1060/Valentine's Day Prep!

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Valentine's Day Prep!
Date of Scene: 29 January 2024
Location: Nounamu Sweets
Synopsis: Takuto and Hinoiri stop in to Nounamu Sweets just in time to catch their early prep for Valentine's Day. The holiday is explained, relationship confusion is discussed, and Hinoiri still doesn't know how to use 'yeet' properly.
Cast of Characters: Chiyo Sakai, Hinoiri Kirara, Takuto Tsunashi

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Nounamu Sweets was enjoying a lovely day. The snow outside was crisp and white, and freshly shoveled from the sidewalks in front of the store. The streets were relatively clean. It hadn't been much snow, just enough for a coating that leaves the world looking white and sparkling. And chilly.

Inside though it was nice and toasty warm. A heater glowing a healthy orange was filling the cafe area of the shop with warm heat, and the hot tea at the free drink station was refilled recently. While there wasn't much that needed actual 'cooking' in this candy shop, it was always a bit warmer behind the counters from the stoves regardless and that just adds to making this place comfortably warm enough that Chiyo doesn't even have to wear a sweater. Just her long sleeved shirt, apron and slacks as she busies herself with tidying up the currently empty cafe tables while humming. There's some music playing from the old radio behind the counter near Ojiisan as well. Even the part-timer who was here on occasions was working to refill the goodies on the shelves.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara was likely heard before she was seen. Primarily, her motorcycle. It came down the street before skidding to a stop in a nearby parking spot. She then hopped off, began to slowly take off her helmet, flip her hair back, and start locking it up...

She beat google maps again, by the way. If you were curious.

But she, also, was taking her time actually going into the store. Why? Because... She wanted to know if the old guy was okay. She was still worrid there were after effects and she was NERVOUS. She felt BAD! OKAY?! Someone got hurt and it was HER fault and if she hadn't DONE something they might have died so frankly she was a hero but they'd never know that and... even if they did... it was her fault he almost died anyway so what good did it do her to have helped clean up a mess SHE created?

Nothing. It. Meant. Nothing.

Still, she came in today, lightly pushing the door open and giving a small wave. "Hey, Sakai-san. What's the special today?"

At least she got sweets and stuff often enough for her roommate that her appearing her wasn't that uncommon... Well... until Ojiisan had gotten sick...

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Coming in not too long after Hinoiri is the boy with zero concern for his own secret identity, the Ginga Bishounen! He's wearing a green-and-yellow varsity-looking jacket that has 'Star DRIVER' embroidered across the back, because there is not a subtle bone in his body. The long-sleeved shirt he has on underneath it is red with a white star about the size and location of a shirt pocket, but the piece de resistance is a scarf that looks like a sword that Koji got him for the holiday (take your pick which holiday.)

He lightly stamps his feet on the mat just inside the door to get any snow off them, and he's huddled enough in that scarf that mostly his spiky large red hair is visible for a moment until he un-huddles. "Hello!" he calls out, then sees that Chiyo is already helping Hinoiri-- and he tones it down a little and approaches the display case to look inside, considering his options. There are many options.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai glances up from her task to flash a smile at Hinoiri who indeed was here often enough she was easily recognized. As if the hair wasn't a dead giveaway, and the roar of the motorcycle as well. "Hello, welcome," she offers to Hinoiri only to pause and add another, "Welcome to Nounamu Sweets!" To Takuto when he also steps in.

The answer to the question of what the special is, is simply with a nod of her head toward the cases where there were many red boxes already pre-wrapped. "We're getting an early start on our Valentine's Day box sets. They tend to sell out pretty quickly so you may want to grab one now if there's anyone you want to give one to." Usually it was girls giving to boys for Valentine's at least here, after all.

"Otherwise I suggest the chestnut prailines. They're going to be going away soon so that we can start making room for the Spring flavors."

Ojiisan glances over toward the girl that arrives giving a nod, and the boy after as well. His advice: "Chiyo knows what she's talking about." Oh so helpful there Ojiisan.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara glanced over to the sign. "Valentine's... day?" she asked. Blinking a few times. She then glanced outside. At the snow. Then back at the display.

