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Recruiter, I hardly Know 'er!
Date of Scene: 08 July 2023
Location: Radiant Heart Academy
Synopsis: Club Recruitment season is underway! On a beautiful day, Usagi, Chiyo, Madoka, Ikiko, Koji, and Haruki share an afternoon of club recruitment blunders, successes, and intrigues.
Cast of Characters: Madoka Kaname, Usagi Tsukino, Haruki Hara, Ikiko Hisakata, Chiyo Sakai, Koji Silvia

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
It's a bright beautiful day on Radiant Heart Academy's campus. The sun is shining, the clouds are fluffy, even the birds are singing. It's the sort of day that artists of all sorts praise, that have painters setting out their easels, poets digging out their pens, singers, well, singing? The kind of day that everyone loves, is that good enough? But see, the thing about that kind of day is, on a campus like this - with so many students bursting with good cheer and energy and enthusiasm - there is a danger. A hidden threat, lurking.

Club recruitment.

That's right! Every school has a delicate ecosystem of clubs, and every club wants to grow, the better for funding, for activities, and for bragging rights about being the very best! And Radiant Heart Academy is no different, because everywhere Usagi looks, tables are set out, some with pictures, others with props, still more filled with eager club members happy to tell their stories and try to entice innocent future members.

Usagi Tsukino has never joined a club, having always proudly preferred to head home with her friends and hit the arcade, but there's no home to run off to, now that she lives at the dorms. Maybe... just maybe... mingling with the clubs, getting to know more about some of them, could be fun!


Which is why Usagi hasn't actually headed into the center of the madness, just yet. She's lurking at the edge of it all, looking around at all the different options and starting to feel a little dizzy. She'd even take Luna's company right now.

Koji Silvia has posed:
Stuck in the booth.

It's hardly what most students want to be doing with their day, and what's worse... some of the Computer Club people are glaring at him across the way like a traitor... but the Gymnastics Club got their claws on Koji first, and Koji is nothing but an honorable sort when it comes to his obligations.

So instead of being in his school uniform, he's wearing the school's tracksuit for the club, his usual ponytail up into a tighter bun, and his glasses replaced with prescription goggles, he is working with a partner to do basic stuff to attract attention.

They are currently both in the middle of walking back and forth on their hands, saying in unison, "Join the Gymnastics Club!"

In unison, they both tuck into rolls, kip-up, and then cheerleader style jumps and arm gestures, "Welcome To Gymnastics Club!"

Across the way, one of the seniors in their last year of Computer Club is just sitting there... tapping his pen back and forth between two fingers.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Somehow this year Chiyo had managed to get some of the other club members for the manga club to man the table. The last few she'd been stuck doing it. While she didn't mind it persay, with how soft spoken she was it had been decided that she was *not* good for pulling people in to recruit. This left her free to roam and explore the booths herself. She wasn't leaving them totally to their own devices, though.

Burdened by a few bags carefully packed with pastry boxes, Chiyo approaches the booth areas at a little jog to hurry before she's late. She'd promised to at least bring some snacks to put out to help lure in potential members--Not just for manga club, but to also put on the Flower Arrangement clubs' table. The more traditional, floral designs of some of the daifuku would be a beautiful addition to help lure people in for that one. Manga club just got the yummy mini dorikyaki, and dango sticks. Quick and easy snacks that wouldn't leave sticky fingers to touch manga pages.

The purple haired girl spots the familiar, distinctive blonde hair of Usagi as she approaches only to smile. They'd agreed to be friends the other day. It was the first time in awhile she'd had a new friend that hadn't found her boring and wandered off after awhile. Without thinking much of it she approaches to greet, "Usagi-chan! Are you going to look at the clubs, too? If you are, could you help me carry some of these? I need to get to the manga club booth to put them out."

Her attention is caught by the movement and cries of the Gymnastics Club. She looks over without thinking and then pauses. "Oh no. It's Koji-san." Had Darien told him?

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    This is not Madoka's first rodeo. Which is to say, this isn't the first time she's had to deal with the horrors of Club Recruitment. So far she's managed to avoid joining many clubs, and what clubs she has joined she didn't last long in, but how long can that go on?

