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Red Light - Green Light!
Date of Scene: 23 November 2023
Location: Mitakihara Ward
Synopsis: La Crima accidentally creates a stop-light monster. It's stopped by Geode Girl Loyalty, Chorno Harlaown, Yellow Pearl Voice and Sailor Mars. Disagreements after the fight happen. No one leaves happy, probably.
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana, Chrono Harlaown, Rei Hino, Coco Kiumi, Niji Dasshu

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima had been experimenting with her powers and sometimes learned new things, but mostly she learned what did not work, as opposed to what would, or what things might harm her and others would not. Tonight, in the late evening, she stood in an alleyway at an intersection and decided she'd try to drain from range again! If she could focus really hard, today would be the day, right? So, she held out her palm at the Salary Man waiting for the bus at the stoplight and concentrated very hard.

It was like the force right?...

Just..concentrate and---

Why is the stop light glowing dark? And... oh, oh no!

THAT was moments ago.

Now La Crima is chasing an animated stop light assembly from trouncing down the street. It looks back at her and in a strange masculine voice says 'RED LIGHT!' and a red beam freezes La Crima in place for a few moments letting the creature gain more leeway forward, before looking at a stopped car and goes 'GREEN LIGHT' in a strange female voice and the car VROOMS through the intersection at max speed crashing into another car!

La Crima eventually unfreezes but boy that was annoying as she yells. "HEY.. STOP!" after the creature, hovering after it worriedly. "I'm your mom. I think! DO WHAT I SAY!"

"GREEN LIGHT" goes the creature and La Crima barrels through the wall of the building directly to the right of her at top speed, leaving a La Crima shaped hole. "Owwww."

Well this experiment is going lovely.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown wasn't expecting to be involved in some monstrous thing today. Why? Because he was slaying a demon of his own.

One called commitement. He'd seen Niji's rainbow hair and had given a soft sigh before lightly jogging towards her. "Hey! Dasshu-san?" he called out. "I need to speak with you for a moment..."

Now, though, he was trying to figure out the right way to say it... if one didn't know him, he might come across like he was trying to confess. If only. THAT would be... okay, almost as hard. But... well...

"... Dasshu-san... I was recently up in Aomori and... ahhhh... I... saw a billboard. A homemade billboard over a house. With your face on it." Ohhhhh no.

"And I recognized you."

Ohhhhhhhh no.

"And I... promised your parents that I'd deliver some things to you."

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! "As well as--" And then a crash. And La Crima suddenly barreled into a building. "Oh thank heavens, a dangerous monster."

Rei Hino has posed:
    Rei is loathe to leave the Hikawa Shrine after the recent attack. After all, why would she assume that the Enemy is done trying just because one attempt didn't work? Shouldn't she expect them to keep trying, over and over again, until they get what they want? But, at some point, she has to leave. There's only so much calling out sick she can do, and her grandfather doesn't need to be worrying about her. So, here's Rei Hino, miko, middle-school student, daughter of an influential politician, and reincarnation of a warrior from space from over a dozen thousand years ago.

    And now this.

    She stops, book bag in hand, still in her school uniform, and just stares.

    With a sigh, she looks around for somewhere convenient to go hide, and runs that direction. Dropping her book bag and drawing out her henshin pen, soon Sailor Mars emerges from the opposite direction of where Rei ran to, and starts speed-jumping towards this... This...


Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco had been walking down the streets, coming back from a visit to her garden, still growing as luxurious as ever. She is minding her own business when she hears the panicked cries of La Crima talking about being someone's mom.

What did she stumble into? The energy vampire didn't look like someone who had to shoulder the worries of an unruly child last time they met. It doesn't take long for her to get answers when Norie gets sped up by her own youma. How did that even happen?

Though, that's something that Yellow Pearl Voice is better qualified to tackle, so after a quick detour, that's how she starts approaching the youma.

"Hello, Chrono!" the mermaid waves at Chrono as their path intersect. "I see you have brought friends for this youma", she looks curiously at Niji. "Hi, I go by Yellow Pearl Voice."

