667/Trick or Treat: Yumegahama!

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Trick or Treat: Yumegahama!
Date of Scene: 28 October 2023
Location: Yumegahama Ward
Synopsis: Trick or treating in Yumegahama with the Hero Club leads to assorted folks joining in on their antics on a night of Lion Kings, cute kids, and possibly even Udon (there was no udon)!?
Cast of Characters: Yuna Yuki, Togo, Fu Inubouzaki, Itsuki Inubouzaki, Sayaka Miki, Adora Rainbowfist, Nanoha Takamachi

Yuna Yuki has posed:
    It may or may not be Halloween itself, but it's a weekend, and there are decorations up, so some parents and neighborhoods may be doing their trick or treating a little bit early! Or not, you know, wibbly wobbly timey wimey. There are younger kids running around in costume, going up to doors, or pre-designated community locations, getting candy and praise for their costumes, and getting to run along giggling while their chaperones warn them to stop running and not to eat candy before they get home, and mostly getting ignored. Sheesh. What're you gonna' do?

    There are jack-o-lanterns perched on fences as they past, or clustered together out of the way to avoid being tripping hazards. There are felt bats dangling from elastic string, and big cardboard cut-outs of bats, pumpkins, witches, skeletons, and so on. It's all very as-expected-of-Halloween, though it's still fairly light out. It'll get darker soon enough though!

    Yuna, for her part, is wearing some kind of vampire-adjacent outfit with a bat-wings hairband. She is at her usual place, right behind Togo, helping to push her wheelchair down the street. "Wow! People are really getting into Halloween this year, huh?" she remarks, looking around at all the happy faces and the energy on display.

Togo has posed:
    Togo is dressed up as a traditional Japanese ghost, a yuurei, in white kimono, with a little corpse hat (that white cloth headband with the triangular up-turned portion on it), and also a pile of plates in her lap for some reason!? At Yuna's comment, she smugly says, "It is proof of how great our country is that we even embrace foreign traditions like this!" Okay, Togo, the night is still young, let's not start down that road quite yet. "The days are certainly growing chilly though... Isn't it usually warmer at this time of year?" Lots of things have been off around Tokyo. Strange occurrences, unexplained accidents, that... Thing... At the hospital... It all feels like it's building up to something.

    She reaches up a free hand to gently grab and squeeze Yuna's hand on the handles of her wheelchair. "Well, at least we have the cultural festival to look forward to, ne?"

Fu Inubouzaki has posed:
    Fu, dressed as some kind of wild cat or lion or something, seems impervious (or oblivious) to the cold as she marches along at the head of the procession, as one of the chaperones of the kids running around. "Oiiii! Don't run with a mask on! You'll hurt yourself! Also, be sure to save your candy for when you get home, so your parents can make sure it's safe!" A silly precaution here in Japan, as opposed to in the U.S.A. or something, but one can never be too careful with ones kidlets! Also, Fu is busily scarfing down the candy from Itsuki's trick or treat bag.

    "It's true, we are big enough to accommodate all kinds of people and traditions! But, uh..." her eyes get all big and comical as she stares uncertainly at the stack of plates on Togo's lap. "...Togo, what's with the plates? Are those for serving candy on?"

Itsuki Inubouzaki has posed:
    Itsuki is, for better or for worse, still within the age range of kids who get excited about getting candy. She's 12. And, let's be honest, Yuna and Togo are only a year older, so they probably also like candy. But for some reason, Itsuki, in her cute pumpking costume, is the one having her candy stolen by her older sister. "Onee-chan! That's mine! I haven't even gotten to have any yet!" she whines with big tears drops at the corners of her eyes. She jogs after her sister with arm outstretched until she can grab her candy bag back.
    "Mouuu...!" she whines as she looks into her plundered candy bag with puffed up cheeks and much tinier tears now that she has her loot back. Then she focuses on Togo and the stack of plates. She's likewise, baffled, but isn't going to be distracted again and miss out on her candy! "It is pretty cold... When we get back, we should have hot cocoa."