    Madoka is here by herself, all on her own, walking between the stalls like a lone deer in a forest surrounded by lurking wolves. The gymnastics club gets her attention for a moment, and she tilts her head for a moment to consider, but all she can imagine is tripping and falling on her head.

    Shaking her head, she starts to walk on. She can't be a gymnast! That's a silly thought.

    Madoka moves on, taking a glance at the manga club's offerings. They have snacks at least, but she passes those up. The pinkette doesn't mind the occasional manga, but would she want to join a club for that? Hm.

    At some point she walks right by Usagi, not at all recognizing the secret identity of a girl who has, in some way or another, saved her at least twice.

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Over at the Animal Care club's table, there's a few of the more well-behaved pets, along with their people: some middleschoolers and a couple of highschoolers, plus one elementaryschooler, handing out fliers. Ikiko Hisakata had been planning on visiting one of the groups of stray dogs elsewhere, but her senpais had pointed out that the more people who join the club, the more funding the club has to help animals, and Ikiko agreed that being able to get extra supplies for the animals is a good thing.

Her senpais also figured that having an energetic elementaryschooler handing out fliers would probably draw more people through sheer cuteness, but they didn't tell Ikiko that... although if they had, she would've agreed with their logic!

"Join the Animal Care Club!" Ikiko beams at passers-by, a bright smile on her face and fliers in her hands. She steps forward towards anyone passing by, extending a flyer to them while trying to avoid obnoxiously blocking their paths.

When traffic hits a lull, she looks around, trying to see who all is already in which clubs. There's Koji; looks like he's repping the Gymnastics Club... oh, and over there is Madoka, heading this way! "Hi, Madoka-chan!" Ikiko smiles, bounding over to the pink-haired girl. "Would you like to join the Animal Care Club?"

Haruki Hara has posed:
    Club recruitment! That thing that socially capable people do and also sometimes layabouts and outcasts! Like the ones who have that club that combines Soccer and Go that no one wants to join because they're weird. Or the ESP Club, with their search for psychics and also aliens, but mainly they sit around and eat snacks and play videogames. Honestly, School Clubs are a battlefield, and not everyone will make it out alive and/or with their club intact.

    One of the booths, however, seems to be well-visited, even if not many appear to be signing up. Most of them seem to be boys too. So what has their interest? Is it something boys are traditionally into, like Ninjas or maybe Werewolf Wrestling? No!

    According to the banner, it's a recruitment booth for Magical Girl Club!

    So what's drawing the crowd? That would be the cute girl in the booth, dressed to advertise what her Club is all about! She is in a festival kimono with a large black bow on the back, she has snow-white hair that fades into pink, lavendar, cyan, purple, yellow, and blue in various places, and a similarly-multi-colored flower adorning her hair. She has white eyes, probably from contacts, and is cheerfully handing out pamphlets about the Magical Girl Club to anyone who asks.

    It's more than just her appearance that has people practically hanging off her booth though. There's just this... Charisma, for lack of a better word. A gentle, soothing presence that encourages a good mood!

    She makes sure to call out encouragement and congratulate other nearby booths if they get sign-ups. They may be competeing, but that's no excuse for bad blood!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
There are just so many *options*. Way more than there had been at her old middle school, which only made sense - Usagi used to go to a *middle school* after all; Radiant Heart Academy is full service, and there are kids attending as young as six and old enough to be in college. That meant there were clubs for all ages, interests, activities... and there are people in clubs she'd have never guessed they'd be into. Like cool Koji-senpai, dressed in his tracksuit, hair in a bun, doing gymnastics with a cute girl. Doesn't he have any sympathy for her heart?!

But luckily for Usagi, her heart is rescued by the call of her name, and the presence of another delightful senpai. "Hi Chiyo-chan! Of course I'll help - can I try one too, after I put them out? I promise I'll listen to the club recruitment speech and everything!"

It's only after she's agreed that she processes what club this is for.

"There's a MANGA club?!" Her voice is loud and excited, pitched high enough to even be heard over the Gymnastics Club's pitch. Chiyo-chan doesn't look nearly as excited though, and Usagi realizes why quickly enough, her memory of the previous day washing over her. "It's okay! He's not looking over here! And there's no way Darien told him anything, it's fine! Everything's fine! He didn't hear anything! I bet he doesn't even notice us, there are so many people here!"