Niji Dasshu has posed:

    'Oh No'. Niji thought to herself. And it just kept getting worse. And worse. And worse. Chrono had met Niji's parents, and that was the worst thing she could imagine, the end of he world, the shame of shames. "Harlaown-kun, no. Please. Please stop right there. I'm beggin' you." she says, clasping her hands in a praying style. "Or at the very least, please not where literally anyone else could possibly see. Please. Oh please oh please." she begged.

    And the moment even the tiniest fleck of blue appeared on her amulet? "Oh! I uh... need to..." and then a giant stoplight monster crashed through.

    "Harlaown-kun, can we just... pretend you delivered whatever it was? Cool, thanks. Stoplight monster. You know? Terrifying me out of my mind. Absolutely scaring me off. So... Gotta go!" she says, waving to Chrono and Coco before running off (at normal human speed) around a corner. A corner out of which shortly thereafter a tremendous kaliadoscope of colored hair attached to a magical girl came running out (NOT at normal human speed), dashing towards the monster, and thankful for the excuse.

    "Never been so happy to see some normal thing turned into a monster before." she says. "Oh hey I wonder if that means fire-girl will be here." she looks around. She doesn't mean Mars, though. She starts looking around for Sunbreaker, and also for something she can throw at the monster, finally settling on a chunk of concrete. It's only after she throws it that she realizes she has... absolutely no plan for this.

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima crawls out of the office she got thrown into from the hole she made and sort of falters out as she attempts to control the monster, trying...with her mind, throwing out her palm again and---not working. Nope. It's doing whatever it wants as it turns around to face the concrete being thrown at it and says "RED LIGHT!" and the concrete stops dead in space and then also shoots past the rock towards Geode Girl Loyalty!?

At the approaching Sailor Mars, it yells "GREEN LIGHT!" and if Rei isn't careful she's gonna hop jump all the way into the bay down the street in freaking Yumegahama.

The rampaging street light smashes one of it's two bipedeal legs through the trunk of a car and smooshes it under it.

It tosses it up into the air and then screams "GREEN LIGHT" again as the car rockets off somewhere indeed, down into the bay through the air like a bottle rocket.

La Crima cries. "This is my fault but it was an accident so can you guys help me, please?" she begs to the sparkleskirts tht start appearing as she throws a bolt of dark energy at the creature, but misses as it dodges too easily. She tries again...

"I promise this isn't a trick or anything!" she cries.

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    "How in the heck do you accidentally..." Geode Girl Loyalty begins before she is bathed in red light. And Loyalty isn't... frozen. That might be merciful. Some interaction between her powers and the light means she can move. just. incredibly. slowly.

    "I'm... so.... slow...." she whines. "What... gives..." she says, her eyes slowly moving around the room. "Help... me... I'm... so... boooooooored...." she whines. She has been mostly-still for about twenty seconds by that point.

    "I'm... blaming.... you...." she says as she does the world's slowest, least dramatic finger point at Lacrima, who did just say that she was responsible anyways? Maybe Loyalty is still catching up, though.

    "This... sucks... want...to.... smash... monster...This...Is...Not...Awesome..."

Rei Hino has posed:
    Sailor Mars does, in fact, hop jump all the way into the bay down the street in freaking Yumegahama. Welp. Maybe she'll make it back in time to exorcise the street light or... Or something? This is going to be such a long walk.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown nodded. "Well, it's all back at my dorm room so you'd need to come there or have me... deliver it..." And she was gooooone. Whew. Well, he didn't want to be here either, doing this, so he was more than happy to not. Instead he focused on the magical... stoplight. Oh, this was going to be fun. Right. Stop. Go. How... First. Protect civilians.

Chrono lifted up his device and a moment later an expanding barrier formed out from him, spreading along to phase out all the civilians.

He then started walking towards the youma. Not running. Walking. Except when it turned towards him. Then he would stop entirely. He didn't really know how it operated yet, but first thing first, he supposed. He'd need to identify the way it reacted to things.