It was SNOWING. Who did hearts and hooves during SNOW? Okay, she wanted to talk to the weather's manager, it needed to get its act together before she tried to use a spell to fix its deadbeat flank!

... No, nevermind, that'd probably make a dozen or so magical girls just spawn on her again like she entered a private server on... literally any FPS, run by griefers.

She glanced to the boxes and sighed, a hand moving up for her to rest her head on. "Huh. I guess this year I'm actually supposed to get someone something, aren't I? I swear all these romantic traditions are just obnoxious. If you care about someone, why waste time and effort on these holidays? Just do something nice for them all the time..."

In her defense, she was a bit stressed out by having more relationships than she'd ever intended. And worse? She liked all three of the people... well, kind of two and just...

She gave another sigh. Before glancing back at the guy behind her and... huh. He had nice hair. Then, however, she glanced towards Ojiisan and then quickly back to Chiyo. "So, uhhhh... he's doing better, I take it? I know last time we spoke he wasn't feeling well?"

She'd quickly change the subject though, once she got an answer. Just ZOOM! "So, if you were hoping someone was going to give you something on valentines day, what would you like?" Pause. "And hey, why not. How about you... guy?" she offered, glancing to Takuto. Yup. Just ZOOM off to the next topic. Quickly. Instantly. Ignore focusing on Ojiisan at allllll.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Thank you!" Takuto tells Chiyo cheerily, and then he looks in the same place that Hinoiri's being pointed to, and starts considering them, and also chestnut pralines, because wow do those sound good.

Ojiisan gets a big thumbs up and a grin. "It's a clinch!" he says, straightening up.

He regards Hinoiri's hair appreciatively, then glances back and forth between her and Chiyo a couple of times before he adds helpfully, "You can always get nice things or do nice things for your significant people, all year long, every day! But Valentine's Day is one of those days."

He pauses, looking definitely uncertain. "I have a question though, Sakai-san? What do you do if you have a boyfriend and you're a boy, do you both get each other candy? Also if I don't give my girlfriend candy too, she'll definitely get mad even if White Day is for her--"

And then the girl with the great hair asks him a question, and he shruuuugs. "I'd like anything, personally. Candy especially though. Candy flowers! Instead of flowers."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai smiles rather warmly at the question of how Ojiisan was doing because it really was a weight off her shoulders. "He's doing much better, thank you. Just a really bad case of the flu we think." That was at least the going story. Even Ojiisan had thought that, and she didn't want to correct him when it would just open up a whole new can of worms. Plus would he even believe her? The Veil might make him just forget the conversation in the first place.

What would... she want? The question actually leaves Chiyo looking completely surprised, maybe even a bit shocked or worse: As if the thought had never occured to her. It hadn't, really.

"I... I don't know? Girls don't get anything on Valentine's Day, silly," she blurts out at last with a little laugh, and shake of her head that sends her curly ponytail bouncing. "Usually Valentine's Day is when a girl gives a guy she likes a gift, and then next month on White Day they can respond if they want to let her know they accept it." Which when thinking about it is a hell of a long time to wait and find out if your crush likes you. She does have to admit after a moment of thought, "Though I guess it doesn't have to just be giving gifts to boys now." Hey she was modern! Ish.

Ojiisan just looks up at a spot on the wall staring off into space. He'd been through this before with one daughter, and now his grand daughter. Oh dear. With a small grunt he slaps down the bit of mochi he'd been molding onto the cutting board. "Going to get more from the back," is all he says so he can step out of hearing range because he did not need to hear this.

"Anyway, I'm not sure. I've never gotten anything on either day so... I never thought of it," Chiyo admits with a small shrug as she turns to straighten a few of the boxes so there's no risk of the piles toppling over. "It's still early yet, Valentine's isn't until February 14th."

It's all quickly said in a rush, and she turns her full attention to Takuto because he brought up that very same 'difference' she'd mentioned which earns a chuckle. "I think I'd play it safe and get them both something, but maybe different somethings so they don't think you just bought doubles." For a moment she grows quiet, lips pursed together thinking, and she murmers, "I guess I should suggest the same to a friend of mine that's in a similar dating situation before she forgets."