It's possible he heard everything. It's very possible he notices them, thanks to Usagi's pitched up voice from earlier. But no one think about that, okay? "Look, there are clubs! We could run away to see them, and go all the way around, so we get to the Manga Club from the otherside and don't even have to pass the Gymnastics Club."

Koji Silvia has posed:
The Gymnastic Club's senpai and team second seems to be very conscious about how the ebb and flow of club recruitment works, so the girl in the booth who is a junior and set to take over the club for next year. She blows her whistle in a single sharp blast... causing the two year 10s to bow to the few people who are clapping and then move off behind the club's tented booth to cool down.

Now three 10 year old girls come out from the sides of the tenting, all of them carrying rod ribbons. The junior turns on some modern and peppy dance pop, and the three girls all yell out, "GYMNASTICS CLUB, WE ARE GERAT! COME HERE NOW, AND DON'T BE LATE!"

And they all proceed to doe some very basic but adorable rhythm gymnastics, dancing for the crowd to show that younger kids are in the club too!

Letting his ponytail out and still in his goggles, Koji comes out from behind the tent with a Pocari Sweat in his hand, and looks around for a moment to see how the recruitment is going. It looks like they got two more!

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Of course Usagi would ask to have a treat. Chiyo smiles in response and had already begun to nod her head in agreement when Usagi just starts to talk. Very loud. It was an attempt to reassure her so she couldn't be too upset, but still. Usagi's voice always seemed to carry rather well unlike her own.

Silently she offers one of the heavy bags to Usagi so she can take it. As soon as it's in the younger girls' grasp she turns her attention to the bag that she's carrying. It's opened carefully to flip open the topmost box to pull out a small sweet bean daifuku by the colorful little paper wrapper it's served in.

It's cautiously held up in front of Usagi's mouth.

"It's okay. I should just talk to him about it before there's any misunderstanding. He seems very mature and reasonable. Besides," she adds quietly giving Usagi a simle. "I've got my friend with me. I can do this.""

Newly motivated, perhaps even feeling a little brave, she starts walking down the line of booths toward the Gymnastic Club.

Only to stop dead in her tracks when her gaze slides past the club to the one with a kimono clad student in front.

Chiyo's eyes widen with a look of complete shock. "Th... There's a Magical Girl Club?"

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka gasps as she notices cute little Ikiko handing out fliers. When the younger girl calls out to Madoka and starts bounding towards her, the pinkette starts to walk towards her and meet her part way. She taps her chin, "The Animal Care club? Well, everyone seemed really friendly during the party." Including some of the animals, she remembers. Still, it's one thing to socialize, but does she want to join that full time?

    "Um... well... I'll take a flier! I'm still looking around, really." As cute as Ikiko is, Madoka doesn't want to turn her down, but she's not sure that she wants to make a choice this early. Shouldn't she consider more options?

    The next club to get her attention is the Magical Girl Club. "Huh? ... A club for magical girls?"

    Madoka considers, with her mouth open in a small o shape, as she taps her chin. What's a club for magical girls? Is it... what she thinks it is, or is it some kind of mahou shoujo manga fan club? Surely it's something like the latter, right? It couldn't possibly be...

    Then again, Inai-sensei exists, so she knows that there is some kind of magical girl underground going on at this school. Madoka turns to Ikiko for a second and sheepishly apologizes, "Um... I need to go check something out. I'll see you around, Ikiko!" Thusly, Madoka walks away from an actual magical girl to go look at the Magical Girl club. Homura keeps warning her away from this sort of thing, but...

    The curious girl soon finds herself standing in front of Haruki. She's hesitant for a moment, and then reaches out to take a pamphlet. "So... what's your club about?"

Haruki Hara has posed:
    Ikiko is Very Cute and Haruki hopes that she gets Many Recruits. Likewise, Koji's energetic encouragement is sure to draw in many Genki Students! She wishes the best for both of them! She may even volunteer to help out with animal care as an honorary member if they will allow it, and staying fit is part of being healthy, so she might double-dip into the gymnastics club as well. When she gets the chance, she'll walk around and see what others have to offer too. It's just... You know... She hasn't had much of a chance yet. Though most of the questions she is getting asked aren't, strictly speaking, related to her club...

