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A Princess Moves In!
Date of Scene: 01 November 2023
Location: Dorms #1
Synopsis: Princess Hime meets some other students! Tears are shed and there are blushes! Plans are made. Also, Hime totally pushed those beds together.
Cast of Characters: Hime Shirayuki, Hinata Muramasa, Cho Konishi, Norie Okana, Hannah Steiner, Veronica Perenna

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
There's a bit of a hub-bub around the girl's dormitory, since a new student is apparently moving in! Not only is she moving in, but a number of luggage is being brought up by some people! She must not only own a lot of stuff, but she's also going to be quite alarmed when she discovers the actual size of the dorm rooms!

Following along and taking everything in with big blue eyes is Hime Shirayuki. The painfully pretty girl is small. 4'8" and slender, with pale skin and long, thick, painstakingly brushed blue hair. She's wearing an expensive dress of an off-white, with a blue ribbon around her waist and at her cuffs to bring it all together. Resting atop her head is a very odd stuffed animal, resembling a sort of roundish ladybug fairy. She balances quite well. She takes in other students as she passes, a small frown creasing her features as she gets her first, up-close look at the uniform.

"Oh no. Oh noooooooo. Blue, you jerkface, you didn't tell me this is what I'd be weaaaaaaaaaring..."

Soon she ends up outside her room. Currently, her half of the room (With an unnamed roomie!) is filling up with luggage. "Oh no! No room! It's so tiny! This is terrible!," she pouts. It manages to be both bratty and adorable. It's a vibe she has mastered.

Hinata Muramasa has posed:
    The hubbub outside draws a studious young family scion out of her room. Black hair, piercing green eyes, and a dour expression emerge to look at the shrieking girl... she knows that tone, that way of acting, she once did similar before her current predicament.

    "Perhaps you should have done some research of your own." she offers in a measured, even tone. The young Muramasa scion steps out into the hallway fully, hands clasped in front of her as she offers a bow. "Hinata Muramasa. Welcome to Radiant Heart Academy."

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi was... well... doing what she had to do to keep things from getting too clustered. "Please, don't crowd the halls," she told some of the students, sending them off with her gentle scolding. "If you're not assisting the new student, please return to your rooms or the common area," she said.

On her shoulder... she had a monkey. How she got a monkey was anyone's guess. Those who knew her true identity (So, honestly? Likely nobody here) would know it was Wuwu. Those who knew her just as Cho likely just knew him as Wu. A playful little scamp that she tried, desperately, to keep out of trouble.

But that was the fun of Radiant Heart Academy. Pets came in all sorts.

Wow, though. That... that was a LOT of luggage. Oh wow. How was she going to fit that in one of the rooms? Hopefully she had one of the larger ones.

She walked towards the girl and... "Hello, there," she said with a gentle smile, holding her hand out. "I'm Cho Konishi, grade 9, from the student council. Do you need any help moving in?" she asked, giving the most friendly smile she could. "I heard there was a new student moving in and I made you a welcome to the dorms present." She held out a plate, wrapped in seran wrap. Inside were... muffins! Homemade peach muffins.

Norie Okana has posed:
Norie Okana is grouchy now. She's grouchy because there's a commotion down the hall when she's trying to practice her dancing, alone, in her section of her and her dormmate's dorm. So she barges out of the door and into the hallway and says, unwelcomingly. "What's all the noise about!?" she mutters, with a look of irritation on her face.

"There better be a good explanation for this! You! You're student council, right!?" she blathers at Cho. "Do something about this! I'm busy... p-practicing! Quietly!" she blusters.

She's making a big scene over nothing right now, basically. But that's Noire, trying to pass on her bad mood onto other people.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Norie isn't the only one annoyed by that keening of one Hime Shirayuki! A very blonde head leeeeeans out of one of the dorms. A big fluffy doggie head then peers out. Bark!

"By the Sankt's glorious sneakers! Cease that constant kraht! You sound like a minor noble's brat crying about the lack of golden-leafed ice cream at a parlor!" Comes Hannah in that big belkan voice, letting it carry allll the way down to Hime.

Then she leans back in. Slam!

Veronica Perenna has posed:
There is a lot of hubbub going on outside, even Emery is upset, meowing at Veronica like she expects her to do something about it. The brunette, on her part, was currently busy working on the gloves for her roommate, so she has to rethink her afternoon plans if she is unable to focus.

