Texts: I'm Sure Being Short Is Fine

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Texts: I'm Sure Being Short Is Fine
Date of Scene: 18 August 2023
Location: Texts
Synopsis: Naru texts Takuto to thank him for the loan of Star Sword Emeraude!
Cast of Characters: Takuto Tsunashi, Naru Osaka

(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Thank you for loan of the sword, btw. I meant to thank you when we were chatting in the gym, but forgot.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Oh, no problem! That was fun. I'll probably get yelled at if I tell anybody, buuuuut... not if you take kendo :D
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I assume that Wako knows, but otherwise? Your secret is safe here. Although Kendo has a lot more appeal now, I have to admit. Clearly I need to get into better shape!
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Wako knows, yeah. She was very pleased that I loaned you a sword! We should get you your own.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Japanese weapon laws are not delighted by a 14 year old buying swords, but I've seen people use wooden practice swords at Fite Nite, so I can at least practice there.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Yeah, wooden swords for some types of fighting, metal but blunt for others (like if you wanted to go for fencing instead)
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I'll have to try both. Fencing doesn't look nearly as much fun, but hey, worth trying.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: They're fun for different reasons! Fencing, you're fighting with a more flexible blade generally, so you can do some really showy stuff, especially if you put your whole body into it. But kendo gives much more badass visuals as well as differences in fighting attitude and seriousness
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: I swear I'm not JUST in it for the flashy, I do kendo too
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Un hunh. Not just flashy. Sure. ;)
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: As much as there are not nearly enough hours in a week, I will try and find time to try kendo. And fencing. And at least get in better shape more than gym class and fite nite. This feels like a full time job.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Training sure was. My granddad kept me at it for years before I even knew about the giant robots
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I don't have a giant robot. I am literally just a schoolgirl.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: I know you don't. But I didn't have a giant robot until I got one, and all my training growing up was normal literally just a kid training. If you want to fight, you should know how, and knowing how takes time and effort. I guess it's really rambly agreement! It's like a full-time job.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: So where did you get your giant robot from? You said your grandfather did your training.. is it a family thing?
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Sort of! My grandfather gave me the Tau Mark -- which is what lights up when I apprivoise -- once he was sure I had the right mindset and motivations to be a Galactic Prettyboy. He didn't give it to my dad because my dad's a dick.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Oh and the Tau mark is what lets me talk to Tauburn and pilot him and stuff.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: You did mention that your Dad was not ideal, yeah. That's really interesting. Thank you for telling me.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: ...my dad got a different mark from someone who had fallen in love with him, and used it to try and control the king giant robot in order to use up all the world's life force to travel back in time and relive his youth. So I mean I'm not just saying that.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Hunh. My family is much much more boring. I think I'm alright with that, all in all. I hope that he didnt' succeed?
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Well, we're still all here! :D :D
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Are you sure? We could all be from an alternate universe where we're reliving it all over again because he rebooted it all.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: He wasn't interested in reliving it all, just the part where he was in high school and early college. Over and over. Don't worry, I punched him.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Excellent. Also.. I mean, sure I've only just started high school, but I am not envisioning that these years are going to be the ones I want to do over and over and over again forever. I mean.. I'll have to let you know in a few years, but the autonomy of adulthood has a great deal of appeal.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: We only sing out our youth once, but I'm looking forward to growing up into a future, too. And I hope that when I get old I'm like my granddad. Just not as short.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Uh no offense I'm sure being short is fine
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: That is such an evocative way of putting it.. to sing out our youth. ha! I mean, I've never been anything but short, but no. It's a pain. I'm even shorter than Usagi, for goodness sake.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: An old friend said it to me once, and I've wanted to live it ever since. :)
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Being tall on the mainland is asking to hit your head all the time, for the record.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: It's a good thing to aspire to, to sing out our youth. It feels like things are heavy and weird right now, but still. Well, true. I rarely hit my head on things. I do have to climb on things to get to shelves though.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: You don't have to be heavy with things, even if they're heavy around you. When you're at your most afraid, hit harder. It's free and the cops can't stop you
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I should probably be more afraid than I am. I do tend to end up heavy with overthinking things, but I try not to. Not always successfull, but I try.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: The Trying Not To Overthink Things Club! I bet you that kendo helps with that too, it can be really meditative when you're doing forms and then really reactive when you're actually fighting. puts all complex thoughts right out of mind
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Are you getting commissions from the Kendo club? :)
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: No lol i just really think it would help ^^; i'll stop, i'll stop
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: So far, it sounds like all upsides, no downsides. Save for the 'I do not regularly have a sword on me', but that's besides the point. In theory, I should not regularly be in fights either.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: I don't think you're looking for 'em, so 'should' is kind of moot, isn't it? I've fought with a mop before, anyway. Weird balance but workable. You don't always need a sword.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: No, I do not go out looking for them. I also don't tend to run when they come to me. And it's a fair point. I've never had a sword to this point, and made do. I was just more useful this time, thanks to you.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Found object fights! We can play at regular fight practice if you want, too. There are plenty of wooden swords. And I honestly think it was your willingness to defend yourself instead of just holding the sword? But I don't know what you've done in other fights, so IDK, I guess you could have been sitting on the ground crying? ?? I guess?
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I threw things at the thing in the mall. I couldn't do anything in the weird kaleideoscope one, I was totally paralysed. That one sucked. Zero stars. I mostly chatted with stuff in the woods, it was pretty chill. Generally I'm of the throwing things theory. Some distance, if I'm already woozy around the edges, I dont have to run as far. It's got some upsides.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Ooooooooh. I bet you'd like thrown weapons in general. I like melee best, but if you're already throwing whatever's at hand maybe *that's* what you should lean into. Plenty of stuff to try! Ask Inai-sensei if she's any good at throwing knives, I bet either she is or knows who is
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Hunh. Throwing things has always felt too small to be really long term functional, but that's a good point about just leaning into it. I'll ask Inai-sensei about it.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Good good. She seems fun! Also I like her coat.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I can't say that 'fun' is the first word I think of when it comes to her, but hey.. you do you. I'm also not sure I've seen her coat, but I will take your word for it. She seems knowledable. And invested.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Well I mean *for a teacher*
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I'll still take your word for it. I might agree more after I get to know her more. I haven't been to very many fite nites. Yet.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: That's fair! You should definitely come to more. Sorry slow and have to go, phonecall
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: That's the plan. Later!