253/Calling Cards

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Calling Cards
Date of Scene: 17 August 2023
Location: Sports Pavilion
Synopsis: Talking about Kyouka, magic, and giant robots on the side of mahou fite club.
Cast of Characters: Takuto Tsunashi, Naru Osaka

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
It's after regular fight practice, and everyone's gone off to either leave or get a snack and henshin offstage -- everyone except for two people, Naru and Takuto.

The tall boy with the cherry-red hair blinks at Naru in surprise, gym clothes still not changed into the seriously fancy military-esque outfit that he transformed into a couple of weeks ago. "Oh you're staying! Oh, you don't have to reveal your identity just because I did." A beat, and then a hasty bow. "I forgot to tell you my name! I'm sorry. Takuto Tsunashi!"

Naru Osaka has posed:
To be fair, Naru did get a drink and a quick snack, but it took her a moment or two, rather than the minutes that most others take.

And nothing hides the fact that Naru is still.. well.. Naru even after she's left and returned, holding a vegan protein bar to nibble on. The crumpled wrapper looks like it's traveled her in a half eaten state, rather than her already having noshed through half of it.

Naru looks a little sheepish, her smile a touch rueful. "Yep, I'm staying. As awkward and weird as it is." That's the voice of experience on how awkward and weird its been so far, and she has every faith it'll be so again this time. "Pleasure to meet you Takuto. I'm Naru Osaka.. Usagi's roomate." She offers him a little bow. Formality will help the awkward, right?

Nope. Hasn't yet.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Oh, Wako is friends with Usagi-san!" Takuto says, snap-pointing, grinning. Then he takes a drink from his water bottle, and adds, "Even if there were other Usagis at this school, everyone would still mean her."

He gestures toward the far side, where the bleachers go up and back, where it's safer to sit and watch. "I'll keep you company, at least unless someone tells me to stop being lazy. So you're staying but not transforming. Did you get a card? From Inai-sensei I mean."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Oh! I've met Wako." Naru's smile turns from sheepish to warm instantly at the mention. "She's lovely. A friend of yours, I trust?" There's a little laugh at the reality of all Usagis are probabl THAT Usagi. "Usagi is a force of nature unto herself. We would all still mean her, absolutely."

Naru starts heading for the bleachers, to go and find a spot and feel awkward watching at least from a safe(r) location. "I am staying but not transforming." She confirms with a nod. And then she quirks her head a little and nods again. "Yes, I got a card for Inai-sensi. Why?"

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Yes! Wako's my--"

Takuto stops short, frowning for a second, then lifting his bottle-free hand up to rub at the back of his neck and grinning sheepishly. "I don't know. But she's also one of my best friends."

He holds a finger up. "Aha! All right. If you're asking why, then she didn't tell you. They're magic! They summon her like some kind of yokai if you call on her to come help you. Wako did it and she scared the crap out of us."

Naru Osaka has posed:
That sheepish smile and pause makes Naru smile warmly. "One of your best friends is definition enough, no matter what. It's the important one."

Naru blinks at that revelation about the cards. "I.. hrm." She pauses a moment, thoughtfully. "No, she didn't tell me. I expect I know why though, and I'm not surprised." She laughs. "That would absolutely have scared the snot out of me too, if Inai-sensei just /appears/.. like out of nowhere?"

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Out of nowhere!" agrees Takuto, dropping his towel and placing his water bottle on the bleachers next to him, on the side opposite Naru. "She just, voom, appeared. And she was really annoyed that Wako-chan had left her a voicemail instead of using the card--"

And here there's a chortle, hidden by Takuto's hand, red eyes definitely n_n, and he says "--because Inai-sensei forgot she didn't tell Wako what the card did. I think maybe she thinks everyone is psychic and just... knows what to do."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Why did Wako leave a voice mail? Like what was going on?" Naru asks, wholly curious. "Cause I totally would have also left a voicemail. That's what voicemail is for, right?"

Naru takes another nibble of her protein bar settling on the bleachers. "She wouldnt be the first or only teacher to assume we just /know/ things without them /saying/ it."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Teachers," agrees Takuto, shaking his head. Then he picks up the bottle again and turns it in his hands for a second before squinting sidelong at Naru. "Well," he says, then looks across the gym. "I didn't see it happen, but Wako was there and she wouldn't lie. There was a fake teacher who was made out of plants and who was trying to take energy from students, and it got to some of them and their energy didn't come back after the monster teacher exploded into mulch. They had to sleep it off."

Naru Osaka has posed:
One might expect such a story to at least rank a blink, or a 'wtf' out of another student. Teachers exploding into mulch after draining students of energy.

"Ugh. That sucks." Naru wrinkles her nose. "Yeah, sleeping it off is really the best. Electrolytes help a bit, so does protein, but sleep is really where its at." So says she who has quite a lot of drain recovery experience.

"Was Wako okay?" Naru asks as she reaches for her own water bottle. Just water. Honest. Truly.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Yeah! She just had a classroom that had like four or five kids sleeping in it, and no one had come back with the nurse yet, and I wasn't there to run errands yet, so she called Inai-sensei. Since she's the only one either of us knows of that we don't have to hold up the batsignal for," says the tall boy, laughing again. "I am not used to the way things work here. There are all these people I could be allies with, but I don't know who anyone is outside of fights."

Naru Osaka has posed:
The comments about teachers exploding into mulch after draining students, Naru didn't blink at.

Comments about allies and how things work, that gives Naru pause.

