAKS** and looks annoyed. "Hey be care when retrieving the SECRET WEAPON!" he says.


Scorn puts on the pair of perfectly normal earmuffs she retrieves from the tailfeathers and then looks over to Gigna Otome. "WHAT!?" she asks to Otome. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU. I HAVE A SECRET WEAPON ON!" she says.

She looks towards Sunbreaker. "WHAT!?" she says. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU THROUGH THE SECRET WEAPON!"

Corvus looked towards Sunbreaker. "SHE SAID...."

Scorn looks to Corvus on her shoulder and yells into him, which blows him off his shoulder petch. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU EITHER CORVUS, IT'S THIS SECRET WEAPON! IT'S TOO POWERFUL!" she says. "I'M TAKING IT OFF." she says as she removes the earmuffs.

"Okay What!?"

Corvus on the ground is cursing up a storm. $A^&! #@*(! $^#

Scorn gasped. "AND I LET YOU SIT ON MY SHOULDER WITH THAT MOUTH!?" she asked, shellshocked. Just in time for the tiny terribad to be spiked into the bigger one and get sent backwards before it could swing again before being lit on fire by Sunbreaker, it ran around before rolling on the ground. STOP. DROP AND ROLL.......

ALL OVER EVERYONE!? D: or try to!

Greta Legend has posed:
Gret, for her part, actually does look at the Bishounen, squinting for a moment, before saying, "Eh, he's cute I -guess-." Her personal maintainance of not making friends included not taking into consideration of the attractiveness of boys, and so being insulated from boys, she simply tries not to think about it.

Greta proceeds to continue trying to hack into the Terribad with her axe before iting BOWLED over by the smaller one. Or the Bigger one. It was getting hard to tell.

"Bugger...!" She yells from her place on the ground, before lifting her Device. "THAT'S -IT-. GROßE KLINGEN!"

<*ksh*Große Klingen.*ksh*>

The emitters that project the axe blades proceed to light up and create BIGGER blades for Greta, at which point she stands up and starts rising into the air again, and dive bombs, aiming to cleave what counts for a head off of the Big Terribad."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Guardian Daifuku lands in a crouch from that slam of her mallet knocking the larger Terribad. With barely enough time to leap back and away she sees the smaller terribad (Or was the smaller one a Mostlybad?) be spiked into the larger. That, plus the slash of swords through the newspaper roll of the larger meant she wanted to put some distance between the kerfluffle and herself so that she doesn't end up on the business end of some friendly fire.

Fire. Oh shit. FIRE.

The whirlwind of flame that rises up from Adajo causes her to react instinctively. Like the first time she'd fought Sunbreaker she brings her hammer up to pinwheel spin it in front of her creating a fanning 'shield' to avoid being hurt by those flames. Side stepping as she goes she angles herself to try and create as much of a protective firestop as possible.

"Get behind me if you need!" She calls out to the other magical types that were near ground zero with her. If they needed at least. Who knew what their powersets were? The flame though, that she can focus her energy into the hammer to help assimilate and dispel with a ripple of her own far more controlled flames dancing over the length of her hammer.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Your... SECRET WEAPON?" There were other magical girls here, surely it would be fine, right? She stands guard, prodding her Live Stage to a bit far back and above. "I am not the only one here, go on, I am sure we will stop you!" She can think of a few tricks Gaito may have shared with them, the most likely of which being sending the Black Beauty Sisters here with their songs. Surely the SECRET WEAPON was something incredibly dangerous on that front? And she brings out noise-cancelling muffs. Well-played, but she isn't going to let that SECRET WEAPON stop her! She can still affect the others. Speaking of which, Sunbreaker is currently busy sending her a torrent of fire towards her.

"Trio, execute formation E!", Coco says, The polar bears react quickly to the approaching fire, putting themselves in the line of fire, with the three of them staring straight ahead at the approaching flames. Soon enought the three bears' head are hit by the fire, except! The trio of sunglasses, joined together with the power of the sea, shines with such a polish that even flames are reflected. In the most literal sense, as that's what they do when they approach the trio's heads.

Meanwhile, Scorn has ruined her own SECRET WEAPON? Better for Coco, who can now resume singing with impunity.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Really?" Takuto calls toward Wako, face brightening considerably. "That's the first time you've said it!!" A beat. "In front of me anyway!"

