1040/Swords at Yawn

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Swords at Yawn
Date of Scene: 25 January 2024
Location: Sports Pavilion
Synopsis: Adrien, Naru, Ryoko, and Takuto all show up at the sports pavilion in the morning to play with pointy sticks.
Cast of Characters: Takuto Tsunashi, Naru Osaka, Adrien Agreste, Ryoko Gushiken

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
It's early and it's still winter vacation which means it's early for not even before-school-starts reasons, which while still despicable is at least understandable.

(It's undoubtedly not early for Naru.)

Takuto is YAWNING as he staggers into the gym, carrying a big bag of his kendo equipment because he still has to do his warmups and drills or somehow Sugata will know. "Good morning!" he calls over. Then, bleary-eyed, he scrubs at his face with one hand and approaches. "Let me know if you want live lightsabres and I can oblige."

Naru Osaka has posed:
It is not early for Naru.

There's still coffee though, because of course there is.

Naru doesn't have a big bag of stuff, but she has acquired a few practice blades along the way, and her practice staff. She's already here and waves over to the staggering Takuto. "Need a hand or you got it? Should I have brought more coffee?" She laughs softly. "Without Inai-sensei's barrier, that seems like a poor life choice."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
"I've got coffee for all," Adrien pipes up as he strides in himself. Not from the outside but from the changing rooms where he'd apparently already stopped to change into the white fencing attire he often wore. Certainly this wouldn't be traditional fencing all around most likely but there was no harm in wearing what he was comfortable in for safety gear. The white boots, pants, and the fencing jacket with it's broad front that buttons at the shoulder makes him seem a little more muscular than he usually did in his looser t-shirt and jacket. More like another suit he sometimes wore. Just way less shiny.

A bag is slung over his shoulder with the hilts of several swords visible from the top, and his other hand hefts up a large thermos with the promised beverage as he flashes a broad grin toward the pair. "We can take a bit to warm up if you need. Thanks for joining us. Takuto-kun, right?"

A step is taken over toward Naru to lean in close giving her cheek a quick kiss of greeting. "Lovely as always of course," he offers a bit quieter with a fond grin.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"I'm good thanks, I got it. Also, I eat six poor life choices before breakfast every day," Takuto tells Naru with something resembling what cheer would be if it were half-asleep. And then he sees Adrien and the coffee thermos and his eyes light up. "Coffee good good yes good," he agrees fervently, then slings his bag down on the bleachers near the other two.

"And yes, Takuto Tsunashi, the Ginga Bishounen," he introduces himself properly to Adrien, bowing. When he straightens up he says, "I don't have any mundane equipment that isn't kendo, so I was figuring on apprivoising anyway, despite the lack of barrier. I don't have to, but..."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"But of course you're going to." Naru smirks a little at Takuto. "Some of us don't have that option." She playfully sticks her tongue out at him.

Naru smiles brightly at the kiss on the cheek from Adrien, reaching out her arm to snag him around the waist for a squeeze to go with it. "You're biased.. and all suited up to blind us all." She teases him gently. "I should have known you'd have brought coffee." She looks between then and quirks her head. "Have you two not met? Sorry about that, I should have made introductions. Takuto.. of zero shame and even less coy about his alternate self.. and Adrien, who joins me in the 'no henshin' department this morning."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste dips down to bow in turn to Takuto matching the formality that he offered with it. Even if the name is a bit... Interesting. He was hardly one to talk. "Adrien Agreste. Pleased to meet you, Takuto-kun." Standing again the thermos is offered out with a chuckle.

"You could try one of my swords if you want. You're a bit taller though so I'm not sure how they'd balance for you."

Adrien doesn't move away from the arm that slides around him, though he does grin all the broader at the gesture. While they were pretty comfortable around each other, there was always the issue with PDAs and sometimes that meant they weren't as open about things around others. This was nice though.

"It's okay, I know things like Naru here does," he assures as well with a chuckle. "Sadly no barriers. I do have some extra safety gear if either of you would like?" He asks looking between them but figuring... Probably not.

"Not that I don't mind playing nurse for you, Naru, but I also worry when you get bruised," he asides teasingly.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Bruises are part of training," Takuto says, waving his hand around unworriedly. "And even if you didn't know, you'd just think I was crazy. It wouldn't be the first time!" He definitely avails himself of coffee, though. "I'd love to borrow a sword, then, sure, if you don't want me getting changed. I'm good on equipment otherwise."

