Miho Aiuchi

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Miho Aiuchi (Scenesys ID: 44)
"Oh? You're here to stop me? Heh. Nothing personal, it's just, that means you're in my way! May I have this dance?"
Name: Miho Aiuchi AKA: Noroima, Noriko Midoriyama
Gender: Female (trans) Series: (OC) Curse Hunters
Origin: Accursed Grade: 9
Clubs: Go Home Club Age: 14/????
Group Information
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Miho Aiuchi was an ordinary student with a latent talent for magic, book-smart and observant but moderately shy. One day, a Jade Bangle found its way into her hands -- a bangle which contained the dead spirit of a demonic sorceress called Noroima. Enthusiastic about the idea of wielding dark magic and severely underestimating how much the Darkness would affect her mind, Miho took up the mantle of the new Noroima. Now she seeks to gather power and artifacts in an attempt to manipulate the world by means both subtle and overt towards an unimaginable conclusion! Well ... when she can be bothered. When she's on the clock.

There's a big problem, though: deep in the Dusk Zone is a massive fox-demon called Curse Devil Akunoroi, which the first Noroima created as a new body for herself -- and it wants its spirit back!


Punch-Clock Villain, Super Speed, Magic Dancing, Drama Queen, SFX: Smug, No Really I'm Totally Smart, Pretending She's Extroverted, Rival In Search Of A Hero, Nemesisflirting, ICly Roleplaying As Herself, Even Evil Has Standards, (Chuckles) You Mean The Chaos Emeralds?, This Is WHO I AM (Sort Of)!

Vital Trivia

Height: 4'11"
Blood Type: O-
Birthday: April 29
Likes: Dark Energy, cunning plans, her sister Kurumi
Dislikes: Purification, the state of the world
Favorite Food: Ice cream
Least Favorite Food: Anything with a Bad Texture
Favorite Subject: Science
Least Favorite Subject: Japanese Literature


Title Date Scene Summary
A Shared History September 1st, 2023 La Crima and Noroima meet and discuss some things.
True Psychic Tales: Stand Alone Complex - Don't Go Into The Caves August 26th, 2023 A Witch is up to their old tricks at the edge of Mitakihara, driving AI researchers and extremely online people to their doom. Three non-Puella Magi respond, and find themselves in a videogame world with a peculiar Witch at its heart.
Tutorial Endboss August 22nd, 2023 There's a new enemy in town, a dark witch called Noroima, who inherited the name and power of an unknown sorceress from a few centuries ago. At first, she just seems to want to see what the magical girls are made of. But the second Noroima isn't the only legacy of the first which has awakened ...
Summer Clubs are Still In August 19th, 2023 Garden Club is in session! Brief meetings and greetings.
Office Hours -- Miho August 16th, 2023 Miho meets Kyouka, which turns out to be to talk about the events of The Dangers Of Falling In Love.
Nounamu Sweet: Mochi Mochi Days August 15th, 2023 Nounamu Sweets holds an in store Wagashi making demo. Ren, Miho and Coco show up to participate!
Park Penguinanigans August 9th, 2023 Miho has a momentary accident with her bike. Fortunately, she meets a couple of other people in the bargain!
Starfield Jellyfish Exhibition August 5th, 2023 The Aquarium runs a one-day special event featuring a rare breed of Jellyfish. The problem is that the Jellyfish are part of a youma. A huge mess is made, a doll and a vampire are made sad, magical heroines save the day, and Zoi walks away with bonus intel. RIP Ted, you will be always remembered.
The Dangers Of Falling In Love August 3rd, 2023 When you fall for water, the only way forward is down.
Yukata ready! The Fireworks Festival August 2nd, 2023 A group of friends, both old and new, spend the evening having fun together, among colourful yukata, tasty food, various games and splendid fireworks.


Title Date Scene Summary
First New Day of School (Miho Aiuchi) September 4th, 2023 On Monday, Miho returns to school.
Hello Darkness, My New Friend (Miho Aiuchi) August 16th, 2023 Miho has finally figured out how to channel the power in the old bangle. But that's not all.
The Jade Bangle (Miho Aiuchi) August 6th, 2023 While picking out jewelry to make Miho look more feminine, Miho's mother gifts her a mysterious jade bangle. This is followed by a bad decision.