Sayaka Miki has posed:
The announcer of the frigid times to come, the harbinger of chilliness, embodiment of freezing, bane of clear skies, Sayaka Miki the Yuki Onna has made her apparition on the streets of Tokyo. Clad in a white kimono with blue borders, its extremities representing the might of winter with an azure colour and snowflake designs, a big blue ribbon decorating its bust, this girl of frost is sporting two great horns of ice on her head. Beware citizens of Tokyo: if you want to keep yourself safe from this Yuki Onna's congealing touch, you better turn over your sweets.

However the mighty youkai is currently too busy admiring the decoration to remember she is here to collect sweets, so she is just sort of wandering aimlessly. Honestly, with all the effort that went into them? They are a worthy tribute by themselves! They don't really make your mouth happy or fill your stomach, so there will come a time when Tokyo shall be put to the test. May it be prepared.

But wait, the rival she never got to face, the Demon King! Sayaka bounces up to Fu and shouts with ardour. "Well met, Demon King! I see you grew mighty claws from our last meeting!"

Adora Rainbowfist has posed:
Adora heard about trick or treating at school. It was such a novel idea to her that she was overjoyed and NEEDED to go. Honestly, she needed to distract herself from the whole Catraness of her current situation. So, she'd studied up a little bit and hit the shops, assembling a costume that added to her excitement.

The girl wanders down the street, dressed like a cowgirl! Tight blue jeans are worn with cowboy boots, and a red flannel shirt under a vest. Her blonde hair is down and a cowboy hat rests atop her head. A rope dangles from her waist, along with an orange-handled, toy gun! She really looks like she could have fit in back then. Her costume is Hollywoodized, but something about Cowgirl Adora just FITS. A bag for candy, currently empty, hangs in one hand.

Oh yes, and there is Swiftwind. A tiny, fairy-sized Alicorn is currently trotting beside her, invisible to normal folks. White fur and brilliant rainbow feathered wings with a matching mane, as well as a shining horn. She even made a tiny cowboy hat for him, and he is rocking it.

"So, I get some of this candy, too, right? HEY! Do you think they have candy apples?," the little horse asks her in excitement.

"For the twelfth time, I have no idea. Plus, I haven't built up the courage to actually walk up to any of these places yet!," the blonde complains to him.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi gets into her costume and comes out, a vampire! Resplendent in cheap fabric suit, fake vampire fangs, some fake blood along her lips and plastic-fabric cape. All this was bought at a local costume shop of course.

"COME MY FAITHFUL SERVANT OF THE NIGHT!" cackled Nanoha to Yuuno on her shoulder.

Yuuno has a pair of tiny bat wings on and Yuuno says. "I dislike this." he says, scratching at the wings. Nanoha 'awwwsss' and pouts. "It's only for a night, come on, let's go to the school!" she says, as she arrives to school.

She's here. For candy. +_+ as all young girls deign to do on Halloween Evening!

Yuna Yuki has posed:
    Yuna looks down when she feels Togo's hand on hers, and then moves her right hand over to be on top of Togo's hand in turn. She smiles softly, a small blush on her cheeks, as she says, "I'm sure everything will be fine. There's tons of people still in need of help from the Hero Club, and we've gotten so many new members! We need to have a proper club meeting with them soon about the culture festival. This is just a small part of our journey, Togo-san!"

    Then she also gets the big round eyes as she looks at the plates in Togo's lap. "Actually, what are those plates for, and why so many of them!?" O_O

    She is distracted into look back over her shoulder as she hears a girl yelling out to the 'Demon King'. "Oh! It's you! From, umm..." She errs and ummms for a bit before just standing there awkwardly staring in social paralysis. Then she whips up a hand to point and yell, "Look, it's a horse!" Yes, distract the blue-haired girl! That will definitely solve the problem of not knowing her name!

Togo has posed:
    Togo is soothed by Yuna's touch as she always is, and is soon back to her usual weird self. "The plates are for eating bowls of udon on! You never know when we'll receive udon in place of candy, after all." What's all this 'we'. She isn't the one going up to the doors! She does pause to turn and look around the corner of her wheelchair at the yuki-onna. "Hmm... Icy blue hair as well... Bonus points for creativity." She notes to herself, cupping her chin as she looks over Sayaka. >8o

    The calling out of the horse surprises even Togo. "Ehh!? WHy is there a horse!? Is someone dressed as Oda Nobunaga bringing unification to the country in battle against the Ikkou-ikki rebels!?"

