Hana Shiroi

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Hana Shiroi (Scenesys ID: 124)
"Reality is such a fascinating canvas. Like dreams, only with consequence."
Name: Hana Shiroi AKA: Puella Magi Hana
Gender: Female Series: (OC) HIATUS
Origin: HIATUS Grade: 10
Clubs: Art Club Age: 15
Group Information
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Known as the Art Queen of RHA, Hana Shiroi is a talented, pretty young woman known for her skill with a paintbrush and her near-celebrity level of fame in the Art Club and associated activities. A perfect student in almost every way, she's known among the teachers for being reserved, smart, and punctual. Among the students, she has a bit of a reputation as an ice queen or a 'mean girl', constantly accompanied by her clique of hangers-on and routinely delighting in actions which make her feel superior to the average students. Outside of school, Puella Magi Hana has a reputation as one of the more ruthless of her ilk haunting the nighttime streets of Tokyo. Using her magical paintbrush, she can summon shadowy 'figments' into being to fight on her behalf, often swarming her enemies with legions of disposable minions while she remains at a safe distance. Those enemies are rumored to be other Puella competing for 'her' Grief Seeds as often as Witches, although actual evidence of her attacking other Puella is scarce. The rumors, however, are persistent and must have started somewhere.


Reality Artist, Ice Queen, Two-Faced Mean Girl Extraordinaire, Minion Master, Sublime Artiste

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: O
Birthday: October 29th
Likes: Art, Philosophy, Control
Dislikes: Critics, Chaos, Competition
Favorite Food: Tofu
Least Favorite Food: Edible Flowers
Favorite Subject: Art
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Online Tag(s): Unknown


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Masks July 14th, 2023 Art Club at RHA is a strangely philosophical place.


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