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And MY Axe!
Date of Scene: 14 September 2023
Location: Plot Room 1
Synopsis: Rashmi and Greta team up to train against Chrono. Between the former's support abilities and the latter's explosive force, can they take down this half-pint?! You'll need to watch the episode to find out! Or... read the scene.
Cast of Characters: Chrono Harlaown, Rashmi Terios, Greta Legend

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown had been training Rashmi for a while now. And Rashmi was learning something.

Chrono was very talented. Very skilled. Very powerful. He was also kiiiiiiind of a dick. Not intentionally, but when it came to this training? He took it seriously and had exactly ZERO chill. So when she mentioned having another friend with a device? He had told her to invite said friend. After all, it was very important that the TSAB training be offered to as many of the device mages as possible.

So hopefully Rashmi warned her.

He was waiting just outside the city, having directed Rashmi to get her friend and meet him there. Because today was going to be special training.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
<< No I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it, >> Rashmi messages Greta, as both make their way to the training location. << There's a clear goal, it's hard to beat unless you've already mastered the skills you need -- which I have very not -- and you'll probably be surrounded by explosions and magic attacks! What's not to enjoy, right? Aheh... >>

For Rashmi, these sessions are terrifying and exhausting and painful and do a lot to reveal how much she needs to work on... but that's valuable knowledge too!

Arriving at the designated point, Rashmi beams at the undersized TSAB Enforcer, gesturing to the blonde next to her. "Chrono-sensei, this is Greta-san! I figured if she was going to rush in on that woman again, she'll probably want practice in how to deal with overwhelming force."

Greta Legend has posed:
<< ... Whatever, let's just get this over with. >> Greta responds to Rashmi, flying just behind the girl with the book device, keeping her eyes out just in case for monsters, but soon enough she sees the guy, a good five inchest shorter than her, and she can't help but squint a little before dropping to the ground behind Rashmi, to let the other girl do the introductions.

Greta removes the red mask that is part of her Barrier Jacket, as she feels she doesn't need it for this, as she looks the boy over. "So you're Chrono." There is a pause before she pulls out her device, which is at present in a rod form. "Rashmi said that maybe you could help out with my Device. I've only been using Dreiseelen for a few months, and while he's been functional, he's apparently not in the best condition."

That's when the device pipes up, speaking in different voices in turn. <*ksh*Hello, shorty. I am designated Dreiseelen. My damaged records indicate that*kshI was a part of the Arthra's confiscated inventory prior to*ksh*the disaster. My arrival on Earth was on Local Calendar Date March 13th, 1673.*ksh*>

And thn in a distorted combination of the three, <*ksh*Little Red Will Kick Your Ass in this melee.*ksh*>

Greta for her part blinks a bit, before looking at Chrono, "I swear I didn't put him up to that."

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown gave a polite bow. Always respectful. Always...

Okay, the shit? He just kept that smile on his face. Polite. Respectful. "Time space administrative bureau Chrono Harlaown," he said, as polite as ever.

He does, however, side eye her device a bit. "I... can see that."

He attempted to run a diagnostic on it, using his enforcer account. Considering the comments, he didn't even TRY to get administrator access. That device was incredibly damaged.

"It seems the device is quite... damaged. I can do some basic repairs, however it sounds like the AI itself may be corrupted. I'll see what I can do, but without a device meister I'm unsure of how much I can help with that aspect. I'm going to try and run a diagnostic, to ensure it will be safe for this training session. I wouldn't desire to hurt you if your device is faulty. However... if it is confiscated..."

He gave a soft sigh. "It is possible that it was... damaged... before it fell to earth. Devices such as ours do not necessarily make judgments on who is 'good' and 'bad' for them to be wielded by. It is not uncommon for criminals to get access to them and for their programming to become... disjointed at times. Have you... oh--" And there were words he used there. They were not midchildian. Or belkan. But it definitely sounded *exhausted*. "It's a belkan device."