"I don't know who anyone is outside of fights either." Naru acknowledges and then her expression is rueful again. "Except me. I'm always just me." She pauses a moment and then adds. "I'm getting the sense that no one really knows how things work, and we're all sort of figuring it out together, while assuming everyone else knows more. To lesser and greater degree."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Sounds like you know everyone anyway," says Takuto with a quick, bright, lopsided little smile. "I'm also always just me, except sometimes I'm louder, and sometimes I'm drift-compatible with a giant robot and it shows. But I'm always Takuto! And I was Takuto before the giant robot, and if I get too old to pilot anymore then I'll still be Takuto after the giant robot."

He leans in a little. "Maybe you should say something while you're here. Something like 'does anyone with a hero phone want to give me their number so I can call for help'." He leans away and adds cheerfully, "You can have mine! And probably Wako's!"

Naru Osaka has posed:
"I dont quite know everyone." Naru protests, although she's making a good effort on knowing everyone. "But knowing them in class and knowing them in fights is, often, two very different things."

She pauses and then holds up a finger. "Okay, back up a moment. Louder, yes. Red sparkles, certainly and they suit you well. I do not recall any giant robots and while memory is a slippery thing, I'm pretty sure I'd remember /that/." She arches a curious brow at him.

"Historically I've found that I don't have a whole lot of opportunity to flip through my contacts list when things are messy enough that I really need help." Naru considers that. "Either I'm already non functional, or there's people there already. It's a good theory, but I havent' found it works out all /that/ well in practice."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Thank you," Takuto says, "about the sparkles. I like them too, they're fun." And then he laughs a little sheepishly again, clasping his hands together and then cracking his knuckles. "Ah-- well. Have you seen the little robot near Wako sometimes? That's a miniature version of Wawna, Wako's giant robot. I could call Tauburn up like that, but I hear him in my head either way, so most of the time I don't bother."

Water bottle again. Gotta stay hydrated. "Contacts though -- I mean, you never know, you could get kidnapped. Wako was always getting kidnapped back on the island."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"I remember Wako's fox.. is that a robot? Cause it's a damn cute little fox, but I wouldn't have called it a robot." Naru hunhs softly. "Or I'm oblivious, which is also a possibility. Or she just didn't bring her robot friend for snacks." Naru gives a little shrug.

"What do giant robots talk about in your head, anyhow?" Naru can't help but ask. "Commentary on road design and engineering?"

There's a thoughtful pause and then Naru sets down her protein bar and digs her phone out of her back pocket. She unlocks it, heads to the contact section and then offers it to Takuto. "Assuming you're a hero, and it seems likely, are you willing to give me your number if I get kidnapped?" She flashes a smile. "You can make it a fake number if you dont' want to say no. I'm not sure who would kidnap me."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Takuto solemnly takes Naru's phone, and answers while he puts his information in. "I'm the only current goodguy Galactic Prettyboy, he says with a straight face. "So if you run into a couple of girls that claim it, they're dangerous get away, and if you run into a guy that claims it who looks about our age but with purple hair in a really dumb style, that's my dad and he's a dangerous loser, get away."

He hands the phone back -- he put the glitter emoji in the middle of his name -- and skips tracks to continue. "The little fox is Vice President. He's not a robot, but he's very smart. We can't call our robots out without transforming, so if she was just eating snacks with you outside, Wawna wouldn't have been in there. As far as what giant robots talk about in my head-- pfft! Hah! No-- Tauburn it's usually either advice or... being dashingly polite about judging people who dress poorly."

Naru Osaka has posed:
Naru watches him put info in her phone. Accurate or not, she'll assume it's accurate until proven otherwise. "Duly noted. Dumb purple hair is a bad sign."

Naru accepts the phone back. "Thank you." She laughs softly. "Alright, I wasn't expecting giant robots to be judgy about fashion." She can't help but giggle softly. "That's on me for assuming. is it good advice at least?" She tucks her phone away again. One more contact for if.. when.. things go horribly wrong. "Fair warning, I tend to text people random commentary when I get bored. Okay, or irritating?"

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
It's definitely a real number! "If you text me I can get your number, and then if you want I can also give it to Wako, and she can text you, and then we can have a number party," Takuto suggests, "though my phone's in my gym bag right this second. So yes, please do text. I might answer in memes."

There's a big grin from the red-eyed boy at Naru's amusement. "Tauburn is a very stylish robot," he informs her. "And he gives very good advice. We've been working together for two years, and he doesn't tend to interrupt much-- but when he does it's usally just that he's reminding me of things I might have forgotten in the moment."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Can do." Naru digs her phone back out to be able to text him and ensure that her number is in his phone.

TXT: It's Naru. :)

She'll need to up her emoji game, clearly.

"tht sounds like really useful inturrptions, to be fair." Naru considers. "I wouldn't mind having someone remind me of things I've forgotten, but alas. I have to do it myself. I'm probably not as effective as Tauburn."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
The sound of Takuto's phone dinging in his gym bag on the way other side of the bleachers is almost drowned out by the yelling and attack sounds of the magicals waling on each other.

"Super useful interruptions," Takuto agrees vehemently. "And don't worry, I'm not as effective as Tauburn either."

A pause.

"I guess that wasn't as reassuring as it sounded in my head," the boy says with a sort of rueful grimace. "But giant robots aren't as effective as humans when it comes to using a toaster oven or getting the mail! I can do those better than Tauburn. Even if I can't be as good an alarm clock."