Coming Home Late (Greta Legend)

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Coming Home Late (Greta Legend)
Date of Cutscene: 04 September 2023
Location: Greta Legend's Home
Synopsis: Greta comes home to find her father waiting for her. Seems normal to her. Absolutely nothing unusual.
Cast of Characters: Greta Legend



The front door opens up of the Legend household, held open for Greta as she steps into the house with her school backpack, looking exhausted. School has never exhausted her like this before, though then again, it wasn't school that did the exhausting.

Between school, and her patrols across the city to fight monsters where they happen, and then shenanigans that include space-time distortions or a space princess on the run from her uncle, Greta was starting to wear herself down, and this is BEFORE cooking club activities. She had to learn how to make various rice dishes!

Despite all of this, as the girl makes her way to her room to get on with homework, a familiar figure steps out of her room ahead of her. "Ah, Greta, I was beginning to worry when you didn't come back from school sooner."

Greta freezes up a moment as she sees the man, and bites her lip, "Sorry, I'm late, Father... School activities kept me busy..."

Her father, Chester Legend, the big executive of GRM Enterprises, a subsidiary under the Japanese Conglomerate 'Obsidian'. He'd always been distant, but that was because of his job and general cold personality.

"Did you need something from my room?" Greta asks, taking her time to get to the doorway. "It's been the same as always."

The man opens his mouth before shaking his head, "I just wanted to make sure you were safe and sound, especially after that horible explosion yesterday."

Greta shakes her head, "I was at school at the time, father, nowhere near that... It's weird that you're worrying."

Her father just forces a smile, "I think I'm allowed to worry over my only daughter..." He seems to relax and turns, "Well then, if you're fine, then I'll leave you to it... I've got to get back to work."

Greta sighs and nods, "You never take time off..."

Chester coldly starts walking, "There will be plenty of time off when my work is complete. You'll see." And with that, the man walks off to his home-office, leaving Greta alone just outside her bedroom.

The girl opens her as though to raise a question, before shaking her head and stepping into her room, in order to just flop onto her bed, as she mumbles in German, "<They got into your head, Greta. Father is just father.>"


In the office of Chester Legend, the man takes a breath as he looks into a standing mirror for a moment, "Soon... Everything will be in place soon... But until then..."

He then reaches to the mirror and taps the center, watching it the reflection seem to ripple, as the reflection turns into what looks like a satellite view of Tokyo, scanning across the city, before muttering, "Come out, Red Riding Hood... Don't be afraid..." His eyes redden and he growls, "The Wolves won't hurt you..."