His smile never wavered. But his eye did twitch. Just a little for a moment.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Rashmi cannot but let out a snort of laughter at the eyetwitch. It's a sign of progress, that Chrono didn't halt the entire proceeding to have a meltdown of questions! It also does not bode well for this exercise, for her, being the only one on the field lacking overwhelming force. Internally, Rashmi sighs and prepares herself for another frantic hour of trying not to be nonlethally barbecued. For now, though...

"I'm kinda surprised Dreiseelen isn't more damaged, honestly. Almost four hundred years without time in the shop would make anyone creaky, I'd think? So, Chrono-sensei... What's the objective for this one gonna be?"

Greta Legend has posed:
"Well, he -did- say that he spent most of that time in hibernation, with only one user at the time, some 'Hilda Jaeger'." Greta replies to Rashmi, remembering the first time they conversed. "She probably got lucky, activated him, and saved her skin against some monster, and after that he went into hibernation. She forgot it happened after... The Fade, and he just slept until he got to me. He was in the form of an antigue brooch when I got him, so he was probably taken care of..."

The blonde just shrugs glances back to her device, "I've been using him to fight mostly monsters since I started doing this, so I haven't really needed to worry about non-lethality..." A pause. "You've got a training setting, right?"

<*ksh*Non-Lethal mode can be activated on request, Little Red.*ksh*> The diagonostics would should that, in spite of the device's condition, it is in fact capable of doing so.

"He's Belkan, huh? Like that Steiner girl..." She doesn't think too much on it, instead moving to give herself some space, and raising her device to start fighting, "So, are we ready to do this then?"

Her device proceeds to shift into its axe-form. <*ksh*Form eines Adlers*ksh*>

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown glanced towards Rashmi. "It's not that rare. Many devices have the capability of self repair so long as their core remains undamaged. Damage to the core can be more difficult, but even then it can often be fixed. Many devices should be able to remain useable centuries after their creation. Now, it's unlikely for them to be, but many things are designed to be re-useable for long periods in order to keep long term waste down." Intergalactic multi-dimensional empire hoooooo.

He then glanced back to Greta. "Your device seems more than capable of performing its tasks. So I believe this training will be fine. Intelligent devices are rare amongst belkan, but not entirely unheard of. Many prefer the cartridge system." He took off, flying into the air.

"As your device is set for a melee style, our training will be simple and we'll start gentle." Rashmi had a very good idea on what 'gentle' could mean for his training. Worse, she possibly knew it really was him being 'gentle'.

"Completion of this training is simple. Until you and Terios-san yield or you knock me from the sky. As you are a martial combatent, this time I will stick to an artillery style and attempt to keep you at a distance. Terios-san, you are to support her as best you can."

He then held out his device and a protective field formed around them, taking them out from the realm and ensuring less destruction. "You will have ten minutes to knock me down. I will give you sixty seconds to come up with whatever strategies and such you would like to discuss. Then the timer will start."

1 minute prep, 10 minutes to knock him down, 2 vs 1? Pfft, how hard could it really be to knock down someone so small, anyway?

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Oh boy.

Ooooohhhhhhh boy.

"...Greta-san strategy will be *absolutely essential,*" she says. "You're probably not going to get to him if he can target you. So we *need* to figure out a plan, okay? He's got lots of rapid-fire options, and if he has a little bit to charge up he can *absolutely fry you.* So we need to keep his focus split."

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta has enough time to comment, "You're gonna bloody hate Earth, then. Planned Obsolescence is a thing." Just before Chrono tells them the rules, to which Greta listens, and then goes to listen to Rashmi about strategy.

"So in other words, don't give him any room to breathe. I think I can do that." For the first time since getting here, Greta's lips actually curl into a smile, one of confidence.

She then turns and takes to the air, gripping her device to grip the axe along the haft, and the emittoes ignite their magic, forming the ressemblance to an Axe-blade.