For example, he now knew... the rainbow haired girl was hit by the red light, even though the concrete had been hit. So that had to mean it filtered past the first objects hit. Shielding wouldn't be a valid tactic to nullify the assault.

            <<Stinger Snipe!>>

A blue orb of light shot out from his device, arcing through the air towards the... yellow light?

"Blue light!" he yelled to the youma. Yes. He was, in fact, trying to confuse it.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Makes sense Chrono would prioritise the Youma, but Coco will likely bring up that runaway friend of his later. Other magical girls come onto the scene anyhow, but they both have the bad luck to be hit by the youma, One hopping away and the other slowed down a lot. So troublesome. "Are you all right?" Coco asks concerned to Loyalty. "I hope it won't last long, so hang in there until then."

"Oh, yes, of course I can help!", Coco exclaims surprised at La Crima, not really used to being asked to put a stop to a youma by someone from the dark side, its creator no less. "Though, you know how my songs work, right? Sorry about that", she apologises in advance.

The Live Stage appearing around herself, she tries to stay as far away from La Crima as possible to avoid her purifying voice to provide her any damage. "This is Red Light for you too!" Aqua Planetaria: Pichi Pichi Voice: Live Start! The purifying notes spread in the area and start purifying the dark energy in the area, keeping up everyone's vigour and morale and summoning a Live Stage around the Youma, who will also be trapped in its confines unless it can break out of it.

Norie Okana has posed:
The creature laughs in a strange double voice of male/female as Sailor Mars goes skipping off into the bay. Luckily, the Red Light power or the Green Light Power doesn't last forever, so Geode Girl Loyalty should be good to move again- and Sailor Mars back to normal again-- in a little bit.

But it's primary threat right now is Chrono, who aims for-- the Yellow Light!? It takes a hit to the small target and seems to be stilted backwards a moment... it flings itself forward and yells. "YELLOW LIGHT." in it's dual voice- firing a laser beam at Chrono from the yellow light. Just, pure unadulterated magical laser.

At least with it concentrated on Chrono, it doesn't have to worry about anyone else, right?

The song makes the creature and La Crima both itch but La Crima winces and just nods at YPV before a live stage appears around the creature and confines it, it starts to smash against the bubble of the stage, attempting to break out. This entrapment won't last long, so it's probably a prime time to get some go attacks in.

La Crima frowns at Geode Girl Loyalty. "Look, it was. a mistake. It's not like. I wanted this to happen!" she insists. "But yell at it about me later please. I'll even stick around to be yelled at, if you help me now. Please." she pleads.

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    The effect wears off and finally Loyalty can move again. "I'm free! Oh thank Sora. Wait, who the heck is... You know what, I don't care!" she says, zipping around the battlefield. "I can moooove again!" she yells. And then comes to a halt. "Right. Traffic light monster. Yeah I should. Do something about that I guess. And I don't wanna yell at you later that sounds boring. I'm sure somebody else here would love to. That kid looks pretty serious." she says, indicating Chrono.

    The creature is trapped in a bubble. It needs to be smacked. But twice as importantly, it needs to not bring her to a near halt EVER AGAIN BECAUSE THAT WAS TERRIBLE. She looks around and sees it - there's a long bit of steel rebar that's kind of exposed thanks to Norie going into an office. So Loyalty runs over and wiggles the bar, over and over really fast until it snaps at a lower point. But now?

    Now Niji has an impromptu lance-spear-thing. And she grips it and runs terrifically fast, couching the metal stick like it's a lance and she is both horse and rider, and screaming through the air leaving a rainbow trail behind her as he blue wings keep her airborne and she ZOOOMS off to try and slam the metal rod into the red light.