"Alright, Emery, I will see what I can do", she says, getting up from her chair and giving the Russian blue a few scritches behind the ears on the way to the door. One last meow is what she hears before she steps into the hallways and closes the door behind her.

There she discovers the cause of the noise, a diminutive girl with the most impressive conglomeration of luggage she has ever seen. With a curious step, Veronica approaches her, a question on her lips. "Hello, welcome to Radiant Heart. I am Veronica, grade 7. What seems to be the issue?"

A member from the student council is here too. She has heard of her (nevermind that she just introduced herself, anyway). "Hello, Konishi-senpai. I would be here to lend a hand as well. That is some impressive number of suitcases."

Her roommate is here too, and she too has been attracted here by the lack of focus. "I don't think this noise will last much longer, with how many of us are here to tackle this mountain", she nods towards the luggage.

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
    Hime whirls about at Hinata and blinks a few times. "Huh?" She takes a small step back, bumping into one of the people unloading the furniture, almost tumbling. "Ack!" She manages to right herself, but barely, and her cheeks burn a bit.

"Uh!" She looks everywhere except Hinata's eyes. "I just...I was just told it's a school and that it was important I attended it..." The stuffy on her head topples off and hits the ground when she tumbles. Someone who's keen to magic hears a dismayed squeak from it as it hits the ground, and she quickly kneels to scoop it back up, cradling it gently in her arms. "S-sorry!," she cries, but it's hard to figure out who or what she's apologising to.

She whirls when Cho arrives, and she blinks a few times before peering at the monkey. "...Wha?" She catches herself and bows gracefully in a very practiced manner, before she eyes the hand and shyly takes it, her cheeks still red from her anxiousness at all of the interaction. "...Hime Shirayuki, grade 8, Cho-senpai! You...have...a monkey?," she asks with a bit of uncertainty. "Does he have fleas? Does...she have fleas?," she fumbles. Then, of course, she sees the muffins! She squees and takes the plate, sniffing through the wrapping. "Divine! Yay! Thank you, Cho-senpai! I shall cherish this delicious present!"

She looks to Norie, then, and the blue-haired girl wilts like a flower. "Oh. I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...bother. I didn't mean to bother you..." She looks kind of terrified and like she might outright bolt.

Instead she shakily holds the plate of covered muffins out to Norie. "Do...do you want a muffin?," she asks hopefully. And then Hannah yells and slams the door, and the girl drops the plate to the floor, yelping as it shatters and sends muffins tumbling. Tears shoot to Hime's eyes and she stares down at the plate!

She looks to Veronica with those big, wet blue eyes. "H-H-Hime Sh-sh-shirayuki, G-g-g-grade eiiiiiiiiiiiight!" And then she's bawling and covering her face.

Hinata Muramasa has posed:
    Hinata sighs softly, turning silently back to her room. "Some people are far too quick to anger. Perhaps we should hold some kind of group session to work on empathy." she says to noone, though a glance at Cho is offered, before she steps back into her room and clicks the door closed in a much less aggressive fashion.

    Within, she leans on the door, sighs and shakes her head.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi cringed when there was suddenly yelling. "H-hey. Sorry. This, err, this'll all be dealt with in a moment," she told the two, well... yelly girls. At least Hannah was gone a second later. So... just one. She smiled to Norie. "My apologies, move ins are always hectic, they'll just take a bit to get settled." And another student retreated and... and there was the shattering of a plate. And now there was crying. Oh dear.

"H-hey, it's alright. It's a lot to take in on your first day," Cho said quickly, holding a hand up before, gently, reaching up to gently grip Hime's shoulders. "It's okay, dear. I promise. Now, how about we get you into your room?" she said, gently herding the girl towards her room. "And no, Wu does not have fleas. I don't think any flea has done anything terrible enough to deserve him," she said.

Wu, meanwhile, had been glaring at the girl ever since the flea comment... then glared at Cho. Please, it couldn't actually understand them, could he? "Come along, let's get you inside and I'll get this cleaned up. Okay?" she said. "Wu?"

Wu, meanwhile, had jumped off Cho at that point and jumped onto a nearby counter. "... I guess he wants to hang out. Don't worry. He's just a helper monkey. IF you need him to get anything, he can follow instructions... mostly well. I'll be right back."

She then quickly retreated to grab a dust bin and broom.

Wu, meanwhile... was staring suspiciously at that stuffy...