"Ready, Dreiseelen?" She asks as the mask reforms upon her face.

<*ksh*Ready to go, Little Red.*ksh*>

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown just smiled down at them. So gentle. So polite. He twitched his device a little, watching, and waiting.

Around the battlefield, delayed binds were being setup. The primary method by which to deal with a melee fighter. Tiny traps that were well hidden and hard to see if you weren't careful... then triggered when you got too close. While the binds themselves were weak, it was the kind of thing to delay them... Just for a moment. And well, if they did? They would BOTH discover that he had... no chill. As he would then unleash a flurry of stinger blades on them. Only three or four. But hey were intense and, while not fatal, they were painful.

This was training. And he expected their best.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"Also Dreiseelen, if you *have* a shield in your storage, now'll be the time to use it. But watch out, he likes to tune his attacks *to* pierce shields."

With that ominous bit of advice, she looses a long sigh. "Nicomachea? Set Up!"


    << FLIER FIN >>

One flash of golden light later, and Rashmi is in her Barrier Jacket, wings made of light unfurling from her ankles as she pushes off the ground. The armored book that is Nicomachea overs, open, a couple inches above her open palm, as she stares downrange at Chrono. "....GO!"

    << *BONG!* >> << INVESTIGATION >>

     << SOLAR SHIELD >>

A trio of sensor balls peel away from the book, as a transparent golden shell closes about the flying mage. For now, she'll be matching pace with Greta, flying a couple stories above her head to get a better view of the space between the combatants and their target. << Watch your footing! >> she calls into Greta's head. << He's got some kind of trap in the ground ahead of you! >>

Greta Legend has posed:
<< Traps, huh? >> Greta responds, eyes scanning around for signs of it. She wasn't nearly as experienced with Magic stuff, so she was going to have to get the hang of spotting them. For now, though, she was going to have to let Rashmi be her eyes in the sky.

Upon thje sixty-second mark beginning, Greta immediately jets toward Chrono, weaving around the first trap that had been called out, having no intention on giving Chrono any room to breath, as she winds her axe-hand back for a swing, and aims for a big swing on Chrono right off the bat.


Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown narrowed his eyes. They got through the first wave easily enough. Good. She was paying attention. Then the second layer. Huh. The third layer was more complex. But he couldn't deny it. He glanced from her to Rashmi. They were working together? Perfect. He couldn't deny it. Judging by the conduct of her device... a part of him had assumed that Greta would be the same. Gruff. Rude. Not willing to listen. But the two were already working in tandem. The fourth layer. Wait. Was she...

His eyes went wide. She was there. Just like Fate had been. Axe raised. To cut him down. And he... looked surprised. Well, for him. His eyes widened slightly. She got so close... on the first attempt.

But the closer to him they got, the more subtle and complex the binds got. And of all his tricks, that was the most difficult. But she WAS inches from him. He'd only have a second to react...

            <Break Impulse!>

It was a strange attack, likely one that Rashmi had never seen. His open palm struck out, to hit Greta in the stomach. It likely didn't even hurt, though there was a second of a magical circle appearing.

Was it mocking?

But then Rashmi would get an up close preview of what Chrono meant when he'd said there were ways to get the 'power' of a proper artillary mage, even without the raw strength and mana of a mage like Nanoha. The mana took a second to release... before it exploded, the force striking the bound mage with an incredible amount of force, likely enough to send her rocketing back into Rashmi.

<< Very good, both of you. Few would be able to get this close on their first attempt. >>

Of course, he assumed after such a strike... they'd pull back and regroup. But perhaps they'd surprise him, who knew?

Either way, he ended his binds, clearing the battlefield of the traps. They were his specialty and focusing on them too much wasn't the intent of this training session. The fact she'd gotten so close to BEGIN with already told him what he wanted to know regarding such things.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Of all the issues Rashmi expected to have to deal with, 'ballistic Greta' was... not among them. Luckily, Barrier Jackets allow for more strength and durability than a normal, bookish 15 year old could have, so when Greta is launched her way, Rashmi actually *lowers* her shield and stretches out her arms to catch the blonde.