Adora Rainbowfist has posed:
    To be fair, the horse is tiny. Like...TINY! About six inches tall or so, not counting the horn or cowboy hat! Also, since only magical folk can see him, Cowboy Adora blinks and glances over towards the yell. She blushes and makes her way over to the two, Swiftwind kicking into the air and fluttering about ove her head with his rainbow feathered wings. "AHA!," he cries. "New fans!"

Adora shushes him and flashes a smile to Yuna and Togo. "Um. Heeeeeeeey...," the tall blonde offeres awkwardly.

Fu Inubouzaki has posed:
    Fu is called out as a demon king. It takes her brain a few seconds to process when she ever introduced herself as such, and then grins as she leaps into a fierce cat-like pose and faces down the snow woman! "Indeed! I have drank from the Well of Nekoboshi and obtained a fierce feline... Err... Furocity! Now not even a hero of justice can stop me! Bwah-hahahahahahaaa!" Ah, Fu. You utter spazzy dolt. "Have you come to join my forces, as we march on the noodle bar? We dine on udon tonight!"

    Speaking of which, she hears Togo speak of udon. "Hohhh! As expected of Togo! But still, why so many plates? You hardly ever get udon while trick or treating!"

    Then a blonde girl even taller than Fu runs over! ...Horse? What is Yuna even pointing at? Fu squints. Gradually, she starts to make out something. "...Oh. Huh. That's a neat decoration on your costume!"

Itsuki Inubouzaki has posed:
    Itsuki sweatdrops a bit and says, "I don't think they ever hand out udon on Halloween, Onee-chan..." Then she hears a high-pitched voice yelling about... Servants? No, not her sister. A younger voice. She spots Nanoha, whom she recalls from the library sleep over! Itsuki smiles widely and calls out. "Nanoha-chan! Over here! If you group up with me, we can cover the houses more quickly!" She doesn't miss the arrival of Adora, though she sees no horse. "Ehh... Hi..." she says shyly, holding her candy bag close to her chest, as though fearing yet another ransacking of her treats.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"A horse? Where?" The one saying that isn't Sayaka, but someone poking her tiny head of Sayaka's big ribbon, a small girl with brownish-orange hair and blue eyes. "What are you doing, Ula!?" Sayaka reprimands her. "You said you would have stayed inside!?"

The koi mermaid stares at her guiltlessly. "But look, there actually is a horse! And it has a cowboy hat! How can you stay impassive in front of that?"

Sayaka is tempted to poke her back in the ribbon, but she figures the damage is done. Honestly, they hadn't agreed on this: she would have stayed hidden, and Sayaka would have given her all the candy she wanted.

She looks nervously at Yuna. "So, about that... That was a nice toy." She says, leaving it ambiguous as to whom she is referring to. "I am Miki Sayaka, the Yuki Onna!" She puts on as much of a boisterous show as possible. "Now speak, are you friend or foe in my campaign of sweet justice?"

The Demon King has spoken, and she proposes an alliance. "You speak powerful words, Furocity of Nekoboshi", the bluenette grins. "I shall gauge your mettle in an udon challenge, and if you impress me, I shall join your side."

Adora Rainbowfist has posed:
"Oh! Thanks!," Adora offers Fu with a friendly smile. To those who can see it, though, Swiftwind seems less then overjoyed at being called a 'decoration'. She turns to flash Itsuki a friendly smile, as well. "Um, hi! I'm...Adora! Adora Rainbowfist. I go to the Radiant Heart?," the tall, athletic cowboy blonde offers as way of introduction.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi can see the floating koi mermaid... and the floating horse. And she crosses her eyes as she arrivews and looks to her talking ferret. "Life is being weird again, Yuuno."

"I know" whispers Yuuno back to Nanoha.

She beams. "Hello everyone!" she says. "I'm Nanoha Takamachi! Mind if I come and trick and treat with you all!?" she says with wide eyes. Because she's nine. This is perfect excitement about Halloween age.