Norie Okana has posed:
Veronica appears. Norie Okana looks over to her. "What. You're actually going to help her?" she asks incredously to her dormmate. She watches as Hime drops the plate and she sighs and facefaults, and barges back into her dorm-room down the hall.

She returns, moments later, with a broom and a dustpan and starts sweeping. Because glass is dangerous and the muffins are probably inedible now. She' grumbling about this now.

"Go ahead and. Get moving. With the luggage." she asks Veronica. "I'll. Help." she shivers. "After I clean this up. Quickly."

Veronica Perenna has posed:
This tiny girl is actually in a grade above hers, huh? Is she actually older than her or is she a genius who skipped grades? Veronica bows down to Hime, before kneeling down to grab the plate and the fallen muffins.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Shirayuki-senpai", Veronica shoots the bluenette an affable smile while she is gathering the food. "I am sorry you had to have this rambuctious welcome, but it's really not this bad, the school is actually quite nice."

She tosses a glance at the unexpectedly noisy plushie, but makes no comment on it, instead asking another question to Hime after getting up with the muffins still whole enough to be gathered. "Do you need help with fitting your luggage?" If such a thing is actually possible. There is just so much.

To Norie she nods decisively, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "But of course, why shouldn't I?"

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
    She doesn't even see Hinata depart, as she's a bit distracted with everything. She looks to Cho and wipes at her cheeks, tears flowing.

"I...I'm...not used to -people-," she tries to explain. "I...ugh this is so much! I'm sorry about...about your muffins. Can you make more?," she asks hopefully througyh it all. She then looks back into her room, righting the stuffy from under one arm and back into her cradled arms. "...I can't fit my things," she whispers to herself, sniffling softly.

She nods a bit at Cho, then, moving to step into her room and peer about her room. "I ...there's a whole other bed in here. I get two beds?," she asks, a bit confused. She sets the stuffy back on her head, the tears slowing and stopping, eventually. Meanwhile, only those with magical sight can see the stuffy lift her head a bit and wink at Wu before going 'limp' again.

She turns around to watch Norie return with the broom and start sweeping. She blinks a few times, caught off-guard, and steps back into the doorframe. "T-thank you," she finally says at the offer of aid. She says it like the words are alien to her, but she's trying.

The blue-haired shorty looks over to Veronica, then. "It is?," she asks hopefully, not sounding so sure about it. "Yes, I could use some help. The...the people who moved the things in seem to have swiftly left..."

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi glanced back to Norie and gave her a gentle smile. "Thank you," she said. "Sorry for the disturbance." At least it meant she could focus on the new girl. See, Norie wasn't so bad. She was just... on edge because of the racket. And even Veronica was helping a bit, gathering the muffins that weren't wrecked. "It's okay. There's a lot of people here and they're always fascinated when someone new arrives." Especially when they come with a parade. "And yes, I can make more later, once you're settled in. I probably should have waited to bring them over, heh," Cho said sheepishly.

Then there was THAT question. TWO beds. Did she have TWO beds. Oh dear. "You uhhh... haven't been to a boarding school before, have you?" she asked. "You have a roommate, actually. The bed and half the room will be theirs." Wow. And they didn't have one of the bigger rooms, either. This... this was going to be rough for the poor thing.

Wu, meanwhile, grinned. Oh yes. He knew it!

"Yeah, uhhh... wow." She finally looked towards all the luggage and had a sweat drop for a moment. "I... think we're going to have to send some of this back," she finally said. "It's okay, though!" she said quickly. "You're not the first person to uhhh, overpack. It's... actually quite common. For people who've never gone to a boarding school before. I'm sure we can get all this sorted in no time. So... what... all do you need?"

Veronica Perenna has posed:
And Hime probably gets the quickest record of being outed as a magical girl after coming to school thanks to her plushie winking at Wuwu. Veronica does a covert wave and wink to the plushie before looking back at Hime.

Cho has taken care of the explanation, so Veronica just places everything on a nearby table and starts grabbing two of the suitcases. "Perfect, I will take care of these then", she says, waiting for Hime to go inside first.

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
She nods to Cho. "Okay. I...I get that, I guess. Especially if that big blonde girl are...rare in attitude." She clears her throat and adjusts her fancy hair.

"No? No, I haven't. At home I had a few rooms to myself, and then when I...got here I had my own room, too. And now this." She sighs softly. She looks shocked when she's told some stuff is going to have to go back, and she stares around at her things in a bit of shock. "Oh no! I don't know. Um...I need my clotyhes, of course. And my make-up..."