The impact makes her teeth *click* together painfully and tumble in the air for a good bit... But that is a condition that Rashmi has been in before, allowing her to right them both before impacting the ground.

"So *that's* what he was talking about," she says to herself, hefts Greta once, then plants her in the air. "I have an idea..."

A magical circle spreads out under her feet, as she leans in. << Go around the side, or behind him, >> she messages to Greta. << Be careful of that punch, but if he's got one arm bound up in defending against me, he may not have the room to use it. >>

    << *BONG!* >> << ACCEL -- BOOST UP >>

"Go," Rashmi murmurs, sending the speed-boosting magic to Greta with a gesture of her free hand. "If you can lock him up, I'll have another surprise ready."

    << *BONG!* >> << SOLAR BARRET >>

As Greta takes off, Rashmi starts re-applying the rapid-fire tactics she'd learned observing Chrono. This time, four Barrets materialize initially, and as one gets launched another is instantly summoned in its place, creating a four-barrel chaingun of sustained fire that... seems to hit a bit harder this time, owing for a substantial decrease in homing capacity.

Greta Legend has posed:
The last binding trap snags Greta and stops her in her tracks mid-swing, causing her to go wide eyed as she sees the circled appearing just in front of her. "Bugger..!"


Chrono can see the barrier forming just before the impact of his spell, lessening the direct damage to Greta, but NOT negating the force of it sending her tumbling through the sky and into Rashmi, the barrier having dissipated by the time Greta lands against her.

Crashing into the other girl, Greta finds herself and getting annoyed by being knocked around again, she corrects her orientation before, and replies, <<Don't bloody tell me what to do!>>

Despite the protest, she still accepts the buff and properly JETS around to circle around Chrono, and using the curve of her arc as part of the momentum for a whirling axe swing, "Große Klingen!"

<*ksh*Große Klingen!*ksh*>

The Blade on the axe gets twice as big as before as she comes at Chrono. "HAAAAAAAAA!!"

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown noted the way that Rashmi caught the other girl. Good. She was strong. He'd seen plenty of newer recruits get hit by something like that and then both hit the ground to leave little craters. But she managed to not just catch her comrade but right BOTH of them.

<< Track both targets and display an overlay, >> Chrono told his device. In the end, unlike their devices, his couldn't assist him in combat. He could only look in one direction at once, so it left him vulnerable. He'd need to ensure that he kept awareness of where they both were at all times. Not something he wasn't used to doing... but it could pose problems. Something they could capitalize on.

There it was. Enhancement magic. Perfect. Greta was faster now. Moving to his blind spot. A proper tactic. While the overlay and sensors helped, it would make it more awkward for him. He had to designate which target to prioritize. Greta coming behind, Rashmi coming from ahead. Four barrets. She was getting better. Stronger. The other girl was aggressive, but not lacking in proper tactics. A long distance assault combined with a rapid melee focused attack. He... was actually kind of proud. They were still rookies, in terms of how long they had been fighting. Yet they were already so talented. Their instincts were on point, even if they didn't fully understand the magic they wielded. It spoke highly of their own capabilities. Her spinning the axe like that made his next move difficult, it expended energy but meant it kept its momentum going.

So he held out his right hand, the barrett's striking, his eyes focused on Rashmi. A round shield forming between him and them. One barrett strikes. Two strikes.

Greta was coming up behind him, but he wasn't looking at her... until she was almost there. Then he turned, instantly casting the spell in preparation.

            <Stinger Move!>

He was enveloped in a blue light, like an arrow shooting UP, narrowly avoiding the strike as the rapid-dash spell allowed him to, crudely, put distance between the two of them.