He's a little battered-looking from the smacking he took, and he's fairly good at ignoring people debating the merits of his appearance, but at Sunbreaker's 'do a spin' he literally sticks out his tongue and throws a sword at the big Terribad's head like a javelin so he can have a hand free to pull down his lower eyelid to go with the raspberry.

And then Scorn is yelling A LOT and REALLY LOUD, and he's not sure what the secret weapon is, but it's clearly a feint because abruptly everything is catching on fire.

With like, not-fire.

"WAKO!" he yells as he hovers above the flames for a moment, "PEW PEW!"

For a moment. Because they're still coming at him. Takuto's eyes widen and he midair scrambles further away, holding out his free hand to call his sword back to it. Can he cut fire?! "GALACTIC CROSS SLASH!" and yeah he tries to cut fire.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
That is... a whole lot of fire. Alarm flickers across Wako's face at the detonation; she's on the back foot, only quick enough to manifest a new shield around herself, not enough to cover the others--

Fortunately, Guardian Daifuku is on the job, and quicker about it. Ginga Otome quickly glides in behind Daifuku, expanding the transparent pink curve of her shield to reinforce the impromptu firebreak with a breathless, "Thanks!"

There's no time for more conversation than that, because the giant monster is coming down on all of them holy crap. It's not clear if she even registers Takuto's call for pewpews on anything but a subconscious level. Still, the moment he shouts, she throws out both hands and the arc of her broadened shield flares into a blaze of dawn-pink.

"Aurore Australe!" She thrusts her hands forward, palms out, sending the arcing curtain of power rushing outward to meet the incoming - flaming - Terribad.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
The tiny terribad rolled to its feet as the flames exploded out. Sunbreaker's eyes were locked on Daifuku. THAT spell. She'd tried to imitate it once and failed. This time, however... The mini-terribad rushed forward, driving its sword tip into the ground, it swished it to the left, hard, driving into and LOCKING up the hammer! Then, with a powerful shove, ripped it from Daifuku's grip into the air! A hand extended... and the shadowy tendril flashed out, grabbing the hammer and yanking it back towards the youma's body...

Behind it, the larger youma was rolling and possibly going to crush their enemies, but as the hammer came down, the black flames spread throughout the battlefield were drawn to it (But hey, at least the big youma wasn't on FIRE now!) before it swung DOWN with both hands, Daifuku's own hammer head now wreathed in those terrible, dark flames.

Sunbreaker, meanwhile, was glaring at Coco... Ugh. UGH. She was... "Gimme those," she snapped, before taking the Secret Weapon from her cohort and putting them on. Ahhhhh. Sweet silence. Soon, Daifuku would definitely be crushed, the other girls would be whimpering beneath their heels and she didn't have to listen to Corvus' familiar's obnoxious prattling.

Scorn has posed:
Scorn realizes THAT HER YOUMA IS ON FIRE and suddenly shrieks. "CORVUS!" she says as she picks up the cursing crow and puts him back on her shoulder. "Corvus, my Terribad. IS ON FIRE!?" she says. The Terribad is rolling around until the fire dissipates, being sent backwards again before it can roll over Ginga Otome by her strike, and then the Terribad sees Greta coming for it and it ducks and avoids the hit this time, avoiding having it's head chopped off! It 'whews' "Terri..." it says as it whews in it's own language.

"WELL COME ON TERRIBAD, TAKE THEM OUT!" she commands, the Terribad replacing the now shredded and now burnt newspaper with the sticky lollipop from it's back and wields both the window washing device and the pop with ferocious might, as it tries to swing at the star sword with a swing and fails to.

Though the Terribad is starting to look ragged as Scorn throws a hand out. "Terrrribad. Why isn't the hot guy linking arms with me yet and going out on a hot date somewhere with me yet!? Is he.. he not interested in me!? OR ARE YOU BEING LACKSADSIAL!?" she commands and stamps her fot.

The Terribad sweatdrops at this without actually looking at Scorn and looks down at Ginga Bishounen with another sweatdrop. "T...Terribad." it goes.

Yeah it doesn't get Scorn either and Scorn created it herself. From peoples hearts! WHOLESALE. ;_;.

Corvus hangs his head and rubs his temples. Like he'll need excedrin later. "Scorn. You can't just kidnap a boyfriend."