The stuffy remains limp, and she gently sets her down on her bed. Well, she does peek up and offer a tiny wave to Veronica. She's really bad at pretending to be a toy, honestly.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi gave Norie another small wave, making a mental note to bring her a gift for helping later. After all, she didn't need to and that was pretty nice.

She then glanced back towards Hime and nodded. "Yeah. Uhhhh... which big blond? The one who yelled at you?" she asked. "I wouldn't worry. She was likely just testy. But people will warm up quickly," she said firmly. Then... "A... few... rooms?" she asked. "That's... uhhhh. Right. I'm guessing your family moves around a lot? Well, I wouldn't worry. Depending on how far away your home is, you'd likely only need clothes for day to day. Uniforms and some casual wear. Other than that, well... what all do you have? I mean, all these suitcases can't just be clothes and makeup."

... Looooong pause.

"Can... can it?"

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"I believe the girl here is from a rich family, Konishi-senpai", Veronica addresses the pinkette. Does Veronica know what's like having a large house? Of course she does. Though hers is more of a mansion than a castle, and it certainly isn't from a magical medieval-style kingdom.

Cho's suspicion that's all clothes and make-up does elicit a surprised reaction from Veronica. Surely she can't be right, can she? Dressing well is one thing, but to this extent? "What's in these suitcases, Shirayuki-senpai?"

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
She nods. "Yeah, the one with the accent." She chews her lip a bit at the comment about folks warming up, and she nods slowly from where she's perched on the edge of her bed. "Several rooms, yes. My own suite," she tries to explain. "And no, not really. I grew up in one place but...then I had to move out and I was staying with this...family friend. His name is Blue," she explains. "He loves in Tokyo. It's like a whole other world," she tries to explain to Cho.

"Oh, that's...fair. I can keep a bunch of my things with Blue, I figure. I have a room there. He won't complain." Well, he might, but she'll ignore it, anyways. She furrows her brow. "Why? How much clothes and make-up do YOU have?," she asks, seeming confused (and a little judgey).

"Too much," mutters the toy to herself. Okay, Fairy. She's a Fairy, alright? Happy?

Hime chews her lip more, like it's a nervous gesture, and nods to Veronica. "I do, yes," she states rather proudly. She then rises and begins opening a few cases. Beautiful, fashionable clothing in all styles from traditional kimonos to dresses to designer jeans and blouses. Another few are filled with hair accessories and hair treatment, along with brushes. Finally, a few more are make-up. Yes, it is entirely stuff like that. No school utilities or anything like that.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi gave a small nod. "A family friend? A new home? Oof. That... sounds rough. Like your whole world just got turned upside down. But, errr, I wouldn't worry. Trust me. A lot of people have things like... that. Once you make some friends, you'll settle in well. I'll introduce you to my roommate later, she's a real sweety."

But then. Then she is asked THE question. And she... kind of... nervous... sweated. "I... errrr... have... have... the... right... amount... f-for a girl m-my age? I-I think? I-I mean... I... don't... errr..."

And it's THEN that Wu decides to provide a distraction by CLIMBING Hime! In a few moments the monkey had scampered up her and was now on her shoulder!

And oh my gosh.

It was all clothes.

"... I... I feel like I may be out of my depth. I think you have more clothing in this room than I've had in my entire life... wow..." she mumbled. "I mean, err, is your family like... fashion designers or... something?"

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"I have my fair share of different clothes for all the occasions, but you frankly have me beat there", Veronica comments, not sure whether to be astonished or impressed. When in doubt, go with both.

She had to move out? What do she mean by that? What happened to her? She probably doesn't want to actually ask, though, who knows what kind of past she would end up touching.

"Is this Blue friend nice?" she asks, wondering if things are going well for her at least there. "I hope you haven't had any major difficulties in getting used to Tokyo.

Meanwhile, she looks at the suitcases. "I think you will have to send some things back, yes. There is no way we can fit all this. You should choose your favourite garments, and keep the rest packed."

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
"It reaaaaaaaally did," the girl sighs at Cho. "It's like day is night and up is down and stuff. It's crazy." She blushes at the idea of making friends and straightens her back a bit.

"Oh, well that's good," she replies about Cho having the 'right' amount, as if they both were in agreement on how much that was. I mean, it was obvious to Hime, at least!