And if Greta didn't adjust her course, right into the two remaining barretts of Rashmi's.

            <Stinger Ray!>

And then he held his rod out towards them, aiming a rapid fire chain blast of shield piercing shots. Sacrificing raw power for speed and shield piercing ability.

He made it look easy, but, honestly?

It was HARD as HELL. The fact was they were moving in tandem in a way he'd RARELY seen even amongst seasoned recruits, let alone people who had only had their weapons for a few months most likely. This should have been a slaughter, with him easily knocking them to the ground again and again and again. But Rashmi was doing her job admirably and Greta, while obviously aggressive, wasn't DUMB. He'd seen a lot of aggressive DUMB mages in his life, who ran in blindly. She wasn't. And there wasa hell of a difference between aggressive and dumb versus aggressive and smart. He was being forced to constantly adjust his measures to keep both properly managed and, like it or not? He was actually burning through more of his capabilities than he cared to admit just trying to keep both properly managed. He hadn't even intended to USE stinger move, he'd just intended to dodge it! But at the speed of the barretts coming at him and the girl's axe he hadn't even had a choice!

Just what WAS this world?!

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Several of the Stinger Blades make contact as Rashmi frantically tries to jink out of the field of fire, and they *hurt.* But, not tuned for power as they were, and with her Shield too full of holes to make decent protection, it gets dropped to save energy. Hovering in the air, slashes opened in her Barrier Jacket and pain-signals impairing her ability to breathe, she takes stock of the general situation, and her own in specific.

<< LINKER CORE CAPACITY AT 43%, MASTER >> Nicomachea reminds Rashmi, as the redhead hovers in the air, catching her breath. "Thaaaanks, Nico..."

Staring up at Chrono, Rashmi mentally drops her hands into her face. << ...Right, we can do that... Okay. Greta, I'm going to try and tie up as many angles of approach as I can, but it's probably going to wipe me out. If you spot an opening, you know what to do. >>

    << *BONG!* >> << SOLAR BARRET -- BIND SHIFT >>


Four more Barrets materialize around Rashmi, and vaguely akin to a conductor, she launches them one at a time with wide sweeps of her hand. The barrets sweep wide at first, tuned for speed and homing ability, and allowing them to describe wide arcs and arrow in on Chrono on multiple separate vectors.

And with Greta waiting in the wings, they are threats that *must* be honored, for to be hit by one is to be hit by a Bind, and unable to escape the axe...

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta has come to a conclusion about Chrono and it's that she kinda doesn't like him. It's not because he seems like a bad guy or anything, but fact that he made his counter against her look easy?

She's not a happy camper. The chain-gun laser fire slams into her through the shield that her device once more manifested on reflex, and they batter her backwards, until she tumbles and ends up bowling back until she can right herself.


She proceeds to fly at Chrono again, banking her flight in an effort to dodge and continuious fire, and after a point just pushing INTO the fire, taking a few hits in an effort to close the distance and start just swinging faster and harder.

"Stop being so BLOODY annoying!"

<*ksh*Linker core at 45%---37%... Recommend evasive maneuvers!*ksh*>

"Sod--off!" She seems to have reached the end of her patience with teamwork, but as aggressive as she's being, she's still -trying- to anticipate his positions with each slash.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown didn't expect her to dive onto the bullets. They were... dangerous. But not as dangerous as could be. She was a martial fighter as well, her protection was likely more focused. The little blasts from Rashmi were... almost ignored.


The first one was nearly to him when he realized what she was doing. Binds. Oof. He had to be careful. Axe coming from one direction, the four barrets. He had to split his focus.

            <Stinger Snipe!>

There it was. His little rapid fire stinger. The small blue orb appeared, lancing through the air to destroy one of the barretts. He flew up, narrowly avoiding the axe. The orb came back, piercing a second barrett as it came close. That axe again. Getting out of range wasn't an option.