She must have delicious Candy.

Fu Inubouzaki has posed:
    "Oh-hoh?" Fu says, her eyebrows coming down as she grins at Sayaka. "Interesting! And if you win, I will join your side?" Fu cups her chin and 'hmhmhm!'s. "Naruhodo, naruhodo... Being a Demon King of Justice isn't bad either...! But I won't give up my claim without even trying!" She goes to flourish her cape and then realizes she has no cape. She sidles up to Yuna, and flourishes Yuna's cape instead! "Ah, I'm Fu Inubouzaki!" she introduces herself to both Sayaka and new-arrival.

    She glances over at the tiny Nanoha. Hm? A friend of Itsuki's? A classmate maybe? No, Nanoha looks even younger than tiny Itsuki... She smiles and says, "Sure! The more the merrier! We even have plates for your udon!"

Yuna Yuki has posed:
    Eh? Yuna looks back and forth between Itsuki and Adora. Is there not a horse? Now she's questioning herself! Fu calling it a decoration has Yuna doubting what she saw! "Oh, um... Hm. Well, I'm Yuna Yuki! It's nice to meet you! So you go to Radiant Heart too? We moved here a while ago, but we haven't met everyone yet. The academy is a much bigger school than we're used to... I like your name!" Yuna clenches her fists and goes, "Hooooh! Rainbowfist! That sounds like a special move a Hero would use! So cool!"

    She also grins at Sayaka. "I think I remember seeing you at the pajama party! You were really cute! And so is your yuki-onna costume! It's great to get to talk to you. Want to join us? We're watching over some kids while they get candy!"

    She waves to Nanoha happily. Such a cute girl! "Please do! Candy for all! And udon sometimes!"

Itsuki Inubouzaki has posed:
    Yuna's positive reception to Adora gets Itsuki to become slightly bolder. "I'm Itsuki Inubouzaki. A pleasure to meet you, senpai!" Oh, and here comes Count Nanoha! And... A ferret? "What a cute pet!" Itsuki is cheerful as she accepts Nanoha into the group! "Ehhh? A vampire, huh? Do you know any vampire tricks for getting more candy?" she asks, fists clenched and stars shining in her eyes. What's a little play time on a day like Halloween (if it is Halloween and not just the weekend before)? "A pumpkin like me doesn't have any powers..." she admits bashfully. Maybe she should have been a vampire pumpkin? She turns in shock at her older sister. "Eh!? You still think they're giving out udon, Onee-chan!? Please don't promise things we can't give her!"

Togo has posed:
    Togo is now spinning a plate on top of a stick. "Perhaps we can call down a U F O for our U D O N by spinning these saucers!" They're plates, not saucers, but don't bother her with details and facts. She also pauses to smile politely at Adora, Sayaka, and Nanoha, bow her head (still while spinning the plate!!) and introduce herself. "Mimori Togo. Please call me Togo. A pleasure to meet you!"

    She looks at a kid who has fallen down because they were running with a plastic mask on. "Aah...! Fu-senpai, it looks like a rescue is needed...!"

    Well, seems the horse was just a decoration. How strange, she thought it was moving around on its own when she first saw it...

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi motions to Yuuno, who's wearing batwings. He beams as he's called cute. "Oh this is Yuuno. He's my pet ferret." she insists. Like anyone has any reason to believe otherwise at all. She smiles and says. "Good! I don't have a plate!" she says , looking as Togo spins a plate on a stick. She can't do that, so she thinks it's cool.

Nanoha Takamachi imagines spinning a plate and her mental mom tells her to put it back and she can't even imagine spinning a plate on her own. o.o.

"I know lots of tricks. But why use them when folks always give you a treat anyways!? Does anyone ever actually pick 'trick' in the trick or treat!?" she asks curiously. An honest question. She seems thoughtful about this.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"Hello, Adora-san", Sayaka smiles and waves at her. "We met at the pajama party, remember?" Sure, they didn't meet for long, but still they actually met. "Your horse is amusing. What's his name?" The cowboy hat was quite funny, honestly.