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
Ryoko Gushiken emerges from the changing rooms dressed very similarly to Adrien: boots, pants, and a fencing jacket, but all in black. She's got her helmet under one arm, and a fencing bag with the top open, and the hilts of several swords, not all of them for fencing. She seems to have shinai and bokken in there too.

She sees Adrien, and then she sees the others. She doesn't recognize them, but they have swords, so it doesn't matter. She recognizes swords just fine. As she closes in on the group she has a small smirk of a smile on her lips. "Bruises?" She asks, that smirk turning into a smile. "That's how you know the training was good."

"It's good to see you Adrien-san," she says. It'd be a little weird to call him Agreste-san, given that she works with his father. As DUST Entertainment has been coming into the Obsidian fold, she's had to spend entirely too much time engaging with other board members on Hokori-sama's behalf.

She looks to the other two and dips her head. "And it's good to meet you as well. I'm Ryoko Gushiken. Grade 12."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
"Well yes, they are," Adrien has to agree with Takuto's assessment, "But that doesn't mean the worse ones shouldn't be avoided if possible." At least that's his mindset. Protective gear was a good thing! Then again he had to also protect himself because his work rather required he not be bruised and unsightly.

The suggestion of changing earns a little shrug, hands spreading wide. He does reach back for his bag though, to swing it forward so that he can unclip a few snaps, and open it. It rolls open like a painters roll for holding brushes without bending them to display a couple of foils, and the rest are actual sabers. "Take your pick if you'd like. They all work for me," he assures just as his gaze skims past toward the approaching Ryoko. A broad grin comes and he offers, "Good to see you again, Gushiken-san! We were just about to start practicing some."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Hi." Naru offers Ryoko a bright smile. "I'm Naru Osaka.. grade 9. I'm Usagi's roommate if that helps." Because she rightfully assumes that everyone knows Usagi.

Naru gives a shrug. "Bruises are pretty normal, I don't actually bruise that easily.. at least normally." She doesn't seem overly concerned with extra safety gear, more curious about the wide variety of swords on offer. "Alright, I'm the ignorant one here.. what should I play with next, bearing in mind that I'm tiny comparatively." Her glance goes between all three of them and there's a rueful smile.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Takuto's sipping coffee when Ryoko comes in, and his eyes gleam at her selection of swords. Holding his coffee out to one side, he sweeps a dashing bow with a flourish and everything, overstated enough to be silly instead of flirting. "Takuto Tsunashi," he introduces himself again, "the Ginga Bishounen. Grade 10."

His red eyes are sparkling, his matching hair every which way, and his skinny self is just in a red long-sleeved t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. He probably left his jacket in the locker room. His own equipment bag just has bokken in it.

It's Adrien's roll he examines more closely, and he glances up at the other boy from where he's bent over, hand hovering over the selection. "Can I borrow two sabres? Or is that greedy?" A pause, and a glance back at Naru, then to Adrien again. "She's used one of my Star Swords once, and once just my henshin sabre, and I don't know what-all else she's tried with you... the Star Swords are really long, but their balance adjusts to whoever's using them."

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
As it just so happens, Ryoko does know Usagi. They met once, at the same time she met Adrien. So it is, indeed, a very reasonable explanation as to who she is. Another teen in the friend group. Takuto's introduction really gets her attention, though, being so cavalier about discussing his henshin.

She looks at him and and his request about two sabres, and then glances back to Adrien. "So just what exactly are we practicing? Swordplay or fencing?"

Adrien Agreste has posed:
"Two?" That causes the blonde model to raise his eyebrows with a bit of surprise at the very thought. His grin returns easily as he remarks, "I see you don't play by FIE standards." Of course he didn't expect everyone to follow the federation standards. Especially at this particular school. "Sure, take two. I'm curious to see how this plays out and could use a challenge," he remarks while offering the sabers out to Takuto. It did leave him with one and then the two foils which he glances toward Naru to offer.

"Ladies choice. I was told you could use some help learning saber, but entirely up to you." Of course a foil wouldn't really hold up to a saber for long, but... It would be interesting. The question though causes another grin. "Honestly Naru, your staff would be the best to deal with a dual weilder. Easier to switch from defending one side to the other."