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara blinked a few times. "Wait... really? Oh. OH! It's for girls to get boys? Sw--" Then paused. Wait. No. SHIT. Double Trouble. Then she looked thoughtful. Then dejected. Finally, just sighing and face palming. She wouldn't put it past Double Trouble to be both just to get the extra sweets. Okay, not really.

She then glanced back to Takuto. "What, like pink clover blossoms?"

It took her a moment to realize that... he meant flowers made of CHOCOLATE. Not like. ACTUAL flowers. She quickly looked away from him...

Though, the other things he mentioned? Seemed relevant to her interest. Namely, how to navigate having a girlfriend and a boyfriend and all that... Well. She supposed she had two girlfriends. And a boyfriend/girlfriend. And... Oh gosh.

More and more annoyed.

"Ugh, so it's two holidays here... where I come from it's just one, it's annoying and you just did... things. So... I guess... I should probably just follow the guidelines set forth. Play it safe. Here, just like... grab... three or... no. I'll take five of those boxes. I'll need to make sure there's decoys." ... Just what in the world was she scheming?

"So, if you're supposed to give them to a boy you like, is there anyone you're planning to give them to? Also... two packs of the pralines. Or are you more into girls? Is there any special connotations I need to be wary of when doing the lesbian thing? I'm gonna need to see if there's a book on all this stuff before long... japanese history really should go more into all the holidays and their significance..."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
She's never gotten anything for White Day? Or Valentine's Day? "Neither have I! I just thought it would be a good idea to make sure my bases were covered," says Takuto, once again uncertain. He glances into the case again, and then nods! to Chiyo. "Well, I'll have to mail him sweets, because he's still back on the island, so I could get duplicates, but he also might not want candy so much, which means I should probably pick things his maids would like..."

Takuto definitely trails off there, thinking deep complicated thoughts about chocolate and interpersonal relations. Then he glances at Hinoiri again. "Me? I'm giving them to my girlfriend's fiance," he says offhandedly. "Unless you meant Sakai-san, in which case I'll just keep my mouth shut, here."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"Oh. Five? Okay." It wasn't something Chiyo was going to question really. It wasn't unheard of to give candy to friends either! "I mean you can also give it to your friends if you want, but it's not expected. I usually give out a lot to ... most everyone," she has to admit with a little shrug. It was one of the perks of having a candy shop in the family.

When Takuto adds he's never gotten anything either she flashes a grin his way. At least someone kind of understood her feelings on the matter then! "I think it's sweet you want to send some to him even if he doesn't like it. Though, maybe you should try to get him something he does like? If he's not into chocolates, what about candied fruits?" It's an idea anyway as she has no idea what his girlfriend's fiance might like.

Wait his what's what?

Chiyo quickly shakes her head getting together a nice stack of the boxes for Hinoiri at least. "Oh, me? I'll probably get my friend Koji-kun something. As a friend," she adds with a chuckle. "We already talked about more but decided it wasn't for us. He's still one of my best friends though." As for another? She tries very hard not to think about the other person she could get something for. "Maybe some others. I don't know yet. It might just be a waste of time."

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara blinked a few times and just... tuuuuuuurned towards Takuto.

Hello, this just got interesting. ".... So, your girlfriend's fiance. Are... you two dating as well? Cause... You know... I don't think you'd need to introduce him as your girlfriend's fiance then. I think he'd be your boyfriend. Is... is this another 'japanese' thing I need to learn about?"

She started rubbing her forehead. "... This is why I didn't date back home, it's all so complex..." Why. Why did she try to figure out HOTNESS? She's only had more confusion since! SHE KNOWS LESS NOW! NOT MORE! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

Unaware the source of that pathway in her past was right before her.

She then glanced to Chiyo and... "Eh. If you like them? Jump at it. Worst comes to worst, it doesn't work out. They turn you down. You've lost, what... a day? Two? But if you just let it slip by and keep pining at them like a kicked dog, you'll end up losing weeks, even months. And buck, if it ended up working out? That would be weeks or months you could have spent enjoying yourself instead of pining. Seems like a much bigger waste of time, if I can be honest. Besides, even if the people you like don't like you, it's not like they'll turn into a monster or anything in response. You can still just be friends, without that awkward 'but what if we like each other?' energy some of you people radiate so often. It's honestly kind of pathetic whenever they do that. So, whats my total come to?"