Someone else joins the brigade of tiny companions! "Tamakachi-san, welcome", Sayaka says, waving at her to join in. "I don't mind. I see you have a ferret too. Apparently there are many of us who brought mascots like that." She shifts her eyes to the side. "Since when am I your mascot?", Ula makes herself heard again. "I didn't know what term to use. You can come up with one, ok?" Sayaka whispers to her. "Oh, alright, but companion would have been fine."

"Very well, you are on, Inubouzaki-san!", Sayaka grins. "Your challenger is Miki Sayaka, and I shall not back down without a clear winner!"

"Nice to meet you, Togo-san! How much udon is it going to be served?" She asks Togo in confusion, noticing the huge amount of plates she is holding. "Between your cold vengeance and me, that poor udon will reach subzero temperatures." Togo's joke makes her laugh, while her mention of gets her on guard. Since Fu was called upon, she waits for her to intervene, but she is ready otherwise.

"M-me? Cute?" Sayaka reacts all embarrassed at Yuna's words. "No way, I don't do cute, things like that wouldn't fit me at all." She starts fixing her bow repeatedly. "You are cute, though, and your costume is great", she tries to deflect the compliments back at Yuna. "Joining you would be great, anyhow, thanks for inviting me, Yuki-san", she comments still embarrassed.

"Oh, they aren't giving out udon?" Sayaka tells Itsuki in a mock-offended tone. "Then I shall fight your sister for which of us gets to be the leader, no holding back allowed!" She then grins at Itsuki. "Your pumpkin costume will floor everybody, you don't need any other power."

"I don't think anybody ever picks "trick" actually", Sayaka starts pondering in response to Nanoha. "That's why they buy all those candies, no?"

Fu Inubouzaki has posed:
    Fu has to abandon any further discussion when she hears there's a child in trouble. "Aaahhh! Yosh, yosh~..." she says soothingly as she runs over to said kidlet. What a menacing Demon King Lion Cat Whatsit, to be so concerned with the safety of a kid. "Haha... Yuna, Togo, why don't you head to the noodle shop ahead of us? I'll make sure these kids, and Itsuki, and Nanoha-chan, get their fill of candy, and then we'll come join you, okay?" She smiles back at all the new companions. "Of course, anyone who wants to come with us can do so. Reinu-bou-fisto-senpai, it sounds like you wanted some candy yourself? I could use your help looking after all these younger students!"

    She also points defiantly back at Sayaka after helping the hiccuping kid dressed as a witch to her feet. "Don't you worry! I'll be there to face your challenge! You'll need all the girl power you can get!"

Yuna Yuki has posed:
    Yuna rubs the back of her head. "Heheheh... Thank you, Sayacchi!" She has apparently decided they're on a first name basis already, and even given Sayaka a nickname! "Let's not waste the chance to get candy ourselves on the way back. Also, um, I think tricks are only for if treats aren't provided?" She tilts her head a bit, spacily, a finger to her cheek. "I don't know. It's never come up before!"

Togo has posed:
    "Perhaps these tricks will encourage them then!" Togo says with a twinkle in her eye as she twirls multiple plates on multiple sticks at once. "How about it? The Togo-style Dish-Spinning Technique! Not even a strange space alien or someone like Fu-senpai can match me in this department!" Then she looks towards Fu. "...Not even someone like Fu-senpai can match me!" she corrects, since strange space alien is redundant when talking about the head of the Hero Club.

    She is relying upon Yuna to navigate her back up the opposite of the street. She continues to hand out plates periodically to confused trick-or-treaters along the way.

    "Have fun, Itsuki-chan! Nanoha-chan! It was lovely meeting you, Adora-senpai!"

    She also makes sure a commemorative Hero Club plate (it's just a plate) is awarded to Sayaka for daring to stand up to the Lion King.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Sayaka grins at Fu, looking forward to the challenge. That will surely be fun.

"Sayacchi?" The bluenette gets flustered both by the familiarity Yuna reserves her and by the cute nickname. "Alright", she accepts it. Ula chooses this to pat Sayaka's arm as a playful consolation. "Yes, that's right, thank you, Yuna-san." Whatever she was even thanking her for.

Meanwhile the plate Togo gives her is accepted with a bow and a smile, then she starts preparing for the trick-or-treating.