An Uncomfortable Drive (Greta Legend)

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An Uncomfortable Drive (Greta Legend)
Date of Cutscene: 22 August 2023
Location: Mitakihara Ward
Synopsis: An uncomfortable conversation between Greta and her father, on the drive through Mitakihara Ward, before Greta hops off to face Noroima.

Cast of Characters: Greta Legend

The drive through Mitakihara has been just a tiny bit slow, having to stop at a traffic light is alway a little annoying, and there were quite so many pedestrians in the crosswalk during the red light, and she's just quietly groaning in frustration as she watches the bustling about. This would be less of a drag, if she wasn't having to share the ride with the only person in the world that could make it frustrating.

Her father, Chester Legend, executive at the company he has been working at for years, and most of the time emotionally distant. Peak family.

"How are you adjusting to Tokyo, Greta?" The man asks from his side. "You've been heading out a fair bit on your own as of late... Have you made some friends?"

Greta grits her teeth in frustration, and looks to him, reverting to her German, despite the fact that her father was Englsh, "<Maybe if you were around, you'd know who I was spending time with, father.>"

Her father sighs and shakes his head, "There is no need for hostility, Greta, it's absolutely normal for a father to want to know how his little girl is doing."

Greta hmphs, "-Now- you're interested in how I'm doing?" She responds in English now. She'd always been able to hide her German accent behind the English mannerisms, but she was never quite able to do that when she was truly upset. "<I'm doing fine as school, but I don't have any friends... Why should I even bother?>"

"That you're not even trying is part of the problem." The man replies, "You simply have to try with the time you've been given."

"Time? -What- time?!" Greta burts out, "For the last five bloody years, I've had to go from school to school to school, and I haven't had any time to settle! And when I do, your job sends you out about, and you take me with you!"

"Don't take that tone with me, young lady. Everything I've done has been for your benefit." Her father's own tone hardens, "Ever since your mother died---"

"And you're blaming Mama again!" Greta explodes, before turning her head away from her father and out the window into the streets of Mitakihara... She goes quiet and hmphs.

Her father opens his mouth, and then closes it, shaking his head, choosing not to get into a shouting match again. "You'll understand someday... I promise you, Greta, after this is over, everything will have been worth it... You'll see..."

Greta hmphs a bit, but she's already increasingly distracted. She was feeling something off. in the air.

Her father's eye's peek out the window as well, gritting his teeth in annoyance and he comments, "The weather is getting sour... Let's get home before it starts raining." He then bellows in Japanese to the driver, <Let's get off this road. Find a quicker route.>"

"<Sir, it's still a red light...>"

At around this point, Greta can here the distorted voice of her intelligent device speaking.

< Dark energy signature detected one hundred twenty meters North-East. Action must be taken, Little Red. >

The blonde teenager had felt the energy spiking, and then looks out the window again, feeling it in the distance. Greta grits her teeth, pushing her glasses up her nose and then suddenly opening the car door just as her father was instructing a change of direction for the driver AWAY from it.

"" Greta blurts out in her German to her English father, and suddenly opens the car door while its still at a standstill, and climbs out to start running towards the darkness.

Chester goes wide eyed and calls out, "Greta! Get back in the car, young lady!" But Greta makes a bit of distance now, unable to hear him.

The man growling under his breath, "Bloody lackeys... Are they just letting every rank bloody amateur into Obsidian now? Un-bloody-professional..."