    Until! Finally a girl comes over and ask what's up!

    Speaking softly, gently, and somehow elegantly despite speaking like anyone else, the white-haired white-eyed girl turns her attention on the new arrivals. "Good day! Thank you for your interest! The Magical Girl Club is a gathering of those who admire and love Mahou Shoujo in all its forms. From anime, manga, stage plays, and films, to cosplay, conventions, costume construction, and even producing our own music videos and dance routines! Anyone is welcome."

    She raises the paper fan she has so it covers the lower half of her face and giggles out, "Of course, if any actual Magical Girls appear, they have a special invitation to join!" Flowers. Flowers and spring rain. How can that peaceful aura intensify even further...!?

    She extends a pamphlet to Madoka as was requested. "There have been mysterious happenings of late... Perhaps it is a sign that miracles and magic are real?" She asks as she tilts her head slightly, squints her eyes, and smiles just So Cutely Oh My Gosh.

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko nods understandingly to Madoka; there are plenty of clubs, and the older girl doesn't seem to have a specific aim in mind. Inwardly, though, Ikiko's grin broadens -- between Madoka visiting the open house the other day and accepting a flyer today, the younger girl is pretty sure that Madoka will at least be an affiliate of the Animal Care club, even if it winds up not being her main club.

The excited shout catches Ikiko's attention, well-timed as Madoka makes her apologetic exit. Ikiko briefly waves to the pink-haired girl, then glances towards where the shout came from. Let's see, there's... ah, right -- that's Sakai-san; they had incidentally met briefly at the Korma Chameleon the other day. The twin-tailed, double-bunned blonde girl standing next to her isn't someone Ikiko recognizes, but for some reason she seems to have a vibe that feels comfortable to Ikiko.

The competing productions between the Gymnastics club and the Magical Girl club draw Ikiko's eyes away from Usagi and Chiyo. The acrobatic playfulness of one of her classmates catches her attention, and Ikiko applauds encouragingly when they complete their routine.

But her focus keeps heading back to the Magical Girls club. Oh, so they're fans of the genre, and not, y'know, actual magical girls. That makes more sense than the other -- but she does have to stifle a giggle at the invitation extended to Actual Magical Girls. If they only knew~!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Usagi is prepared to discourage her friend - sure, people and manga alike claimed that honesty was the best policy, but how many times had those same sources revealed honesty to be the cause of strife? What if he took her confession of the truth as a convoluted method of revealing *true* feelings, and thought she really did mean that she liked him? What then?! Surely, the best option was to just never say anything, ever, at all, and to hope the secret died in middle - high - school, never to be known again.

But she never gets a chance to share her wisdom, for something else draws Chiyo's attention, and with it Usagi. And that something, is...

"She's *beautiful*," Usagi says, eyes practically forming hearts. "She's got to be a magical girl!"

A beat of silence.

"But she can't *actually* be a magical girl, can she?"

It can't be that easy, can it? Surely Inai-senpai would have said something about a club, right? Right?! For a moment, she can't breathe properly, shocked and stunned and perhaps a little infatuated at the thought of such sheer confidence to boldly proclaim onself -

"Oh! It's an otaku club!"

Koji Silvia has posed:
Leaning back and downing a good quarter of the bottle, Koji settles a small towel over his shoulders to complete the image, and looks curiously towards all of the excitement.

Crossing the way as the explanation is given, he stops to say a few words to a couple younger students vaguely interested in Computer Club, and slides them towards his other group in the other booth. Looking back over his shoulder, he holds up two fingers and then points... mollifying his less than happy club senpai.

With that out of the way, he removes the goggles and pockets them, replacing them with his glasses... briefly missing how in his own 'magical' form, Hanzo helps correct for his otherwise poor vision. As he focuses and sees the charm offensive well on it's way to succeeding by Haruki and her one-girl Magical Girl Club show, he ends up stopping behind Usagi and Chiyo.

"You know," He says in that usual tone of his, the calm demeanor, "You have to give her credit for the enthusiasm, if nothing else. I hope she gets her wish and gets enough members signed up to establish a new club. The real hurdle was probably finding a teacher to sponsor it."

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka quietly accepts the pamphlet from Haruki, takes a look at it, and then looks up at the mysteriously charming young lady. As she listends to Haruki's pitch, her expression goes from one of curiosity, to wonder, to surprise, and then to confusion. Did she just hear what she thought she heard?