When Ryoko asks he glances over to flash a bit of a sympathetic grin at the question. "Swordplay I suppose. I'm trained in saber fencing, but I think at this moment it's going to be more of a 'learn how to face someone who knows how to weild a sword' situation."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"I'm always up for staff training." Naru laughs easily. "Generally.. not always.. but generally it's easier to borrow swords though. I mean.. not most recently, which was a lovely surprise, but still.. generally I should probably train with things I'm likely to be able to borrow."

Naru doesn't seem fussed about Takuto using two sabres, that seems normal enough to her. He always uses two swords. "I'd like to try a sabre, but anything is good practice for me." She looks over to Ryoko. "I mean.. there's four of us, we can pair off with you two doing fencing and Takuto and I not following the fancy rules."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Takuto laughs! at Naru, bright and caffeinated. "I can fence, but mostly because my great-grandfather could, and Tauburn kept it because he's flashy like that."

He picks out two sabres, weighs them in his hands, then spins on a heel and ends up with one sword resting on his shoulder and the other held like a cane, point resting lightly on the floor.

There's a nod to Ryoko and Adrien, agreeing with Adrien's suggestion, and then he adds to Naru, "How about you use a staff -- which, honestly, I've used a broom handle to fight before; you get good enough and you can use any old stick in a pinch -- and I'll fight as per usual, but slow for starters so you can figure out what you're doing when I come at you? And then we can take breaks to watch the two of them actually fence."

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
Ryoko's attention shifts from face to face as the others suggest what they might be doing and when Naru suggests they pair off she nods. She looks to Adrien with her eyebrows arched. "Sound good to you? We did both get dressed for it. Might as well..." And then she flips her helmet around and waves it a little before walking over to set her bag down next to Adrien's, setting the helmet down for a moment. She pulls out a single sabre, grabs her helmet, and then straightens her back.

"I want to take you on too, though, Tsunashi-san," she says with a wicked grin. "If we have time. If not, are you in the kendo club too?"

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste reaches down to take one of his foils out. The rest are lain down on the bleachers in view, and readily available for borrowing if needed. "I can always give you private saber lessons, Naru," he teases lightly with a wide grin. "Staffs are useful I admit, but you're right, you usually do borrow swords. If I could get you something suitable I would, but..." Here he sighs heavily. "No magic," he utters with a shake of his head.

Reaching back he pulls his mask down over his face with a nod toward Ryoko. "It sounds like a plan for now. Shall we, Ryoko-san?"

He already slips into position with one hand behind his back resting lightly. The other lifts up to salute toward her with the foil.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Works for me." Naru nods to Takuto as she collects up her practice staff. Becuase you can't go wrong with a damn fine stick.

There's a soft little snort of amusement as she looks over to Adrien. "We can make an attempt at that theory. We're more likely to drink coffee though, but I'm not opposed to private sabre lessons."

Her attention settles back on Takuto and there's a grin. "I've used a mop in a pinch.. the main challenge is that your average stick really only irritates much of what I fight, rather than y'know.. does much. But its better than nothing."

By Naru's grip on her practice staff and her stance, she is perhaps not entirely ignorant at the basic theory of using the thing. She has been practicing, and once the pair of them actually get to strikes and blocks, it's clear that Takuto doesn't have to go /that/ slow. She's not winning any medals any time soon, but she's generally competant.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"I am nominally in the kendo club," allows Takuto with a wry look. "I'm in it until my... friend gets here from the island, at which point he'll tell me to stop being lazy and train with him at six in the morning every day and twice on Sundays. He's mean!" That's way too cheerful to be honest. "But I'm in it enough for it to be a good place to meet after and spar."

He takes a step back to see what Naru will pick, whether it's staff or blade or foil, and he's definitely going to get distracted by the fencing. Definitely.

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
"Plan on it, then," Ryoko tells Takuto. "I haven't fought another dual-wielder in a long time. I just hope you'll be up to the challenge." She gives him a mishievous grin and then puts on her helmet.

Which brings her to the boy she actually came to see. "Alright, Adrien-san, it's time for you to show me what you're made of," she says as she moves to face off with him properly. Her sabre coming up in a salute before coming down to point toward Adrien in a relaxed grip.