    Yep, her focus is preventing that thing from stopping her again via direct application of pinpoint trauma.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown had gotten a response! A... Wait, that wasn't what he meant by Yellow Light. THAT WASN'T AT ALL! He had about half a second to lift up his left hand and form a shield, the beam of light shoving him back down the street a good ten feet or so. Huh. So THAT was the yellow light, it seemed. He stood there, panting for a few moments, his eyes locked on the youma.

He opened up a communications network between himself and the others here. < Hello, Yellow Voice. Rainbow girl, uhhhh... girl in the fuku, I'm guessing one of Sailor Pluto's friends? And... La Crima. We'll work to end this, but I would like to have some words with you after we are finished with this. Careful of the yellow light, it has some sting to it. I'm going to try and strike the... Oh, huh. Nevermind!" Looked like Loyalty had that taken care of. So instead, he was going to cover her! He dashed forward, flying towards the youma!

            <<Subzero Tomb!>>

He'd unleash an ice assault, the ice blasting out from his device and trying to freeze the youma in place! He doubted it would be very effective or stop the creature for long, but hopefully it would buy Loyalty time to escape a counter attack. Between Yellow Voice imprisoning it, Loyalty stabbing it and him slowing it? Hopefully it could be debuffed enough for a OHKO!

... And yes, he did enjoy lecturing people.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
< I don't know, she could be a friend of Sailor Europe. > Coco jokes over the transmission. Mars is one of the Sailor Soldier she has met the least, but she still remembers the fire user. < But anyway, of course, I will pay attention to all three lights. >

Meanwhile her own trick has been a success, and everyone is taking this opportunity to pay the youma back for what it did to them. Time to push the youma back and not give it a second to breathe.

"I don't think she is saying a lie", Yellow Pearl Voice mentions to Loyalty. "We may be on opposite sides, but I haven't seen her lie or try to get behind our backs."

After that, she just resumes her purifying and invigorating song.

Norie Okana has posed:
Between Being stopped by freezing ice from Chrono and being trapped in a live stage, It's easy enough for Geode Girl Loyalty to get a good smash into it's red light, cracking it, causing the rebar to go right through it as the creature lets loose an unearthly scream!

In it's pained throes, it gets loose from it's confines, both the ice and live stager shatter around it as it lashes out at Geode Girl Loyalty with it's yellow light laser, before screaming "GREEN LIGHT!" at her and trying to send her off ... somewhere that isn't here, maybe down into the bay where the other magical girl went.

Still, La Crima is trying to help, firing off another bolt of dark energy that whiffs and she just keeps shooting from her palm as she cries out. "Stop stop stop, I AM YOUR MOTHER!." she yells.

The creatures yells back "GREEN LIGHT" and sends La Crima face first into another wall, at least this time she only gets stuck in concrete. "Owwwwwww." she cries.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
She couldn't have expected the Live Stage to last too long, but on the upside it seems like the youma isn't registering her debilitating song as an attack and it's not going after her. Well, she would prefer it wouldn't go after her allies at all, but guess she can't ask too much from a creature of dark energy.

La Crima too persists in her ways, trying to make her motherly authority prevail over the youma and she gets promptly sent running against a wall. "Why would you try something that didn't work twice?" Coco asks her, frankly astonished. She would heal La Crima with her song, but... dark energy, you know.

So what she does instead is send a trio of Live Stages as car-sized projectiles after the youma.

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    "Whoa!" she says, dodging to the right from the energy blast, though it catches and singes the end of her ponytail. "Wow, I need to be faster..." she says, just as the green light hits her.

    Unfortunantly, it doesn't make her faster so much as it just makes her keep going. But Geode Girl Loyalty is used to going without stopping. The problem is that after she let go of the impromptu lance, she's got no weapons, and now she's just going going going and can't stop to pick one up (she learned the hard way to stop before picking up objects already).

    But there's something she can do very wel without anything in her hands. "Hey! Loser monster! Yeah you!" she yells, flying around near it's head at maximum speed. "You suck and you can't hit me and you shouldn't even try but if you don't try I'm not gonna shut up so what are you gonna do you big dumb 2/3 of a traffic liiiiight?!"