    She mulls this over silently for a moment, looking down at the pamphlet so as to not stare at Haruki. It's not as if Magical Girls are a complete secret. Sailor V exists, even if most don't understand her full significance. Yet as Madoka is becoming increasingly aware, there are many who seem to be in on the truth.

    She overhears Usagi's declaration that Haruki must be a magical girl, and for a moment Madoka could almost be convinced, but it passes. It's just an otaku club. It's got to be, right? No one would be that bold.


    Madoka looks up to see Haruki's oh-so-cute smile, and while Cute might be Madoka's species type, it's also her type weakness. The pinkette giggles sheepishly, then responds, "Yeah, the world is... becoming a more magical place. Stay safe out there! I'll... keep this in mind. I'm actually a fan of magical girls myself."

    She tilts her head and tries to force a laugh, as if what she's about to say is a joke, "It'd be kinda cool to be one someday!" Hopefully Kyubey didn't just hear that.

    Madoka waves at the adorable and charming Haruki, before pulling away from that attractive aura. It's hard not to have a positive opinion about someone as charming as her.

    After leaving that booth, Madoka takes a look around. Animal Club, Manga Club, Gymnastics Club, Magical Girl Club... of these four, is there one that catches her interest?

    If only she could decide...

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"I... I don't... think so?" Chiyo seems at a loss for words watching the interactions at the Magical Girl Club while Usagi gapes as well. It's the words of her friend that cause her to shake her head slowly before the realization that it's just an otaku club becomes obvious. Maybe when Usagi points it out.

Chiyo actually finds herself giggling in response suddenly feeling MUCH better realizing that. "I know they exist, I saw the fight at the park. It would be silly to advertize themselves like that though. It's just fans. That's okay." WHEW. At least she hopes it's just fans.

The topic is brushed off with a shake of her head as she works to change the subject. Back to something that is of more importance at the moment. "Ah, I know it's not the best timing, but if Darien-san tells Koji-san I said I had a crush on him it'll just be worse. It's better I talk to him fi--rst..."

There's a little hiccuping skip in her speech because that's exactly when Koji walks up behind them and makes his presence known. Chiyo pales with a deer caught in the headlight look.

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Glancing around, Ikiko notices that the bulk of the attention currently seems to be on Haruki and the Magical Girl club. Well, if people are distracted enough that it would be rude to interrupt their focus, then perhaps she can range a bit further afield than usual...

Quietly walking forward and taking a second flyer into her hand-out hand, Ikiko approaches Chiyo and Usagi from the direction away from the Magical Girl club. She's not intending on eavesdropping -- well, beyond just enough to find a good opening in the conversation so she can make herself known -- but she catches just enough context to have a clue why Chiyo just froze in shock.

Maybe a small interruption is in order, then?

Clearing her throat slightly so that the two girls are aware that she's there, Ikiko brightly and innocently asks, "Would the two of you like to join the Animal Care clubs?" She gives a hint of a nod to Koji to acknowledge his presence, but otherwise her focus is on Chiyo and Usagi, oferring them flyers as a way to break the ice.

Haruki Hara has posed:
    Haruki smiles in agreement with Madoka. "Yes. I wish I could be one too. Maybe the day will come when dreams and reality intertwine. Please be safe as well!" She waves as the pink-haired girl goes to visit other booths.

    Her eyebrow twitches a bit and her smile becomes a little bit crooked at Usagi's declaration that this is an 'otaku club'. "Ha... Hahaha... I suppose one could see it that way. We are definitely enthusiastic about our passion! But who isn't?" She shrugs in Usagi's direction. She raises her hands up and clenches them into loose fists in front of her and says cutely, "Let's all do our best, no matter who or what our love is!"

    Positive vibes all around.

    More questions from the boys if that means she's single. Not that she minds, but... She misses the presence of people actually interested in joining her club already...! The path of a Magical Girl is a lonely road indeed.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
The Magical Girl Club is actually a little disappointing, now that Usagi knows the truth. It makes sense, sure, because who would be so bold, but still - for a moment, now that she *knows* her school is full of other magical girls, she thought she might actually get to meet one, without a big monster fight. It's disappointing to know the club is just... like the manga club, but even more specific.

