Loretta Bein

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Loretta Bein (Scenesys ID: 77)
"To protect the past and future, I am Guardian Lore!"
Name: Loretta Bein AKA: Guardian Lore
Gender: Female Series: (OC) Guardian Princess Runealy
Origin: Guardian Knight Grade: 9
Clubs: Literature Club Age: 15
Group Information
Groups Waldian Guardians


Hailing from the strange world beyond the Waldian Portal, Loretta was the daughter of the caretakers of the castle library owned by Runealy Waldia's family. When her parents died unexpectedly in a boating accident at age 10 she begged the royal family to let her continue in her place rather than be sent to an orphanage or settled with new adoptive parents. To her great relief they agreed, and she's been one of their most ardent supporters ever since. When Runealy found her mother murdered Loretta was one of the first to find out due to her close proximity, and as soon as the plan to explore the world beyond the Portal was hatched she quickly volunteered to join. Now she fights at The Red Princess' side as one of her Guardian Knights, calling herself Guardian Lore after having sworn an Oath to protect her. Even in the odd and fantastical world of Earth she does her best to help her Princess in every way she can think of.


Scythe Girl, Wind Magic, Boost Pads, Jump Pads, Bookworm, Librarian, Waldian, Orphan Club, Combo Starter

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: A-
Birthday: April 8th
Likes: Books, Reading, Glasses, Literature, Knowledge, Kindness, The Waldian Royal Family, Safety
Dislikes: Demons, Bullies, False History, Lies
Favorite Food: Spiced Oatmeal
Least Favorite Food: Turduckin
Favorite Subject: Language Arts
Least Favorite Subject: Geology


Title Date Scene Summary
Monarchs vs Monarchy August 14th, 2023 Starfall Omen creates a swarm of butterflies to sneakily drain the energy of the people in Penguin Park. When things go wrong, she panics, and uses the butterflies to create a Perfect Bit. Runealy and Loretta are in the area and defeat the youma, claiming a portion of the energy it gathered.
Finding Shelter July 3rd, 2023 After the attack on the beach, a Guardian Knight and their princess find a possible home in a strange new world.


Title Date Scene Summary
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