She doesn't wait more than one heartbeat before lunging forward, her whole body hurtling over her front foot. The tip of the sabre flying toward Adrien's shoulder.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
"Of course. En garde!" Adrien offers back with a rather jovial, upbeat tone. He was looking forward to this. It had been awhile since he'd matched against someone and he was really, really looking forward to it. When Ryoko lunges forward he hops back with a rolling twist to the side to lean out of range of her saber.

There's that split second when her weight is extended out toward him, and he waits until she has to start pulling back to reposte with a jab of his own toward her exposed side.

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
He can't really see her smile when he lunges forward because the helmet obscures her expression, but Ryoko is pleased that he took her bait. Her wrist rotates and her saber comes down to parry his foil as she leaps back from her position out of his reach. But now she knows some things about him.

"Not bad," she says, her sword returning to the en-garde position as she nudges her lead foot forward again. "Now let's see what you've got for attack." She flicks her sword back a couple of times as if to say 'come at me bro'.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste steps back drawing his sword up to salute again. A quick, sharp upward flick of his wrist to bring the blade up toward the ceiling as he chuckles in turn. His own face hidden was none the less grinning. Part of him wanted to go into more out-there moves, since this wasn't really an official match, but... They were playing by the rules. Maybe the next time he was Cat Noir he could borrow a sword himself to really let go.

The taunt to come forward is met with a little laughing remark of, "I've practiced just a bit," he assures her in turn as he hops forward. His sword sweeps down in a slash for her shoulder--A feint of his own as his wrist twists to bring the blade back the other way aiming not for her shoulder, but her belly.

Naru Osaka has posed:
it's a fact, the fencing is distracting. Naru might have her staff in hand, but she and Takuto both are watching the much more formalized give and take of Ryoko and Adrien lunge and feint and dance along that line. She comments over to her red haired companion. "They both clearly know what they are doing."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Yeah. It's something to watch, isn't it?" Takuto says, grinning aside at Naru. "I can't teach you how to fence like that, I don't know the modern rules. Or even most of the rules. All my information comes through an extremely dashing giant robot who learned from the inside of someone else's head. Hashtag Takuto Problems."

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
Ryoko Gushiken sees Adrien bringing his sword down in a slash, but he's wielding a foil which is a thrusting weapon. It's obviously a feint, as the motion is all wrong to actually hit, but once he's committed she drops low and lunges forward, her back leg stretched out and her front leg bent at a right angle. She thrusts her sabre up in a counter-attack, aiming to hit his belly first as she rotates her own away from the tip of his foil.

"Sometimes it seems like all I do is practice," she says as she hops back--whether or not she scored a point--her sword flicking up and then back down to en-guarde. It's not true. She also works. So much. But practicing her swordplay is certainly Ryoko's second favorite hobby, after sewing. "The sharpest blades are constantly honed. Isn't that right, Tsunashi-san?" She says, raising her voice when she calls out.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste did indeed know what he was doing. Years of practice, of training. It wasn't even the only martial skill he knew. His father had insisted he take an array of activities. Fencing was one that he had stuck with while others had faded out of his routine as he got older and more of his time was demanded in school or work. Having an Olympic fencing champion as a teacher was certainly a motivation to stay with this particular one as well.

Yet, Ryoko was equally skilled, and the sword she chose had far more suitable options to hit than the one he had opted for. Taking the handicap had meant that he was indeed forced to feint in ways that weren't 'legitimate' for this style of sword. It almost worked, too. Almost.

Ryoko's sword strikes though, and he hops back regaining distance between them. The sword is flicked up to salute again with a laugh.

"Excellent match," he offers out to Ryoko. "I think we should call it for now though since we're distracting the other two. I'm curious to see how he dual-weilds myself."

Raising his hand he slips his helmet back again revealing a bright grin on his slightly flushed face. Even though it was a short match it was always a bit warm in the proper attire, unfortunately. "We'll have to do this again some time though, Gushiken-san."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"S'okay.. I dont think most of the folks we fight follow the rules anyhow." Naru points out to Takuto. "There's a lot more improv and broomsticks in my world, than permissable hit zones and salutes with the swords."

