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Haruki Hara (Scenesys ID: 51)
"It's amazing how one act of kindness can change someone, isn't it?"
Name: Haruki Hara AKA: Haruko
Gender: ? Series: (OC) PLAYER BANNED
Origin: PLAYER BANNED Grade: 8
Clubs: Magical Girl Club Age: 13
Group Information
Groups Radiant Heart Academy


Haruki Hara is a conscientious young person who diligently does their homework, participates in after-school clubs, and helps other students with their own issues. Respectful, caring, and intelligent, this particular student seems like the type of friend anyone would be lucky to have. However, they have a deep, dark secret! Haruki Hara is, in fact, a Mahou Shoujo fanatic! They read manga, watch anime, collect figurines and other merchandise, and even have a collection of magical girl cosplay outfits in their closet! They also like to dress up in girl's clothes and go about masquerading as their own 'twin sister', Haruko Hara. For now, this skeleton remains firmly buried behind school uniforms, but Haruki has had the idea of a 'Magical Girl Club' kicking around in their head a while now. It'd be the perfect place to go unrecognized and pursue the love of magical girls they've had since they were but a tiny tot.


Bishoujo, Bishounen, BFF, Haruko Hara Is Definitely A Separate Person, Magic And Miracles Are Real!, Mahou Shoujo Enthusiast, Mostly Harmless, Reality Skeptic, Supporting Role

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'2"
Blood Type: ?
Birthday: April 7th, 2010
Likes: Big Sister, Magical Girls, Baking, Helping Others, Cosplay, Engineering, Archery
Dislikes: An Empty Home, Being Dirty, Being Alone, P.E. Class, Body Image, Numbers
Favorite Food: Anything
Least Favorite Food: Dandelions (Don't eat them no matter how hungry you are, not worth it)
Favorite Subject: Literature
Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Online Tag(s): Unknown


Title Date Scene Summary
Portal of Hope: First Step to Adventure! February 20th, 2024 Bow takes a desperate chance and arrives on Earth from Etheria, chased by Horde Robots. A plethora of heroes show up to assist, but then more villains arrived to help, and it got messy and there were pirates vs. sharks vs. ninjas vs. robots and it all got weird. Long story short, Bow's now a magical boy and stuck on Earth. But Adora's here too. And Catra. But he doesn't know that yet.
Focus of the Youma Camera February 2nd, 2024 A new modeling agency isn't exactly what it seems, and poor Haruko Hara gets captured! Good thing Chrono, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Ginga Otome all showed up to live out their modeling dreams! Cameran, your time is over!
Malleus August 24th, 2023 Strategy session on how to defeat a double-Witch double-Labyrinth double-Feature.
Steel Horse August 20th, 2023 Haruko Hara has a train to catch.
Le Cirque qui Brule August 10th, 2023 A witch's labyrinth lurks in Juuban, inviting the unwary to a circus where the shows flametacular ending never stops. Officer Usagi is on the case - and before she knows (or agrees to it) is joined by The Red Princess, Puella Red, Yellow Pearl Voice, and Trager des Blauer Greif. The civilians Madoka and Hinote are drawn into the drama as well, and meanwhile Haruko gets a Witch's Kiss - can all this really be wrapped up in one thirty-minute episode of Radiant Heart Academy?
Recruiter, I hardly Know 'er! July 8th, 2023 Club Recruitment season is underway! On a beautiful day, Usagi, Chiyo, Madoka, Ikiko, Koji, and Haruki share an afternoon of club recruitment blunders, successes, and intrigues.


Title Date Scene Summary
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