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown managed to NOT chuckle, snicker or even chortle at the impact of La Crima smashing into a wall. Barely. He did, however, lightly snicker at the other girl being a friend of Sailor Europe.

Still, the red light was down. That left the green and yellow. Actually... he wondered. It was a laser... He was about to ask the other two to distract it, but you know what?

Loyalty was annoying and stages getting chucked at your head was pretty hard to ignore. They had it handled. He held his rod out again.

            <<Subzero Sniper!>>

The blue orb appeared, flying through the air. This one, however, wasn't nearly as controlled, nor as re-useable. Instead, he aimed the orb STRAIGHT for the yellow light and, if it hit? It would erupt into a flurry of ice, hopefully blocking it and reflecting/refracting the laser should it try to zap Loyalyu.

<< Rainbow girl, what is your name? Or should we just call you Rainbow Girl? >>

Norie Okana has posed:
The creature rakes a Yellow laser across Geode Girl Loyalty's general area, following her now quickly as it tries to quell the annoying threat of being distracted, which is a bad idea. Because it lets Chrono to Subzero Snipe the light, causing it to be refracted back into the creature as it finally wobbles and falls over, before screaming "GREEN LIGHT" which it uses on...itself!? Suddenly getting back up quickly, as if it was fast forward, and trying to headbutt Geode Girl Loyalty now with it's singular traffic light head at top speed.

La Crima removes herself from the wall and 'urghs' a little and wilts visibly. Why can't she help properly like everyone else. Not to mention that grating, purifying song she had to deal with this whole while.

The live stage crashes into the creature however, throwing it off course and back down to the ground as it screeches again, probably unable to do the buff on itself again so soon to get back uo quickly again!

The creature seems weakened enough however, with only it's GREEN LIGHT left, and it isn't moving too easily now as it's GREEN LIGHT effect wears off.

"Um. I'd hit it very much harder now, if you can." La Crima concedes.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown held out his rod once more. It was time to finish this off... but... frankly? He felt the other two had it handled pretty well. So instead he decided to support them.

            <<Subzero Tomb!>>

Yes, one might say that was the same spell he used earlier... because it was. It was a good spell. It turns out covering something in ice so it has to hold still while other people blow the crud out of it is actually a pretty effective strategy. Like, most people aren't able to avoid getting hit by friendship lasers when their limbs are frozen together. Not even counting the damage it could do to the wiring. << The only light left is the green one, so if we destroy that, it should hopefully be finished. >>

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    Positives: Geode Girl Loyalty is annoying. Very annoying. So annoying she gets the attention of the youma, allowing others to strike in. This is great.

    Eventually the youma stops trying to shoot at her and just tries to bash her face in with its face, and this works a lot better. lt's still a little too big to dodge, and she just has to soak the hit, spiraling backwards through the air until she hits the ground, which she bounces off of once before righting herself.

    "Alright. Alright. That's enough of this stuff." she says, rolling up her sleeves rather literally. But she's not going to hit it.

    She's going to do what she does best. She shifts into position like a runner waiting for the start of the gunshot. But she's just really focusing herself. Focusing her energy, in a very real sense.

    "Guys, you might want to stay away from the traffic light monster." she warns. And then she's off. Circling it. Not striking it. Just running laps around it. Running turns to flying turns to just being a multicolored blur. And she's going faster, and faster. And at one point...

    A sound very much like a jet breaking through the sound barrier echoes through the intersection, and with it comes a multicolored wave that seems to briefly change the color of everything around it, before it's followed by a large wave of bright, purifying light.

    And also Geode Girl Loyalty flying through the air and just having a ball with it. "Wheeeeeeehahahaha! I broke the sound barrier! Take that uh... bad guy!" But as things slowly start to fade from the brilliant neon random colors back to their own colors, it seems she's broken a light barrier too, and also dumped a heck of a large blast of purification in the wake of her energy too.