She screaches in surprise as the monkey climbs her, and she flails a bit before going stock-still, her eyes wide. "...Is he going to bite me...?," she whispers, staring at Cho with huge eyes. The Fairy, mneanwhile, is trying to subtly hide laughter in the pillow she's laid down on.

"No, they're roy-...really good fashion designers," she corrects, clearing her throat.

She nods, then. "He's a nice...man. Person. He's nice, yes. He's been kind to me. I like tea." She doesn't know what to say, really, without outing him as a Kami, so she idly fiddles with her long, blue hair. "Oh, Tokyo is terrible. I mean, not TERRIBLE, but it's -so- much."

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi gave a small nod. "I... uhhh. I have a kimono?" she offered. "And... like... three different pairs of skirts outside of the school uniform?" She... she really did need to go shopping more. For clothes. She needed more clothes. And makeup. She still didn't really... get makeup. Thank goodness for pretty cure magic makeup.

Blue, at least, seemed nice. She walked over to Hime and... "Don't worry, Wu wouldn't bite anyone but me. And only when I really annoy him, I promise," she said before sitting on the bed. "I guess the first thing that we should focus on, then. Do you have any allergies? We'll need to get your bedding sorted out. Then organize which things you're keeping, which you're sending back. So, grab a suitcase and start going through it."

"From there, we'll work on getting you a list of things you'll need. Shampoo, soap, cleaning supplies, uhhhh..." She glanced back to the stuffy. Was it... laughing? Nooooo. Probably not.

"Do you have a cell phone? There are a few people who would be happy to help you as you get everything sorted, I'm sure."

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica moves over to the Fairy and starts giving it a few pettings of admonition when she notices the suppressed laughs, while she listens to Hime and Cho. Really, that isn't nice at all.

Hime says Blue is nice, but the uncertainty with which she says that isn't convincing at all, and honestly, it starts making Veronica worried. "Shirayuki-senpai, did you want to move away from this Blue? Is that actually why you took all your possessions with you?" She probably didn't want to admit that to people she doesn't even know. "Radiant Heart is a good place, I am sure we can find an alternative accomodation for all your clothes."

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
"You should let me help you with your outfits!," Hime responds with a bounce in her seat, clapping her hands in excitement. Honestly, with her Mirror she doesn't need most of the clothes, but it isn't about Needing them!

She scoots over to give Cho room to sit, blushing a bit at that. Wait, what was THAT blush about? "Oh, okay. G-good Wu?," she tries, glancing at the monkey on her shoulder before she turns back. "No allergies!" She tries to stand with the monkey on her shoulder, before she begins to go through her suitcases.

"Oh! Yeah, I need all of that stuff. Wait...cleaning supplies?," she squeaks softly. Then she fishes out a weird, pink phone and holds it up. "Got one!" Yeah, that's a Cure Communicator, instantly recognizable to anyone who knows about the Precure.

The Fairy, meanwhile, leans into those pettings and lets out pleased little sounds before suddenly trying to go still again! She's as bad at pretending as Hime is.

"Oh, no no! Blue is great, really. He was the one who told me a place like this would be 'good for me'. Whatever that means..."

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi glanced to Veronica. Ohhhh. That girl was smart. She hadn't even considered the idea that lil Hime might be in danger of some sort! Or that Blue might be awful! GASP!

But... then Hime, at least, set that notion to rest. At least to Cho. "Uhhhh... with my outfits? I... I wouldn't mind. My roommate has been helping a lot, too. She's a lot better at those things than me. I think you'll get along well with her, she's rich too." And then cringed. "N-not that, I mean, I'm saying all rich people know each other, or anything. Or like each other. Just... wow. Ahem. Right."

Wu rolled his eyes and, once Hime was on her feet... leaped off, into Cho's lap. Because now it wasn't more of a struggle for her.

"As for cleaning supplies, yes. You need to clean your room, you won't have any servants to clean it for you... here..." she said, staring at it. "You're... a precure?"

"I mean, obviously," Wuwu said.

Cho eeped and quickly covered his mouth with her hand... then sighed. "... Yeah, okay, I really do need to get better about... not... saying that part out loud. Uhhhh..." She glanced to Veronica. "You're... ummmm... not... evil... right?" she asked, sounding hopeful.

Then looked back to Hime. "And yeah, if you're super shy and nervous? This place should do wonders for you. After all, it'll help you make friends. And friends are amazing. And there's a few other pretty cures here. I'm one, actually. Which again, I really shouldn't have said. At least I didn't say which one I--"

"Oh, relax," Wuwu said before pulling free and leaping across the bed, bouncing on the pillow next to the fairy, before lounging on it. "They'd need to be really stupid to attack Wukong."