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Well he's one of my best friends, and sometimes I think he's my boyfriend, but I don't know that for sure -- I mean, when Wako and I came here I wasn't even really sure if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, or if I was just their best friend, or what, but I'm definitely Wako's boyfriend and I'd like to also be Sugata's but he would have to say so if it's the case, right?"

Takuto's not clinging to Hinoiri's arm, but his eyes are big and shiny and wibbly enough that it's possibly only a matter of time, which means it's a really good thing she's asking how much she owes Chiyo.

"It's not a Japanese thing, it's just a complicated thing that's probably a lot less complicated than I'm afraid of," he finally says. "But what you said-- what she said!!" he starts to tell Hinoiri then realizes he should be telling Chiyo, and turns and does so. "You should go for it! Unless it's me! In which case please don't, my life is too complicated already and you're too nice and I had to deal with that once already and I got flack from almost our whole old school--"

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"Oh, your total is," And Chiyo rattles it off. If it were American money it'd be about $25. A good price, really, for that many boxes. It must be the discount for RHA students.

"I probably will. I usually give my friends gifts regardless, and I did tell him that I still consider him a friend above all else," she remarks with a little nervous laugh. Apparently some conversation had happened between them at least? It's progress.

Her gaze shifts between the pair a moment as both try to offer her advice. It was nice to have people that cared even if it's just a very confusing situation all around. She grins, and chuckles as her head shakes. "Don't worry Takuto-kun. You're cute and all but I barely know you. You're safe," she adds with a little pat to his shoulder to help console him. "I don't get crushes often either." This... was this her first? Oh god. It had been awhile since she'd pulled her nose out of those shoujo manga that had kept her occupied for the past several years of school life. She couldn't even recall the last time she picked one up since becoming a magical girl!

"Even if he doesn't like me that way, I'd be okay, it's just the not knowing that's kind of..." She drifts off to only offer a shrug. "Ah, anyway, what would you like to get them? As I said there is still time so if you want I could help you figure something out, Takuto-kun."

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara just cocked an eye, staring at Takuto and... she sighed. "Ain't that the truth?" she muttered. It got so much more complex after she got a girlfriend.

And then a theyfriend somehow.

And then her girlfriend turned into girlfriendS.

Starfish indeed.

But follow her advice, not her example. She just stared at Takuto and... "Stop being a bitch and just ask him," she finally said. "If he says yes, he's probably been nervous about asking you. If he says no, then you can move on with your life. Stop stringing yourself along like some kind of self walking dog leash and rip the bandage off. If you're dating his fiance and he's cool with that you're probably already in a relationship, like it or not. Only a totally vile person would hide something like that from the... person... they're... with..."

... Oh shit. Nope. NOPE! Avert. Introspection. AVOID! AVOID! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! Right. She was doing it for the RIGHT reasons, though! THAT was why it was okay when SHE did it. Whew. That was close. Almost had to re-evaluate my life-choices there. That would have been disastrous.

She then pulled out her money and put it on the table, then glanced back to her. "See? Just like that. Make the move. Just do it. Because if you don't take the plunge, even if you had a shot? Eventually someone who isn't going to be all wishy washy about it will. Then you'll miss your chance. You can't live your life worrying about all the what-ifs or what-coulds or if-onlys. Otherwise you'll just look back, realize you did nothing but survived and have to accept you were nothing but a loser who amounted to nothing."

"Don't be a 'coulda-been' loser. Just do it. Now peace, I'm going to go beat the map apps again." She grabbed her bags and then paused. "Also, I do have a girlfriend. Because I took the plunge and just said 'Hey, lets go out'. So just do that. Even if you blow up your lab, what's a few chemical burns compared to the possibility of eternal glory? Yeet," Hinoiri said before walking out, her candy in tow.