    "DID THAT LOOK AS COOL AS IT FELT?!" she asks Chrono way too loudly as she comes to a halt next to him.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Hit it much harder? She can do that! "Ok, but you might want to take care. I don't know, use your tentacles to block out your ears", Coco mentions, though the tentacles are dark energy themselves, so alternative solutions might be on the table. Just let's give La Crima enough time to use her preferred method of protection first.

The mermaid princess raises her arm, the bracelet on her wrist shining with white light as a halo of yellow light moves downwards from the mermaid princess's head: her clothes become more elaborate as it does so, gaining a flowing bow on her back and parallel frills on her blouse.

"Mermaid Fantasy: Pichi Pichi Voice, Live Start!" Coco sings, the purification of her song driven up a lot more, the melody and the peace of the Seven Seas a miracle that shines even on the land thanks to the power of the Seven Pearls.

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima does as asked, she makes two tentacles from her back and plops them against her ears as the song gets stronger and even with the tentacles blocking her ears that song hurts so much. She also stays away from the creature as a bright, strong purifying light hits it and she can feel that and it itches and makes her feel weird. Is this...Purification?

Still, she watches the frozen- thanks to Chrono- monster get hit by the strong purification, back up by song, as it screeches something terrible, as the dark energy gets wiped from the creature, causing it to---

Turn back into regular metal and a broken traffic light, that wobbles before falling down and crashing into mundane metal pieces and electronics.

La Crima calls out. "T-thank you." she mutters as she wraps her arms around herself, still a little wilted. "Ugh. I did not.. mean to make that thing. I'm sorry." she says quietly.

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    Loyalty comes to a stop. "Oh uh... Loyalty is fine. It's the short version of my long name." she says, without explaining, to Chrono. She didn't reply earlier because she got the idea of causing a sonic boom and just kind of literally ran with it.

    "So uh... you didn't mean to make the traffic light into a monster? So like. Why did you then? Could you not like... Stop? I'm gonna guess not but I don't really know how all of this works." the blue-skinned girl in the too-bright outfit asks. Then she pauses.

    "Waaaaaaaait...." she says, walking a little closer. "Didn't you try to stab someone in front of me and I had to use my baseball bat to stop you from using me as a sword... holder... thing? The thing you put knives into but for swords."

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown blinked a few times before, very slowly... glancing towards Niji. "That... was... uhhhh... hold still for a second."

... He did a scan. Yup. Nope. None of it made a LICK of sense. He finally just... sighed. And face palmed. "It looked... awesome. But, err, hold that thought. I need to give La Crima something."

He then walked towards the girl, a stern look on his face. He held up his device and... a... bunch of papers came out of it. He then held them out to her. "Ahem. I am Time-space administrative bureau Enforcer Chrono Harlaown. As I believe you have a request to scrutinize the legal validity of Hannah Steiner's claim to the belkan throne, I am required to give you these documents. As the only TSAB operative in this jurisdiction, considering the alliance between the TSAB and Belkan church, it is my duty to oversee any such arguments and ensure they are dealt with following all guidelines of TSAB and Belkan Laws."

"If someone other than you is making a claim on the throne, please ensure they fill these out and have them delivered to me at your earliest convenience. Please understand that any further attempts of assassination, excluding agreed upon honor duels, will automatically forfeit any claims. Thank you."

Welp, that taken care of, he glanced to Loyalty. "Loyalty, huh? Well, nice to meet you... again, then."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
So the new girl Is called Loyalty, got it. Going for the virtuous example to set, then? Coco admires the lowercase loyalty and it's something that matters a lot to her, so she appreciates the name choice. "Hello, Loyalty, nice to meet you! I am Yellow Pearl Voice, but you can use any variation of that you would like", Coco says, unknowingly introducing herself to her for the second time today.

"That spectacle of light was indeed as awesome as it looked I have never met someone who runs so impossibly fast. Your brand of magic is quite special.

Coco is much less happy when she listens to Chrono. Hannah? Assassination? La Crima? "What is going on here, Chrono?" her tone much more anxious at hearing of a second assassination attempt on Hannah.