"WHY NOT!?" she asks with wide sparkling eyes. +_+

"TERRIBAD KIDNAP ME A BOYFRIEND!" she commands. The Terribad thinks, 'I guess this may aswell happen' and tries to reach and leap down at Gigna Bishounen!

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta growls as her axe swing does not catch purchase, and her dive bombing effort only results in her being swatted out of the air with the newspaper, sending her crashing to the ground once more.

The mage pushes herself up to her feet and growls, "This is getting us nowhere..." Before taking a pause and a glare to Scorn, before deciding to alter her approach by instead of going after the big monster thing, she turns her focus to its creator, with a heft of the axe. "So hang on a tick, why are we just leaving you standing on your lonesome? How about no more of this!"

And she promptly directs her charge at Scorn!

It's a change of strategy, that might not end well, but she IS the enemy, right?

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco stares, a bit bewildered that Hinoiri would try that. Doesn't she get that she is making herself deaf to everyone else? 'You know, that probably feels like something we should warn her about. Not that I actually would, but...' she shrugs. The three bear nod. 'Yeah, that's too bad for her', the three of them reply in unison.

There is still something that she could say, she realises with relief. That's gonna make things easier for them if it works, and that means an easier approach to Naru hopefully. She turns to Scorn. "Don't you have a bad assistant? She is actively trying to shut herself off in her own world. That doesn't seem really helpful to me? Why don't you get that doll with the fondness for monstrous creatures? She would probably get attached to your giant and help you more."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"Welcome," Daifuku calls back to Ginga Otome when she hops behind her and starts to bolster the fireblockade. It worked well together and it seemed as if the dark flames were about to dispell--About to.

The sword that jabs into the path of the pinwheeling hammer jars it to an abrupt stop that causes her to open her hands with a little cry of discomfort which only aids in the Sunbreaker controlled terribad to yank the hammer away.

Only to swing it back down toward her.

There were many things she could do: Dodge. Attempt to doge. Get hit. It's fast, but her hands had already been raised from using the weapon before it had been stolen so she responds without thinking. Bracing one leg back, the other bends forward, and both hands come up to *GRAB* the dark flame encased hammer.

The hammer abruptly STOPS from going further.

The loose sleeves of her kimono top typically hid her arms. They were raised above her head now so the fabric slides back down around her shoulders revealing the tight, firm muscles of her arms that were currently straining against the onslaught from her own hammer. The dark flames lick up around her fingers causing her eyes to narrow further as she glares angrily at the theiving terribad.

"Quit. Stealing. Things!"

Fueled by the surge of anger caused by the terribad and the pain from those flames, she none the less digs her fingers into the wood of the mallets' hammerhead. And she *moves*, running to the side to swing the mallet and the terribad holding it around trying to send it flying toward Sunbreaker.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Wait. Wait. No one's getting to attack Sunbreaker right now because of all the fire. Cure Moch-- GUARDIAN DAIFUKU's hammer is captured! D: and there's a firebreak full of-- there are a lot of things going on. But the path to Sunbreaker is clear. "You're right, Tauburn. I can see it," he whispers, and dissipates his swords, and reaches out in front of himself and puts his fists together next to each other, and yells, "Tauuuuuu... MISSILE!!" as he launches himself directly through the sky, fully committed to the bit--

--and this giant rainbow-colored thing whips out in front of him like a giant candy wall, and his fists hit first, and it's only due to exceptionally good handling of his center of balance that Takuto manages to kick his legs up and flip himself over to 'land' upside down on his back instead of fully facefaulting.

And then he's stuck.

Like flypaper.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
There is

    SO MUCH going on in this moment - Sunbreaker, flames, Yellow Pearl Voice's dancing bears, Daifuku throwing her hammer with an entire youma attached to it, SECRET WEAPONS that may or may not be just earmuffs

and Takuto is glued upside down to the lollipop of a boyfriend-stealer's giant monster.

"Takuto-kun!" Ginga Otome yelps in dismay, before the outrage takes over. Between one breath and the next, she's engulfed in a radiant aura of glittering pink. "What is even wrong with you people?!"

The Y-shaped emblem blazes on her chest as Wako crosses her arms over it for a moment, hands curling into fists against the white and gold of her uniform. "I. have had. ENOUGH!"

When she flings out her arms, bullets of brilliant pink purification scatter from both hands, showering in... pretty much all directions, but the thickest spray of them rain onto the Terribad and its lollipop boyfriend-snatcher. "Cascade de Soleil!"