"It all looks so /elegant/ though." Naru sighs a little. "A little like dancing, but with more lunging and mock trying to kill people."

"Good match you two!" Naru calls over to Adrien and Ryoko.

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
"Agreed," Ryoko says, to calling the match. She reaches up to take her helmet off. She shakes her head as she pulls the helmet off and her black hair tumbles down over her shoulders. It's quite the look with her pale skin and all-black fencing uniform.

With her helmet in one hand and her sword in the other, she walks over to watch the pair standing next to Adrien. "I'm also interested to see his dual-wielding technique," she says. She gets the idea that she's probably going to find herself up against it sooner or later. So it's the perfect chance to gather some intelligence. Then she looks aside at Adrien and says, "Next time, though, fight me with a saber. I want your A-game."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste finishes sweeping his helmet off to leave his blonde hair free to the air again. It's a bit messed up having been squished down by the helmet making him look a bit rumpled and messy. The helmet is set down by the swords, his foil sliding back into it's slot in the bag easily. "All right, I'll go without a handicap next time," he assures Ryoko with a laugh of amusement that she'd called him on that.

Amused, and still grinning, he glances over toward Naru and Takuto once more. "Thanks! Hope we didn't distract you two very much. Are you sure you don't want to try a sword, Naru?" Of course, the staff was probably the best against a dual weilder, as he had said. Still the offer is there in case she wanted to be more adventurous.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"It was a worthy distraction." Naru points out wiht a grin to Adrien. She might be biased.

A glance down at the familiar staff in her hands and then she gives a little shrug. "Sure." She has accepted her fate of getting her butt handed to her, sword or staff.. either one is going to be an education. One is just starting at kindergarden, one is at least grade one at this point.

Naru wanders over to where the various swords are laid out and considers her options. "As I'm almost a foot shorter than all of you, I am skeptical that any of these are going to be well balanced for me."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste steps in to gesture to the saber this time so that Naru knows precisely what it was that she ought to be focusing on. "It may be bigger than you, but I'd wager so is the sword you borrowed from Takuto-kun. It'll be a bit heavier than one built *exactly* for you," he has to admit. There's no way to deny that. "But it's probably more on the managable side compared to what his was." He had a bit of height on him after all. Surely this was going to be closer to what Naru might actually need. Maybe.

"If you really want we can go and get you fitted for one later." He'd just add it to his expenses. No problem! His father wouldn't even bat an eye at a fencing saber and likely wouldn't get the information on the fact that it was smaller than usual.

He hopes.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
There's a chime from Takuto's bag as Naru goes over to check out the swords, and he breaks from their previous position too, in order to go check. One sword still in hand, the other laid carefully atop his kendo equipment, he checks his phone and blinks, looking dismayed. "I have to go, Wako--" he shakes his head. "Her business. If you're still here when I get back I'll rejoin you! Otherwise, after kendo club~!"

He puts the two sabres back in Adrien's roll, where they were, and he smiles big and crooked. "You can check out my style later. Sorry."

Then he's got his own bag, and is considerably less staggery on the way out than he was yawning on the way in. At least he got some coffee!

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Later Takuto!" Naru waves after him as she considers the sword optinos and then nods. "Apparently you or Ryoko get to fight with me. I'll try the sabre, I mean.. most things aren't designed small enough for me, so this shoudln't be so far off." She grins. Even in Japan, she's rather petite.

Naru reaches for the sword in question, and sees how it feels in her hand. She is not wholly unfamiliar with how to hold a sword at least, it doens't look as awkward as all that.

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
Ryoko frowns. It's disappointing that Takuto has to go. She was looking forward to seeing his style. But, she knows where to find him. Maybe next time she'll get to learn his style by fighting him, instead of just watching. She lifts her saber and waves to him with the tip.

Turning toward Naru she regards the younger girl for a moment before declaring, "I think you should Adrien-san. I can tell you two already have a rapport, and it'll be easier teaching with that." And besides, she could pay attention to them both if she was on the sidelines. It's super clear to her that she's behind enemy lines right now, metaphorically speaking.

Then she lifts her chin and turns toward her bag, her head held high. "I'm going to sit down. I already got my training in for the day this morning." She squats down to slip her sabre in, and set down her helmet, then goes and finds a bench to warm.