"I wonder what it'd be like to meet a real magical girl?" She asks wistfully. To actually meet one, and have a chance to talk, not just fight and exchange quips and talk in brief before having to run off. Rei-chan didn't count, because Rei-chan was just like her - new to this, and a Sailor Soldier. Another magical girl, an actual magical girl with experience... *that* would be cool.

But... uh oh. What she said... it was probably kind of rude, huh? "Sorry! It's not a bad thing to be an otaku! I just thought, for a minute, that your club was you know - *real* magical girls. But it's very cool! You're super cute! I mean it!"

Please give your forgiveness, Cutest-Girl-in-School-chan!!! Unfortunately, before Usagi can say more, Chiyo is addressing something even more important than a social blunder - her desire to confess and come clean to Koji-san. It's something Usagi really thinks is a bad idea, but before she can say something, they're in a real life manga situation! Sharing a secret, only for the person the secret is about to come up behind them! What do they do -

"Please tell us ALL about the Animal Care Club!" A lifeline? Oh yeah, she'll take it for both of them.

Koji Silvia has posed:
There is a wave to Ikiko as Koji says to the girl before she can give her presentation, "Tell the head of the club thank you for me! He says that once Summer Break starts, he and some others will let me know a day we can go out and get Mochi and KitKat and their kittens to take to the vet. Your friends in the club are very nice people."

He actually moves past Chiyo, and doesn't say it, but has a look that says apology and a moment somehow, even as her face reflects lightly in his glasses.

Approaching Haruki, he bows to her respectfully, and speaks to her in a quiet tone, "You are very much a shining star here today, Miss. I want you to know we all watched you, and we hope for great things from your club." Straightening, he actually laughs a bit, and then rubs the back of his neck, "I at least assume that's what my club leaders would say if they weren't already so miffed at me for being over here in the first place. But really... I do mean it. Best of luck with your club."

Finally done with that, he turns back to Usagi, Chiyo, and Ikiko, in time to see Madoka awandering, and trying to place WHERE he's seen that pink hair before... but there are other things to address.

He stops in front of Chiyo, and says to her, "Let me guess."

Stepping past and next to her, so Ikiko can make her pitch but he can still talk, "This was something to do with salvaging Usagi and Darien's chances right? Well... if we have to pretend to be together for a little bit, then I'm game."

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Unfortunately for Madoka, someone did hear that, and two big red eyes peek out at her from a nearby tree. The little white rat calls out to her telepathically, staying hidden from sight but letting her know where he is. Madoka glances towards the alien mascot who is hiding in plain sight, his sudden appearance ruining what was for her a poignant moment.

    <You know, Madoka Kaname. If you really want to be a magical girl and help people, then you should-->

    "No!" Madoka turns to Kyubey, almost mad. "Bad timing! Not now!"

    And then immediately, Madoka covers her mouth in embarrassment. Oh my god. How many people saw her scolding at nothing? How many people saw her scolding Kyubey? Are they gonna remember this tomorrow? Her face gets bright red. Thinking quickly, she pulls out her phone, pretending that she just got a call or a text and that her outburst was about that.

    She immediately starts briskly walking away, feeling a need to escape her shame. She really doesn't want to be seen as the crazy girl right now.

    Oh no, club recruiters. One of your prey is escaping! At least a couple of you gave her pamphlets!

    And she still hasn't met Usagi. Koji also went unnoticed by her.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai drops her face down into the palm of her hand as this all begins to unfurl in the worst possible way. It really was like one of her shoujo manga! This is why she should just be simple and quiet rather than risk being overheard. Yet she was always being encouraged to speak up and it seemed like something that would be good. Seemed.

Ikiko is given a look that seems to scream 'thank you!' for the distraction she brings forth. Plus it seems Koji is walking off leaving them a moment or two to breathe. A soft smile is offered for the younger girl. "I don't think I could be a part of that club. Not because I don't like animals," she hastens to add. "I just work at my grandfather's shop, too, so I don't have much free time for clubs. That's why I like manga club, it's mostly reading and you can do that in your own time, too."

With the explanation given she does nod as Usagi reaches for the pamphlet. At least Ikiko would get to pitch to someone. Right?