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker sighed softly. Oh. That headache was going away. Good. Ugh. She hated that girl's song. It always made her feel... icky. Worse, she didn't even know why. It wasn't that it was bad. Heck, it was pretty good, all things considered. It just... annoyed her. A lot. Soooo much. It gave her the WORST headache.

Annnnnnd Daifuku caught the hammer. Of course. Oh well. OH WELL. She saw the writing on the wall. Daifuku hit the mini-youma and sent it flying at her. She took another slow breath... and then reached out with her magic.

Dark energy enveloped the body and it froze, the flames on it snuffing out. Grabbed in her telekinesis.

Hm. One of the girls was coming at them. Yeah. There was that anger. She was so. Sick. And. TIRED. Of this. Every. Time. There were so many of them. And they yelled at her. And they disrespected her. And she was STUCK working with this GIRL and her BIRD who was SMARTER THAN SHE WAS! And what even WAS cute?! She wasn't human. He didn't have a horn! Or wings! and he was AN IDIOT! HE LITERALLY JUST GOT STUCK TO CANDY! THIS WAS SO BENEATH HER!

Then there was pink rays of light. One of them streaked by her face, glancing her shoulder and making it sizzle.

She glanced to Scorn with a sickly sweet smile. "What... was it you said, Scorn-chan? Hate?" she asked in a tone like a pwetty widdle fawie pwincess.

Then the shadowy familiar flew out from the small terribad's body... and it began to slowly fade. She flicked her wrist and the slowly disintegrating ball of magic spun once around her before flying straight at Greta.

"Super Nova."

For a moment there was silence when the body within a few feet of Greta. Then that awful feeling of all the air in the local vicinity getting sucked in... followed by it releasing in a single, cataclysmic explosion of dark fire, creating a swirling miniature mushroom cloud of dark energy flames.

Slowly, Sunbreaker lifted her hands up and took off the earphones as the rush of wind(?) washed over them. She waited a second and then tossed them to Scorn. "My youma's done. Good luck." Well... that was... one done. "Thanks for the tip." Then, enveloping herself in flames once more, she disappeared.


Scorn has posed:
Scorn excitedly horrays! "My Terribad did what I told it too! I GOT ME......" she spins around and makes a peace sign to the camera (What camera) and winks. "....A HOT BOYFRIEND!" 'YOU GOT A HOT BOYFRIEND!' appears at the bottom of the screen.

She then blinks when Greta comes...right at her!? But then Sunbreaker burns her youma up to literarily try to blow Greta away and then duskport away!? "Corvus, she ran away."

"YEAH I WANNA RUN AWAY TOO." says Corvus. "Far, Far away. From you!" he says all snide and crosses his arms and mutters 'I hate it here.' he grumbles.

But then purifying bullets streak out into the Terribad, and it, being on it's last legs anyways, tumbles over, and dissipates into nothingness as it becomes purified! Leaving black inky smoke in it's wake and going "Relaxxxxinnnggg!" before it turns pure immaterial and leave sGinga Bishounen just fine.

"NO, I LOST MY BOYFRIEND, HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY HAPPEN TO ME!?" she cries. Coco says things to her and she blinks a little. "Huh?" she asks. "Who are you even talking about!?" she bluthers.

Scorn gets smacked by a few bullets of purification and 'OWS' and 'HEYS' and that singing and everything is making her feel pensive and looking inwardly and making her think of that strange girl she's met before.... someone not here!-- and Corvus gets smacked of Scorn's shoulder, leaving a trail of white feathers in his wake instead.

"OKAY TIME TO GO!" he yells as he lands on Scorn's shoulder and envelops them both into large, growing feathery wings as Scorn yells "I..I'll get you, my pretty!" The Crow Witch says to Ginga Bishounen, as her and Corvus duskports away from the mess of potential purification, the two leaving shortly on Sunbreaker's heels.

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta grins as she lines up her target, her rush towards Scorn based on the risky but not unfair tactic of decapitation strike. Aiming for the bad guys to take them out and perhaps stop the process of the whole energy draining being sustained was a sound idea to her. She wasn't going to actually KILL Scorn, or at least she she hoped that Dreiseelan had some form of non-lethal setting, but one might be forgiven for thinking that there was an intent!