"Of course, I guess my monkey could just tell them EXACTLY which one I am," she snapped, glaring at the monkey. Who just shrugged.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"Ok, glad everything is fine", Veronica replies to Hime. She isn't really convinced until she actually sees proof Blue is nice, but she isn't going to press the issue for now.

"I would like to take part in that too", Veronica proposes when Hime offers Cho her help. That's both something she wants and an excuse to stay close to Hime.

"What's your roommate's name?" Veronica asks to Cho, her curiosity piqued. How many rich people are here at Radiant Heart, anyway? There are two of them in this hallway alone out of three, and Cho has a rich roommate too!

Veronica isn't wholly unsurprised when Wuwu starts talking. Ribbon was winking at him, after all. Though she wasn't sure if the fairy was mistaken or not until now.

"Oh, I am quite evil, I am so evil I might actually help you fight against youma", she half-cracks a joke, half-messes with Cho. "The Princess of Sarek, at your service", she repeats the bow to Cho and Hime, this time with a flourish of her arm.

"Your monkey friend is quite free-spirited", Veronica comments when Wuwu reveals Cho is Wukong. "If Konishi-senpai is a Pretty Cure of Wukong, then you must either be him or one of the monkeys at Wukong's service, right?"

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
"I look forward to meeting your roommate, then! And hooray! I shall help you both with your outfits!," Hime says with a smile, calming down a bit. She doesn't seem to take offense to the rich thing, at least. "Wait...I need to clean my room?," she moans, stomping a foot a bit before she sighs.

When Wu speaks, the Fairy leaps up and points at the monkey! "Aha! I knew something was up!" She has an adorable little voice. Hime blushes and then clears her throat, straightening her back as she tucks the phone away. "I am! I am Cure Princess!"

She furrows her brow at the mention of Wukong, cocking her head a bit to the side, curious. She then gasps at Veronica and leaps to her feet. "Another Princess! Hooray! I am Princess Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky Kingdom! It's so fabulous to meet you!" She's beaming now.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi gave a soft sigh. "Coco. She's really cool, you'll like her if you can meet her. She's really sweet. A bit... out there, sometimes, but in a good way." She groaned when Veronica said she was evil, though... until she said she was helpful. "A... princess?"

"Wait, YOU'RE a princess too? Uhhhhh... am... I... errrr..." She stood up and did... a very awkward curtsy.

"You know, monkey kings don't need to curtsy to princesses," Wuwu said. "You outrank them."

"Yes, but they're actual princesses, not magic princess," Cho snapped at him. "Please, don't mind him. He's Wuwu, the... embodiment of the most obnoxious of roommates. I mean, of Wukong. And I'm his uhhhh... I'm Cure Wukong. Nice to meet you, princesses," she said, giving a nervous chuckle. "And my number is XXX-XXXX, Shirayuki-san, so if you need help, please let me know... uhhhh..."

Then... "Is... is that a fake name?" she asked Hime. After Coco's prior situation with it... Window. Cure. Queen.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"Thank you, Hime, your help is much appreciated", Veronica smiles sincerely towards the bluenette.

When the Fairy pops up, Veronica does a second wave at her and says "You are quite friendly by how you have been interacting with me. Well, since you are out in the open to everyone now, could I have your name, please?"

"I hope I can get to meet Coco one day, if fate wills it", Veronica comments. Cho certainly has quite the list of compliments for her.

"Princess Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky Kingdom?" Long name aside, is she a princess or a queen? A princess, apparently. As ridiculous as it is, she announced it like it's the real deal. Though more important to Veronica is the matter of the Blue Sky Kingdom. If she is a magical girl and the kingdom is the place she had to move out of...

"Princess Himelda", Veronica looks at her seriously. "Is your kingdom under attack by creatures of dark energy? And what exactly is Blue's relationship with you?" At this point, she doubts Blue is anything other that what Hime has said, and if her kingdom is under attack, that's another enemy that has to be stopped. Maybe an ally the Blue Sky Kingdom had stationed out here for emergencies? Makes sense he would point her here, given the high magical girl density.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Cure Wukong and Wuwu", Veronica tells them.

Like Cure Wukong, Veronica gives out her number. "You can call me at XXX-XXXXXXX, and I am always available for any help you may need."

