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Francesca Leon (Scenesys ID: 70)
"Why should I rely on you? I've had no one to turn to but myself for a long time, now."
Name: Francesca Leon AKA: Stray
Gender: Female Series: (OC) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Origin: Device Mage Grade: N/A
Clubs: Homeless Club Age: 14
Group Information
Groups N/A


The daughter of a Mid-Childan Device maker and an earth-born man, Francesca always knew there was magic. But then one day when her parents were killed in front of her by a youma that intended to take her mother's prototype Device it felt, to her, as though all the magic had drained from the world. Taking her mother's Device and fleeing into the night, driven to despair by her parent's deaths, Francesca slipped through the cracks. With no home to return to, no relatives to take her in, she began to eke out a hollow life in Tokyo's alleys and streets. Though she can be mistrustful of others and their intentions, beneath an injured exterior is a gentle and loving girl who only wants people to see her for who she really is and not ignore her or look right through her. However, with her mother's Device 'Mistoffelees' still in her possession, both a keepsake of her good memories of a warm and loving home, and as a magical focus, Francesca becomes Stray, a magical warrior bent on protecting those who cannot protect themselves from the darker shadows of Tokyo's back alleys and the monsters that lurk within them.


Stray Cat Strut, Urban Survivalist, Trust Is Hard To Come By, Memory... Turn Your Face To The Moonlight, Memory... All Alone In The Moonlight, I Can Smile At The Old Days I Was Beautiful Then, I remember, The Time I Knew What Happiness Was, Let the memory Live again..., It's so easy to Leave Me, All Alone withe the memory Of My Days In the Sun.

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'3"
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February 10
Likes: Warm places
Dislikes: Cold
Favorite Food: Mochi
Least Favorite Food: Natto
Favorite Subject: NA
Least Favorite Subject: N/A


Title Date Scene Summary
Magic Basics, or 'How I stopped worrying and learned to love the CLAW STINGER!' August 1st, 2023 Magic Combat 101, Zephyr begins teaching Francesca the basics of magical combat with Barret practice.
Training Time July 25th, 2023 Zephyr teaches Francesca The Way Of The Sword and is otherwise a mysterious and enigmatic sifu.
Served Cold! July 16th, 2023 An evil refrigerator youma has holed up inside the Hotel Augusta! It's up to our brave heroes to take it out and save everyone!
Night Parade July 11th, 2023 Chaos erupts at a museum when someone lets the cat out of the vase.
Dream Kingdom Akanbe! July 10th, 2023 Some magical girls are visiting the theme park when suddenly a dragon girl shows up to give everybody a Bad End! An Akanbe is created and a fight ensues! Will the magical girls win? (Of course they will.)
Meet Your Mentor July 2nd, 2023 In which Zepyhr finds Francesca trying to hide from her problems and starts the steps towards a whole new magical journey for a lost and confused girl.
Stray Cat Strut July 2nd, 2023 Francesca Leon is under attack by a two-headed bear youma! Luckily, Ginga Otome, Sailor Moon, Cute Wolf Tsukiko, Zephyr, and Cure Tide are on the scene to help her - and civilian Rei Hino, who's wandered into a nightmare.
Hope to Brighten Your Day July 1st, 2023 A Bake Sale, A Soda Sale, A disgruntled General and a new Precure!


Title Date Scene Summary
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Francesca was born and raised in Tokyo like any other completely normal girl. Except for the fact that her mother was an alien! ... Specifically, Francesca's mother was a Device maker that decided to move to Earth to lay low a bit with her prototype Device in tow. She didn't expect to fall in love with an earth man and get married. But that happened. And because that happened, Francesca was born.

Francesca's mother raised her with the knowledge that magic was very real and existed in the world all around her; though she didn't actually teach her any magic, deciding that could wait until Francesca came of age. Alas it was not to be. Because Francesca's mother had been tracked to earth, and a youma was sent to retrieve her prototype Device. Francesca watched in horror as her parents were killed in front of her, and barely escaped with her life from the nightmare of that youma's attack.

But she also escaped with something else. She escaped with her mother's cherished necklace, not knowing that it was the very Device that her parents had been killed over. However, with no family left, no one to turn to, she fell through the cracks of society and took to living on the streets, forsaking school and friends to hide from the monsters of the world.

A year passed.

A year of ekeing out a miserable existence on the Tokyo streets, avoiding police and outreach as her ability to trust in others dwindled. A year of starving, struggling, and just trying to get by.


Ever since the death of her parents- a traumatic and terrible event that befell her, Francesca locked herself away internally. She fled, and with no one to turn to, she was forced to rely on the only person she could. Herself.

A year of living on the street is kind of a big deal. And though she was a sweet, caring and diligent girl before she had to fend for herself, the result of a year on rough turf hardened Francesca's heart. She stopped trusting in others. It was painful. But other people would either try to take what little belonged to her or hurt her while she was only trying to survive.

Beneath the injured and mistrustful exterior though is a hurt girl who only wants to have the hope that one day she'll be able to make friends again. And with Mistoffelees' guidance she hopes to be able to protect and shelter other people like her- who were forced into the dark shadows of Tokyo where they have no protection.

Deep, deep, inside, Francesca wants what everyone else wants. To be seen as a person, not as some pity or charity case, and most important of all, she wants a place to belong.


Francesca out of her Barrier Jacket.
Francesca's Barrier Jacket form, 'Stray'.