            <Blaze Cannon!>

This time, as the axe was coming at him, he moved only a little. Repositioning himself so the barrett and axe were coming from the same direction, he unleashed a short range, explosive swirling vortex of fire! A short range artillery spell, but still artillery none the less. Unfortunately, it also clipped and destroyed his stinger snipe.

Worse, he'd miscalculated...

The fourth barrett clipped his foot.

He was bound. It likely wouldn't last long... but depending on how far the blaze cannon forced Greta back, these few seconds to deal with the bind might be EXACTLY what she needed. It didn't matter how fast you were if you couldn't move away.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Her tank is low enough that habit is kicking in, and slowly Rashmi lowers herself to the ground, banishing her wings as her feet touch the ground. << You got this, Greta, >> she sends to the warrior, trying to support her training partner even without enough magic for more than a post-fight heal.

"Cmon cmon cmon...."

Not much she can do now but watch, wait, and hope.

Greta Legend has posed:

The European girl took multiple hits and then the close up blast that sends her once more into the distance, but when she rights herself and gets balance, she growls and raises her device up, gripping in both hands, "DO IT! DREISEELEN!"

<Disengaging Limiters! Let's go, Little Red!>

The device begins shifting once more, this time placing the emitters up top of the axe-haft.

From the emitters fire a beam of energy that shoots into the sky, before stopping and right at the end the energy forming into the shape of an axe-head.


She then swings the giant magic axe down, bringing it down upon Chrono, Greta roaring as she does.


Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown rammed his rod down against the bind. Two hits... and it broke. Then up.

Too close.

That axe was massive. Oh, this was NOT going to be pleasant. He held up his left hand and the circle barrier appeared.

BAM! The axe crashed against it and he was driven down. The shield cracked, but it held... but it wouldn't hold for long. Worse, he was being driven down. The sheer force of the blow was able to, very slightly, pierce the barrier and even cause the sleeves of his barrier jacket to tear. This was why he wore metal gauntlets, had he not they would have likely been torn to pieces.

He then kicked off the shield a moment before it shattered., launching himself towards the ground. An attempt to escape? No. It only bought him a half second, where he spun around before facing her again. Was he checking how close the ground was?

His shield back up in time to barely catch the blow. It wasn't slowing, though. The power was tremendous. The force being dispersed by the shield causing the dirt and dust on the ground to stir as they got closer and closer to the ground. The second shield shattered, more gashes appearing on his uniform. A third shield. Experience was useful, yes, but it could only do so much in the face of incredible power.

Twenty feet. The ground was coming fast, the dirt spreading out.

Ten feet. The energy from the axe and being dispersed cutting gouges in the ground.

Five feet. Almost there. Just a little more.




And then Greta was stopped. With Chrono less than a foot from the ground, his shield on the verge of collapse. Her axe so destructive...

And bound. Unable to push on.

But when had he cast it? The spin. What he had done was take advantage of the faster processing speed of his own device and his own experience with the techniques, casting a single bind in that fraction of a second where he'd taken to look at the ground.

His uniform was cut in a dozen places, but he had that gentle smile on his face he'd always had. Even when he moved out of the strike, his shield shattering a moment later. Even when more binds bound her.

And she felt the blow to her back, followed by that spell.

            <Break Impulse!>

From so close to the ground, it would slam her into the dirt and likely leave her in a crater. Not fatal... but certainly a painful strike for her at this point.

"You did very well," he said, right before the spell erupted, sending her crashing below.

Greta Legend has posed:
The European girl blinks when sees the axe stop moving further down, and once it looses all momentum the energy from the axe bleeds out and dissipates, as the device shifts and releases a gush of steam from the amount of energy it had to burn. "No, no, no! Dreiseelen!"

<*ksh*Linker core at... 7%... Sorry, Little Red.

She then feels the hit to her back, and realizes. "Bullocks..."

And with that, Greta gets blasted to the ground, careening in a tumble that she can no longer correct, and slamming into the dirt in a crater...