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
"Nope. That's my name!"

She fishes out her phone to enter the number, and she grins at the curtsey, offering a bow in return. "Monkey King, huh? Interesting! And it never hurts to curtsy to princesses, Wuwu."

The Fairy can't take it anymore and flies up into the air, fluttering. "I'm Ribbon! I do what I can to keep the Princess out of trouble! And yes, that is her proper name!" She beams at Veronica's compliment and does a little twirl in the air. Hime sighs mightily at that.

She turns towards Veronica, eyes wide as she is called by her real name for the first time in awhile. She darkens a bit at the question, fidgeting. "My Kingdom was overthrown by the Phantom Empire. Everyone was trapped in mirrors. I only got out because of Ribbon and Blue."

She rubs her face and sighs. "Blue is Kami-sama. He is a Kami, and the one who made me a Precure. He watches out over a lot of Precures from his home, actually." She takes the second number down, and gives over her own.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi chuckled and nodded to Veronica. "I'm sure she'd like to meet you too." Nevermind they could never meet. Dun dun duuuun. "And see, Wuwu? She's a real princess, so she'd know better."

"Cho, you need to relax. Look at me, I'm not bowing and I'm just fine. Spoiling a princess is how you get rotten fruit."

"... I don't even know what that saying could possibly mean," Cho said, rolling her eyes. "Nice to meet you, Ribbon-chan. Don't mind Wuwu, he's a brat."

Kingdom... was overthrown... She stared at Hime, her mouth falling open. Imagining that. A whole kingdom. Lost. Taken over. It... "That... that's horrible," she whispered. "All of them? Your family and..." she trailed off before... reaching out and patting Hime on the shoulder. "Well, you know what? That just means we're going to break a LOT of mirrors," Cho said, giving her a thumbs up. "After all, there's a whole lot of... everyone, being attacked by these things. And we've been beating them all the time! So we're going to beat all the others, too. There's a lot of magical people in this school, even. Good ones. Strong ones. Tough ones. Smart ones and uhhh... lots of... cute... ones..." she said, her cheeks going a liiiiiittle red.

"... Wait, your friend is a KAMI? That's AMAZING! He sounds so COOL!" Cho all but yelled. "Can we meet him, too?!"

"... Cho, you have literally PUNCHED a god IN THE FACE!" Wuwu said to her. Okay, so maybe he was a liiiiiiittle jealous that she was excited about someone OTHER than him.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica has already bowed to Hime, twice even, so she doesn't feel the necessity to do it a third time.

"Nice to meet you, Ribbon", Veronica smiles, extending her arm in even more headpats for the fairy since she seemed to appreciate them earlier. The little twirl she does is so cute! She wants to pamper it so much.

Yes, she expected some bad news like that, Veronica grimaces when she hears Hime's explanation, though this is... She sighs. "That's horrible, I am glad you are safe." Really, an entire kingdom taken over... All those people, trapped by the might of evil.

"Blue sent you at the right place, Princess Himelda. There are lots of people here who could help you, and more importantly that want to help you, so the Phantom Empire only has to count the hours between now and its defeat", she promises her.

Blue is a Kami... That could mean both god and spirit, though the line is often blurry, and with the reverence Hime uses for him... "He is an actual God, for real?" Veronica acts astonished, never having heard of a god manifesting. "In the flesh?"

But apparently, that doesn't seem to be as unexpected around her, judging by Cho's reaction. "So, you punched a God, huh? Which God was it?", she asks, impressed. Especially since Cho is in front of her, unscathed.

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
She pointedly ignores Wuwu at this point, but Ribbon practically looks in love when he starts talking about rotten fruit. She blushes when her shoulder is taken, and she nods slowly.

"Any help I can get would be...amazing. I'm still learning how to be a Precure. I love all the outfits," she offers softly. She blinks a few times, then. "Cute ones? Cuter then you?" She slaps her hands over her mouth at that, and Ribbon slaps her forehead. "I...I mean cool! That's great. Amazing."

She clears her throat and smiles with a nod. "I can take you to see Blue on the weekend, certainly. I always loves meeting other Precures that got their powers without him. He's very nice. Quiet, but nice." She blinks over at Wuwu, then.

"...Please do not punch Blue."

Ribbon accepts the peadpats and makes a cute little sound, even. Hime smiles softly and nods. "Mmmmhm. He is, yes. An actual God! I forget that kind of thing is so rare down here on Earth..."