That though process is promptly derailed when she sees in the corner of her eyes Sunbreaker flinging her Youma at her, and the following red-hot glow that was indicitive of a pending explosion. "Oh... Bugger---"


There might have been a flash of reactive magic setup by Greta's device to protect her, but the proximity to Sunbreaker's Supernova blast means that she's going to be HURTING from this..

Sharp eyes would see the form of Greta being launched across the plaze, and then CRATERING on the far side, where she lays QUITE hurt.

Alive, but hurt.

"Ngggh... Did... someone get... that Bint's... license plate..."

But by all accounts, her Barrier Jacket is very shredded.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"AGCKPTH--!" yelps the upside-down Takuto on the lollipop as Wako's Pink Bullets of Pure Love flood the area and definitely get him a little bit; he keeps his eyes shut tight, and then it's *gone* and he hears Greta crash and he abruptly hovers himself a second before smacking into the pavement again.

The Ginga Bishounen, hair spiky anyway so the stickiness doesnt't make it worse, alights gently on the ground and is making such a face. "Gross," he complains. A beat, and he sheepishly lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck and apologise to Wako and thank her, but then his hand is sticking to the back of his neck and he just looks miserable.

He drops his henshin. It's only marginally better. His clothes aren't sticky anymore! But his hair...

"Thanks. Sorry I didn't get her."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
In spite of her impressive display of strenght, the dark flames HAD scorched Daifuku's hands a good deal. Enough so that when the youma implodes all she can do is raise her arms to cross over her face protecting with the forearms this time. That wind hits her, and she staggers back before finding her balance again properly.

It seemed both of them were taking off though. A small win, perhaps, though one that had left her personally exhausted. The others had fought just as much if not more, too.

"Is everyone all right?" She calls out with gaze going around to see if that's the case. There was something she could still do if they weren't--She hoped. She'd never attempted to use her Kitchen stage with injured hands before. They were rather important when it came to cooking.

Then Bishounen is unhenshining into Takuto making her blink a time or two. Did... Did people just DO that regularly? Was she the only one that tried to hide her identity so much?

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco sees Greta flying away? What is it with villains and targeting her specifically with things that send her flying today? "Sunshine!" she shouts, worry taking hold of her. She tries to catch her in time, but there is no way the Live Stage can make it there with so little a time: the girl has to sustain a pretty big impact against a wall.

Coco is grateful when she sees a flash from Greta's magic, relieved the girl managed to defend herself. She turns her attention to the polar bears, and ask them to come with her. The bears do so, and at Coco's indication, one of then puts Greta on its back. "Greta, how do you feel?", she asks, looking at the injuries she has sustained.

Coco waves at Daifuku, explaining she is unharmed. "How do you feel? I have sustained no injuries during the fight, but Greta took a bad hit", she says, pointing out to the girl resting on the one of the bears.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
In the wake of the Terribad's dissipation and the escape of the two instigators, Ginga Otome drifts down to land upon the ground, still out of breath and looking a little bit steamed besides. "Honestly," she's complaining, mostly to herself, "what's with people?"

Shaking off some of her aggravation, she moves first toward Takuto, transformation disappearing as she does and leaving her as just plain Wako. She almost puts a hand on his arm, but then stops herself, looking around instead to the others. "I'm fine, aside from being really annoyed. And," now looking back to Takuto, "you definitely need to go back to the dorm and get a shower. Before you start attracting ants."

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta doesn't quite fully realize that the fight was over, as she was in the middle of being exploded when the bad guys bailed. She dazily pushes her face up, blinking as she tries to process who's speaking to her, and then looks around. "Where'd they go... I wasn't done..." Before slumping again into the bears.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"I'm..." Guardian Daifuku looks down to her hands a moment flexing her fingers when Yellow Pearl asks if she's all right. "Not too bad. I don't think I can cook right now if anyone needed healing, though."

Which she didn't feel bad about it at least until Greta passes right the fuck out.

"Is she okay?" A note of panic fills her voice as she starts to move forward going to retrieve her hammer. If nothing else she needed THIS back.

"I should... I should go. I think I need to rest some," she decides looking more than a little unsettled over the whole situation. At the very least no mention had been mamde of Naru being hurt. It seemed more like Sunbreaker was just keeping her somewhere. That was something at least.

Her head turns to smile over at the others whether still transformed, or not. "Thank you for the help. Everyone did a great job. Take care."