There's a slight nervous wariness to her when she watches Koji leave the pretty girl at the Magical Girl Club table to come back toward her and stand right in front of her.

His remarks cause her to lift her hand again pinching the bridge of her nose with a sigh of absolute relief. "Oh thank goodness you understand. Yes!" A quick glance is cast to the side at Usagi and Ikiko before she risks murmering quietly to Koji, "I can explain more later, too. It was just necessary at the time to cover for Usagi-chan."

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"Will do!" Ikiko grins to Koji as he walks by. Chiyo's explanation is met with a 'yeah, I can see that' nod of acceptance; having tasks outside of school does limit free time.

Turning towards Usagi, the younger girl straightens up with a certain degree of pride and says, "The Animal Care Club is primarily about enjoying the company of pets and other critters, and tending to their health and well-being! It's a good place to talk with others about the pets you have, or learning about pets you're thinking of picking up, as you can ask fellow club members who have that kind of pet what their experiences are and advice on whether it might be a good pet for you!"

Taking a quick breath, Ikiko continues on. "We also volunteer to help animals beyond school grounds -- what Koji-san was talking about is one example -- and generally try to make Tokyo a better place for all animals!" Of course, some of the volunteering isn't technically part of club activities, but no need to mention personal hobbies when making a pitch on behalf of the club!

After Koji's return, Ikiko listens in as he and Chiyo plot together. "So, if anyone asks, Chiyo-san has a crush on Koji-san, and you reciprocate her feelings?" Ikiko whispers conspirationally. "I mean, I'm not going to volunteer the info, but I want to make sure I don't spread the wrong story."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Usagi listens carefully to the younger girl's pitch. She's adorable, so it's no hardship, even if it is proof that the evils of club recruitment are wily indeed, to recruit such cuteness for eeeeeeevil. (It's not that evil, but it is, maybe, a little. All these clubs, asking kids to stay at school instead of the arcade!) "I've never really joined a club," she admits. "But I've got a cat now, sorta?"

Luna *is* a cat, but sometimes it feels more like Luna has an Usagi than the other way around. When your cat can talk and takes care of her own business, with no litter box needed, and also handles her own food because she hates cat food -

But she is a little interested! She could probably be a better Luna...friend? Not owner, that's for sure.

"...yeah, exactly," she confirms, when the younger girl explains. "Ah, I'm Usagi Tsukino, grade 9, by the way! Chiyo-chan helped me out, and it kind of caused all this trouble..."

Koji Silvia has posed:
Taking out the little notepad that Ikiko saw earlier, Koji uses the little pen attached with it to write something down, and then gives it to Chiyo with a single neat motion that doesn't even leave a ragged edge of the paper, "Here's my number. We can work out the details later... but anyways... it was a pleasure to meet you, Chiyo-kun. And thanks for watching out for Usagi."

Leaning in, he adds with a whisper, "Give her my number for me? I get the feeling we might all need it."

As he passes back to the Gymnastics booth, though, Ikiko gets HEADRUBS... and he adds, "Good pitch! If I wasn't already doubling my club-time, you'd all have me too, Iki-kun. I'll see you when we go to get those kittens taken care of!"

What none of the girls see as he turns back to where his duties are is the momentarily pensive expression on his face... and perhaps only a certain little wolf-chan can hear him mutter under his breath, "Well, there goes staying in the shadows for too much longer. Back to work, Hanzo."

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko giggles slightly at Usagi's comment, although more at the coincidence of lunar names than the causing of complications -- but if the others think that it's just the latter, who is she to correct them? And she did manage to stifle her surprise at Usagi's grade; just as Ikiko is tall for her age, it makes sense that there's others who would be short for their age... which would explain the mere half-inch difference in height in Usagi's favor. "Ikiko Hisakata, grade 5!" the younger girl beamed. "Nice to meet you, Usagi-chan!"

She leeeans slightly into the headrubs from Koji; she hadn't been super-fond of them before she had become Cute Wolf Tsukiko, but ever since then she has felt like the wolf ears are still there in memory when she's just Ikiko.

And her hearing does seem to be a bit sharper than it used to be. She doesn't know of anyone named Hanzo -- at least, not outside of history -- but she'll definitely remember both that name, and that Koji works with them...