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima looks to Geode Girl Loyalty and blinks. "I was. Trying to. Control my energy draining. I don't have much control over it. And ended up accidently. Like. Making that in the process. I guess. Maybe I did the opposite of what I was trying to do..." she says as she looks towards her hand. She looks at Geode Girl Loyalty as she says. "Yes. I am." she says bluntly. "Weren't you the strange girl fighting with a baseball bat?" she says quietly.

She looks to Chrono and accepts paperwork. "I'll give this to Count Otto-sama. I don't think he'll particularly care." she says bluntly. "I am merely his blade." she says more bluntly.

She looks towards Yellow Pearl Voice with a sad look, but says nothing as she looks back towards the girls.

"But sorry for. This." she says, motioning around. "It wasn't my intent." she says with a sigh.

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    Geode Girl Loyalty looks at La Crima. "I gotta tell you, it's a little hard to believe that after I wwatched you stab a girl in the neck mid-prayer. Except for the fact that you weren't trying to stop us from... stopping... it?" she says. She crosses her arms and looks at her. "So what's your deal then, sometimes you're a jerk on purpose but sometimes you're a jerk on accident?" she says. "Cause that's gonna make it hard to seperate. You could try just not being a jerk at all, you know."

    "Then maybe all of this..." and Loyalty sweeps her hand over just as Lacrima did "...wouldn't have happened.

    "And yeah I would have brought my bat but I wasn't expecting trouble today. Maybe I should just keep it with me if you're gonna be hanging around random stuff." she says. Diplomatic, she is not.

    She stops harassing Lacrima to turn to the others. "You have a beautiful voice, and you throw big stage things, which is pretty cool yourself. The mix of both I mean." she says. Then she points at Chrono, the document-giver. "See! I was right about you. You totally look like the type to give her a parking ticket. Can you give her a ticket for like, reckless baduse of public stuff? Traffic lights are public things."

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown gave a soft sigh. "Yes, I'm not surprised if he doesn't, but please don't try to be his sword again. Swords can be broken and, like it or not, you are a person. And I'm sure you're someone's Catra." And he, admittedly... was wondering if this was going to be the person who ended up pushing beyond the boundaries of 'what can be allowed'. A part of him still, desperately, wanted to axe her. But, for now... he was showing restraint.

He did, however, pause and glance towards Loyalty. "I'm not a police officer. I'm more like special forces military to a trans-dimensional, multi-planet spanning governing body. Unfortunately, my ability to give tickets for this kinds of thing are... limited." Not to mention as the sole TSAB agent with boots on the ground... Well... he'd have to hear the case. Every. Single. One.

He glanced to Yellow Voice. "I am currently discussing with... La Crima, here, on her attempts to recently assassinate the current legal represenatitive and heir to rulership of a belkan planet." That was a sentence, it was.

Rei Hino has posed:
    Still soaking wet, Sailor Mars lands after a series of high-speed jumps, looking particularly displeased. Oh, boy. "Explain." she hisses as she brushes dripping bangs out of her eyes. "Is this... Was the youma defeated or..." Violet eyes squint. "...Is the fighting over, at least?" she asks in a defeated tone of villains and heroes alike. At this point, she kind of just wants to go home.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco doesn't take Chrono's words well at all, as they come with the understanding La Crima is working with that slimy being Hannah has for a uncle. "Ok, now. Please explain yourself, La Crima. I can understand today since it was an accident."

She would like to know the circumstances that led to an unintentional burst of dark magic, but that's besides the point at the moment. "But Loyalty is right. What reason do you have not to be fine with that youma and instead be fine with killing someone?" And she was going to file a claim against Hannah? The sheer audacity.

"You have to be thankful we are not in the South Pacific, otherwise I would have had you put through all the legal procedures for assassination attempts yesterday." She scowls at Norie, the grip on her E-Pitch microphone tight.