... She still didn't understand the meaning of yeet.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Well-- two of the pre-boxed sets of chocolates," Takuto says ruefully, accepting the patting with good grace and more than a little sheepishness. "And also a small box of assorted wagashi for me!! and a medium box for Wako, and the candied fruit you mentioned! And also the pralines, because they sound delicious and are going away!"

Looks like he's getting a lot too. "Oh and the medium box of wagashi, can there be peonies in there? That's Wako-chan's favorite flower."

And then his eyes widen again and he stares at Hinoiri. "He's not nervous about anything unless it's whether or not Wako is safe, and if he doesn't think she is, look out. I think he thinks it's funny that I don't know what I'm doing, and he might not be sure how he feels about me aside from 'all right with me and Wako'. I don't want to push him. He's not very pushable. He digs his heels in and gets impossible..."

...but Hinoiri's giving Chiyo very forceful advice too, before, "Is that how you use that word?" he asks, looking at the closing door.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai winces a bit at the forceful advice that is being given to them both, really. It wasn't bad advice but it was a bit of a leap. "Okay, Hinoiri-chan. Have a good day!" It was automatic when someone is leaving the shop.

Then the order of ALL the candies. The premade boxes are easy, and she gets two differently wrapped ones. A pink and red and a white and red because that seemed slightly more masculine perhaps? Maybe not. They were colors. What did that matter.

The rest is... a lot. Chiyo glances over toward the part-timer giving him a nod to start getting some of that ready. He hops to get the prailines and other premade items. "I can make you some peony ones," she assures as she moves behind the counter to take up the spot where Ojiisan usually was working. "If you just give me a few minutes. We're mostly doing Winter flowers right now in the pre-made case."

She's already started the task of picking up mochi to mold and craft into the delicious little floral shape with a chuckle. "That is absolutely not how you use that word. Yeet is like 'throwing' something away from you."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Takuto watches with interest as his order gets put together, and then gets distracted from that by watching Chiyo actually make the peonies. "That's understandable. And winter flowers are beautiful! The peonies are just... well, they're her favorite, and if she can eat her favorite then maybe that'll make her day that much better," he says hopefully. And then yeet. "I thought that's what it meant, and that maybe she was saying she was yeeting herself out the door, but she didn't even hurry."

Once the order's being put together, he pays the poor part-timer who had to listen to all their nonsense, then goes back to watching Chiyo make magic. That isn't actually magic, just magic. "You and your grandpa make them so pretty..." he says a little dreamily.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai smiles warmly at the compliment. Her hands are busily working while using old little wooden tools cut to various shapes to sculpt it. "If she has a favorite flavor I can make the next few with that as a filling," she offers with a glance over toward Takuto.

"Thank you. It's something he taught me since I was little. I really do enjoy making them, and seeing the reaction of people that enjoy them. That's the whole point. I hope Wako-chan likes them, too. I'm sure she'll appreciate it coming from you," she adds with a chuckle. The first of a few Peony Wagashi are set to the side to dry a moment. It's the part-timer that picks up the hand fan to carefully swish a few times to help seal in the colors that she had put on it so they don't smudge.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"She really likes melon, but she also likes all the flavors," Takuto says, laughing. He looks so impressed at the wagashi! "All I know that I was taught by Jii-chan from since I was little is how to fight. Which is very useful! But not beautiful. Someday I'd like to learn to at least bake. Maybe I could make icing flowers."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Melon? Winter Melon was a thing but it was a bit tart... Chiyo furrows her brow in thought as she turns to mix up a bit of Winter Melon with some turbinado sugar crystals. It would give it a slightly sweet, carmelized flavor to counteract the Winter Melon's bitterness. That with the soft, sweet mochi should make a decent treat. It's a quick fix, and she's soon making up the rest to add to the platter until there's six side by side. The part timer takes it all to box up nicely leaving Chiyo to dust her hands off on her paron.

"Oh, perfect! I'm holding some Wagashi Making Classes after Valentine's Day when things slow down. I did a demonstration a few months ago in the shop and there was a good amount of interest. Would you like to join me for those, Takuto-kun?" The offer is made, and the newly packaged wagashi is offered over once it's finished being wrapped.

"Here you go for now. I'm sure she'll love them."