Lulu Adelstein

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Lulu Adelstein (Scenesys ID: 126)
"I'll hit them with my fist!"
Name: Lulu Adelstein AKA: Puella Lulu
Gender: Female Series: (OC) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Origin: Puella Magi Grade: 9
Clubs: Track Club Age: 14
Group Information
Groups Radiant Heart Academy


Lulu Adelstein, German Puella Magi and track star, has recently arrived in Japan along with a handful of other German schoolgirls. They have joined Radiant Heart Academy because of their families moving to Tokyo for work reasons, and though her Japanese is kind of garbage she has the kind of fiery spirit and energy that draw people to her. She is more than happy to make more friends, but her main goal in being here is because she is hunting a very particular Witch. She will use all the power in her body to strike this Witch down no matter what, but otherwise just enjoys getting everything out of life that she can.


All Problems Can Be Solved Through The Adequate Application Of Punching, Boxing Champ, Flat Is Justice, Hero Of Justice, I Cast Fist!, Puncha Puncha, Punching Principle Expert, Puppy Dog Pants! I Have Pants With Puppy Dogs On Them!, Track & Field Ace

Vital Trivia

Height: 4'10"
Blood Type: A
Birthday: December 5th
Likes: Sports
Dislikes: Thinking
Favorite Food: BBQ Pork
Least Favorite Food: Milk
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: Literature


Title Date Scene Summary
Are you seeing double December 7th, 2023 A Lost Logia is chased, but for its sealing, it's two steps backwards.
How Many Times Can I Break November 28th, 2023 In the aftermath of scene 798, Magda Faust checks in on Lulu Adelstein at the hospital.
The Secret of the Soul Gem November 21st, 2023 One of the secrets hidden within the Soul Gem is finally revealed in a terrible way.
Pachyderm Panic November 20th, 2023 Pink elephant on parade.
Tea Time at Mami's Episode 777: Cherry and Oolong November 17th, 2023 Lulu wants to be friends with Mami, so what does Mami do? She invites her over for tea and cake, of course! Lulu brought a present, and showers Mami with compliments that Mami has a hard time accepting. It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Mami Meets the Puella Meisters October 27th, 2023 Mami arrives at a Labyrinth only to find a quartet of Puella Magi already inside. She greets them on their exit and learns a little bit about the German squad who is in town.
The Observant Witch and the Tutoring Puellae October 6th, 2023 Sayaka reunites with Madoka after a long while and gets to watch her first Witch Hunt in progress thanks to her and various Puellae, with an important contribution by Teresia.
Malleus August 24th, 2023 Strategy session on how to defeat a double-Witch double-Labyrinth double-Feature.
Steel Horse August 20th, 2023 Haruko Hara has a train to catch.
Evening Snacking July 31st, 2023 Norie Okana as La Crima tries to feed at Radiant Heart Academy. Magical girls try to stop her and... help her? What is this madness.


Title Date Scene Summary
Not What I Asked For (Lulu Adelstein) November 30th, 2023 (CW: Extreme bullying) Lulu thinks about her life before and after making her Wish.