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi nodded along with Veronica. She had the right of it! And they were going to PUNCH! THEM! OUT! Probably. "Yeah. See? We have..." And then her cheeks went scarlet and she gave a little squeak. "M-me? Cute? Oh, no no no. Actually cute. I'm a mess! I can't even get my hair right most days and I mean, my uniform is orange and nobody really looks good in orange and and there's like, you know?"

And now she was all squirming a bit. "A-and not really! I mean, kind of. Sort of? It's... it's a thing. One of Wukong's enemies. Not like. A god god. Just a like--"

And Wuwu STARTED to talk. And Cho baseball slid to catch and cover his mouth. "You stop that!" she snapped, sitting up and holding him firmly. "I swear, I can't take you anywhere. You promised you'd behave!" she snapped at him. She then looked up at Hime. "I won't punch Blue unless like, he turns out to be evil or something and then I make no promises!" Well, Wukong. If anyone was going to punch Blue, it'd probably be Wukong.

She then glanced at the clock. "Though, I should probably get going. I still need to make some more muffins and make sure to organize some paperwork for you. So, how about this? Go through your things, figure out what you want to send home and what you absolutely have to have here, then I'll be by later and help you get it ready to ship, okay? With some new muffins and all. Does that help?"

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"Can I see Blue too, Shirayuki-senpai?" Veronica asks to the princess of the blue sky kingdom.

"Sounds like Hime here can fix a lot of your issues, Konishi-senpai, you know, bring out your natural charm", she specifies, just so the pinkette doesn't use this as a chance to further demean herself. "As for your hair, how about we all go to a salon somewhere, so you can see how it's done, and then you can try in private?"

Her offer is genuine, and for Veronica, the three of them are all set to do this together, given Hime's earlier invitation. "And don't worry about the school uniform, nobody expects anything from it", she handwaves away that issue.

This girl just isn't proud of her accomplishments at all, huh? She is starting to understand why Wuwu was all like that about the might of Wukong earlier. She exchanges what hopefully comes through as a glance of mutual understanding with Wuwu, before looking at Cho and saying "That must have been awesome, you need to tell me more about it one of these days, do we have a deal?"

When Cho mention the clock, she waves at her. "See you around then, Konishi-senpai."

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
Hime's eyes widen at Cho's reaction to being called cute. "I mean, I'll help you with you're style, but you're pretty. Like really, really pretty! Girlfriend pretty!" The words leave her mouth before her mind can register them, and she snatches up her pillow and covers her face.

"Uh huh! Right! Bye! Sounds great! Goodbye forever!," the princess screams, muffled by the pillow and her own stupid, princessly foot in her mouth.

She takes a few deep breaths and then lowers the pillow, nodding to Veronica. "You can absolutely come see Blue with us! I'll call him so he knows to have pastries and tea ready." She beams, then, when Veronica starts talking about going to a salon and stuff. "Yes! That all sounds perfect! A great day!"

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi flushed and then, slowly, lifted a hand up to play with her hair. It was stringy, and a bit limp, and.. "I... I guess... a... a salon would be fun. I mean, I'd like that. Uhhh... wow. Heh. You hear that, Wuwu? I could be a girlfriend someday," she said in a joking tone, her cheeks red. "And don't... don't be gone forever! I like you, you're precious, fun and cute!" Cho said quickly.

Wuwu couldn't talk now, but he gestured with his tail towards Cho, like 'Can you BELIEVE what I have to put up with?

"Then yes! How about after you've gotten all your stuff sorted? Oh! And since we're both pretty cures, we could even train together sometime! I'd love to see how a princess fights! I bet it's super elegantly!" she said, before bowing her head and then running off, a big grin on her face. She made a pair of new friiiiiiiends.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"Perfect then we are set!" Veronica tells them, smiling widely. "But I got to go too now. Thanks for the future hangouts, and Hime-chan", she suddenly decides to switch to, "once you have decided about your clothes, you know how to call me!", she reminds her, running off to her room. Emery is probably wondering where she has disappeared to, the poor cat.

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
"Mabye someday!"

She nods, then, smiling. "I'd love to train with you soon! And yeah! A lot of my attacks are about...bombs and machine guns! And hula dances!" Sounds...princessy? Huh.

"Okay! It was nice meeting you too, Princess!" She's left, sitting there in her room, and she sighs softly, glancing about at her luggage. Mabye they'd let her push the beds together...