There's a bit of quiet as she lays there to recover, gritting her teeth and catching her breath, before Greta pushes herself back to her feet, gripping her device, and starting to move in Chrono's direction... Before stumbling as her balance wavers, and she crashes back down.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"Greta!" Rashmi's concerned shout is mostly lost amid the sound of a Belkan warrior crashing to earth, but she hurries toward the dust cloud anyhow, not waiting for it to settle. It will, after all, probably be fairly easy to locate Greta when the dust clears, and if anything surprises her, it's that Dreiseelen's user s *not* sprawled in the center of the depression, but in a heap just off to one side.

    << *BONG!* >> << SOLAR HEAL >>

A circle of warm, golden light spreads out around Greta, blunting the pain of the wounds and giving her Linker Core just enough of a boost she doesn't feel quite so exhausted.

As the magic does its work, she watches Greta for a moment, then up at Chrono. "She did *really* good," she affirms. "You okay, Chrono-kun?"

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown held up his rod once more, readying himself for the next assault. He was curious if he was going to have to demonstrate another important part of practice. Learning one's own limits. However, a moment later... she dropped.

He then smiled and landed on the ground and gave them both a small nod.

"I wasn't just talking about just her. You both did very well." He glanced down at his uniform and chuckled. "You know, there are only a handful of people who could actually damage my uniform through my shield who aren't enforcer grade or A-class threats. Your support throughout that, Terios-san, was impeccable. Your barretts are getting far stronger." He walked towards them both, that calm, friendly smile still on his face.

He then held out his hand to Greta, to help her up. "You both did spectacularly and you should be proud. Few soldiers of the TSAB could do what you did, even at twice your age and many times your experience."

Behind that smile, though, his own storm was raging. What. Was. This. World. How. Did. These. Girls. Become. Like. THIS?!

"Shall we go get a snack? I believe after a session like that, some calories will do our linker cores good."

Greta Legend has posed:
The healing really helps, but Greta's pride is stinging more than anything now. Her barrier jacket is shredded, her mask shattered, as she finds herself glaring at Chrono's offered hand, and there's a brief reach up to accept his help...

And then she draws her hand back, as she directs a glare towards the ground and pushes herself up. "What, wasn't any of that normal?" She asks in a grumble.

Her eyes wander to Rashni who had been supporting, and she hmphs. "Food might help."

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"According to Chrono-kun," Rashmi says, beaming at the analysis, "there's really very little about Earth that's normal where he comes from. *Especially* when magic gets involved." Looking up at Chrono, and noting slight differences in his pleasant smile from normal... the redhead elects *not* to tell Greta about the almost certain internal meltdown she suspects the TSAB agent is having.

"And thanks, Chrono-kun. Nico says that the more I use a spell, the easier it is to make it energy efficient. And that's something these training sessions have *definitely* been doing!"

And her stomach picks now to sound like a stalking youma, causing her cheeks to redden. "...Um. I think there's an automat a block or so over, how's that sound?"

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown just kept his friendly smile out to the girl, but pulled his hand back when she resisted it. She came to his training and worked with him, there was nothing more he could ask for. "This world, from what I've seen, is incredibly unique amongst time and space."

He turned to Rashmi and, honestly? If he knew how well she was learning to read his expressions... he'd have likely been annoyed at himself for becoming predictable. He really did have to control that. But so much strange and just... wrong stuff had happened. "That is correct. The more you do a spell, the more you'll do the steps on your own. While the device helps, a large part of it is directing your mana. It's why many mages will choose a particular 'school' to focus on. For example, my use of the 'stinger' school. The better you become at the baseline, the easier it becomes on your own mana capabilities. Now then. The automat was it?" He ended his henshin, complete with dramatic pose, the hair sway and all, like some kind of movie character...

At least now Rashmi knew WHERE he got that from. And the barrier went down. To the automat!