"Seriously, Hannah has never done anything wrong, she is earnest and righteous, yet you side with that treacherous uncle that killed Hannah's parents and all the people that dared to oppose his madness? Is that the person you are siding with?"

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima looks at Geode Girl Loyalty and says bluntly. "I am a vampire. I am required to drain energy or I become an uncontrollable black mass and might actually hurt people on purpose when I don't intend to. My apologies." she says with a frown. "As for the girl, she is a throne stealer. She was getting what's coming to her. I don't believe her story." she says. "She just tells a sob story but it's missing information." she says with a frown.

She looks towards the wet Mars. She looks apologetic. "My spologies. The creature is gone. There is a mess now. I don't think any of us can clean it..."

She looks towards Yellow and frowns. "As I said. She tells a sad story. I don't believe it all." she says.

"Ugh. This conversation is pointless now." she says. "I'm going." she says as she turns around and starts walking away. Instead of duskporting. "I have things to do now. Like make notes about what happened."

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown took a slow, deep breath. Oh, this was going to be fun. "Well, as the planet in question is a part of TSAB space, you fortunately do not need to believe her story, it isn't your decision. The legal manner to settle this is in those documents. It's up to him if he wishes to break more laws. Unlike many on this planet, however, he does fall under my jurisdiction. Let him know if he continues to pursue these measures, I will follow through on all commitments of the TSAB/Belkan alliance and it *will* end poorly for him."

Yup. She was going to be trouble. He could feel it. He waved his rod and the barrier around them faded, purging... some of the damage done. But only after the barrier had been put up. He then glanced to Mars. "Yup. Youma's gone."

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    "All of that traffic agent stuff aside, if you try to attack somebody like that with a blade I'm gonna get mean. Don't think I won't!" Loyalty yells as Lacrima starts to leave. She sighs. "That girl is trouble." she says, turning around. "Good thing it's not just me out here, though."

    Rei runs up and Loyalty makes a sort of hand dusting motion. "Yep, all handled." But part of her doesn't seem fully sure, because La Crima is gone and she's pretty sure she's not gonna stop trying to stab people in the night cause Chrono handed her some documentation.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco shakes her head. She doesn't really agree with the notion her fighting is over, but she will certainly not spare La Crima from her songs by staying further away like she did today. She can at least approve of Chrono's hard stance against Hannah's uncle. "Thank you, Enforcer Chrono.

"You are despicable, supporting killing a person because you believe a single man's word", Coco tells La Crima.

Better spend her energies when it's worth to, like Sailor Mars over there. "Would like me to sing? My song help against fatigue and aches and can heal some", she explains. If the Soldier of Mars accepts, that's what she is going to do.

Rei Hino has posed:
    Shaking off some droplets from her gloves, Mars look around again. People are arguing, talking about murdering people, and... Outerspace? Wait, she thought everyone out there died during Silver Millennium? Are there alien survivors!? Ugh. Headache. "Well... Just... Don't hurt anyone, okay?" La Crima is the one Sailor Moon is trying to encourage to change sides or something, right? Mars is not up to date on all the villains and misunderstood enemies that are seeking redemption. If La Crima says it was an accident, then... You know. She's still doing better than the other people who are supposedly trying to leave Obsidian according to the leader of the Dark Generals.

    "Right. Okay. Everyone..." Mars gestures, and says in an extremely half-hearted attempt at a scolding tone, "...Go home!"

    She'll ask Yellow Pearl Voice at another time what the deal is, but for the moment shakes her head. "No. No singing, thanks. Another time maybe..." she mutters. Grateful for the offer, but so not in the mood to be serenaded.

    Maybe if it was Venus doing it...

    As long as no one's fighting anymore, she's going to get her stuff she left in that alley, and get home before her grandfather starts worrying again.

    This has, by far, been her lamest showing to date. Even worse than the butcher shop with the... Bone tree. Ugh.

    She is absolutely not telling Usagi about this.

    Sailor Mars, having done approximately nothing, decides her job here is done, and leaves the way she came. Fast, wet, and cold.